When You Can’t Even Spell The Sh*t You’re Trying to Sell #Shorts

Is Your Company Focused on Growth or Great?

The media tells you, you have to grow! Investors want growth too. But is growth necessarily a good thing?

Achieve More in Your Business Using the Power of a Mastermind Group

Owning a business is probably the biggest personal development project you will ever undertake. Doing it alone can be challenging. There is also a huge amount of responsibility to owning a business and business owners want to avoid making fatal mistakes. Often with no one to turn to business owners have to figure how to do it right on their own. Unfortunately for some business owners they never achieve the business success they desire. But there is another way. This article talks about using the power of a mastermind to take a lot of the guessing out of running a business allowing many business owners to achieve higher levels of success.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs An Exit Plan

The business ideas that are the most sustainable come with an exit strategy of some kind. It doesn’t matter whether that involves liquidating the business or selling it off. If it makes sense based on your needs, that’s really all that matters.

4 Daily Habits Of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship needs unswerving discipline, and confidence in yourself and your business. For the few who are determined and ready to put in the hard work, entrepreneurship is the most fulfilling job, identity and lifestyle in the world.

The CEO Danger Zone: Too Tired to Think

As CEO of a growing company, you may be doing so much that you can’t even take the time to think. You’re in the growth stage and are between doing everything yourself, and having a staff trained and coached sufficiently to take care of the day-to-day activities. It’s easy to get overworked, with so much demanding your time and attention.

Are You Wasting Your Time As a CEO?

The impact of your decisions is great, so addressing issues effectively is going to have positive repercussions. How do you best spend your time as a CEO?

How To Recover From Business Burnout

Is it possible to recover from business burnout? The answer is yes! Here are some suggestions that can help.

To Be a Strong Leader, Know Your Limits

We spend a lot of time in our culture emphasizing possibility and lack of limits. You can do it! Everything is possible!

To Increase Revenue, Focus on Your Impact

Companies that focus on impact have more financial success than profit-focused companies. Aligning your company around impact is a significant growth strategy.

6 Tips For Staying Motivated When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

No matter how interesting running your own business is, and how enthusiastic you are about all the great opportunities it offers, there will be some days when you struggle with motivation. You just don’t want to sit at that desk another minute and answer yet another email or tweet another message.

How To Write and Publish Your First eBook

Writing an eBook can catapult your business to the next level. But first, you have to get it done. Let go of perfection and at least get the first draft done. Here’s how you can do it.

Inspiring Women CEOs: Lindsey McCoy and Alison Webster

Called the “Netflix of shampoos”, Plaine Products is a rapidly growing company with the goal of significant environmental impact. As co-founder with her sister Alison Webster, Lindsey McCoy (formerly Delaplaine) is finding ways to address one of the major environmental issues of our time. Drive down any road, walk on any beach, and you’ll see the consequences of our disposable lifestyle.

The Key To Setting Realistic and Attainable Audience Growth Goals

Growing your audience requires doing something to get more email subscribers, more social media followers, and more people looking at and consuming the content on your website on a regular basis. If you have the right information, you can set realistic and attainable goals that make sense for you.

What Do Your Customers Really Think Of You?

When you put your users’ experiences about your business first and foremost, it will show up in not only better traffic to your website but also better stickiness from those who do visit or buy from you. If you want people to become loyal to you, put them first and they will.

How To Stop Negativity And Start Thinking Creatively

The more you can experience positivity, the better. Read positive books. Watch positive movies. Be around positive people and practice turning all negative thoughts into positives. When you do, you’re going to be more creative and more people will want to be around you – which will also increase your creativity by opening more resources for you to use.

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