Why You Should Consider YouTube Ads in 2021 (Co-Pilot Show – May 25th 2021)

Watch and learn as Danny Chan and William Vanhout discuss how you can leverage YouTube Ads as a source of traffic for your Upviral marketing campaigns.

1. Facebook Ads in 2021
2. Why YouTube Ads
– Benefits
– Blue Ocen Opportunity
3. Higher Intent Audiences
– Keywords
– Placements
– Competitor’s KWs
4. Retargeting Campaigns
5. Video Ad Structure for YouTube Ads
6. Q&A

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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Magnetic

LinkedIn is not only a great social media site for businesses, it’s also a valuable marketing tool. This article looks at how to get the most from your LinkedIn profile by making it as magnetic as possible.

Hidden Gems in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an amazing social media channel for professionals. You are probably well aware of that; however, what you may not be aware of is how much LinkedIn actually has to offer. It offers some features that are not so well-known but if you start to use them, you will not understand how you ever did without them in the past.

Innovative Trend-Setting Marketing Concepts

Your business is ready for success, but you can’t see the success you desire? It’s a common problem. You need innovative, trend-setting marketing strategies to get past the no-man’s land of non-recognition. We can help. Let’s talk!

Solidifying Your Online Relationships Effectively

If you own a business (or even if you work for someone else), the foundation of your success (and this applies to everyone around the world) is solid relationships with the people who you eventually want to buy what you are selling. If you have a relationship with someone with whom you spend in-person time, it is often easier than if you have an online relationship with that person.

Cultivating a Following Fanbase on Facebook

There are those people who believe that Facebook is an amazing social media tool and those who just don’t understand its merits at all. Well, Facebook does have a lot of extremely useful features that can really help you to bring your business to the next level.

Achieving LinkedIn Influencer Status

I previously wrote about recognizing influencers in order to increase your business’ reputation. The other side of the coin is how to achieve LinkedIn influencer status yourself so that you can positively influence other businesses. One thing that you should keep in mind is that there is influencer status and then there is influencer status on LinkedIn. The two are not the same thing.

Social Networking – What Is It?

Social networking can be defined as the practice of expanding social contacts or business contacts via individual connections. This kind of networking has been there for ages only that it has become more popular now thanks to the internet potential that has promoted how connections are made. Web-based groups are now the basis of social networking and they are all established for the connection need. The good thing about social networking via the internet is that the geographical barriers or distance issues have been eliminated.

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Social Presence

Strong social presence can bring remarkable benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. If properly developed and maintained on regular basis, a social media profile can attract new customers from the web to a local entrepreneur. They just need to regard social media not simply as a fun way to communicate, but chiefly as a marketing tool.

Six Basic Mistakes That You Must Avoid on Twitter

Do you utilize Twitter marketing to grow your brand on social network? Then you must avoid committing some basic mistakes. Read this blog and know the common mistakes we do while using Twitter.

Simple Ways To Optimize Your Content For Different Social Networks

Undoubtedly, Social Sharing is a key to success. It helps in the branding of your business on different social networks. It also boosts your sale and profit, which helps to touches the new heights in your business.

How To Create Your Identity Via Social Networking Portals

Through networking sites or portals, you can share your ideas at the international level without wasting a large amount of money. So, create your profile at one of the most popular social sites and represent your creative talent to large audiences.

How to Compete in the Social Networking Forest

Just as the landscape of the internet seems to change on a daily basis, the world of marketing has been turned upside down with the invention and continued development of internet technology. And as more and more people gain access to the internet and utilize it in every conceivable manner, it is more important than ever for businesses to find new and unique ways to reach out to potential customers through cyberspace.

A New Information Market

Identifying the need for valuable information is always the first step forward. This article explores and describes an innovative approach for young and passionate entrepreneurs.

Why It Is Important to Do Social Networking for Your Business

Social networking seems to be the most unnoticed part when marketing your business and a lot of people don’t fully understand why it is important. To clarify why it is vital here are some reasons.

How To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile In Search Results

One valuable lesson I learned from my past experience as an Executive Recruiter, was that of the importance of being on LinkedIn. This is true for all professionals regardless of professional goal, industry, role, level or current job seeker status. (Yes, even passive job seekers need to be here). In fact LinkedIn is so important that I devote much of my time instructing workshops and individual clients in how to really be optimized on this career platform. There is a difference between being “on” LinkedIn and being “optimized” on LinkedInยฎ and my goal is to help you become optimized by sharing some specific strategies for your LinkedIn AND professional brand optimization.

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