What Will Make or Break Your Campaign? Part 3 Social Share Message (Co-Pilot Show – April 6th 2021)

Here’s the third part of our previous Co-Pilot Show Episode – the Social Share Message!

Learn how to optimise your social sharing message and image with our UpViral Expert, Mitch Aunger!

1. Share page review
2. Social sharing review:
– descriptions of Facebook posts
– social sharing messages
– social sharing images
3. Mitch’s samples of social sharing images
4. How to make a perfect image?
5. UpViral‘s Social Appearance
6. Designing your social sharing image and message on Canva
7. Social sharing image for Twitter
8. Q&A
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Know More About Social Network Website Development

Any website development that caters to the designing and maintenance of social network is usually termed as social network website development. Whether you need the website designed as a social network or add social networking features to the regular website, there are numerous companies available to assist you. Most of the social network website development is done for social interaction including enhancing business deals, community interactions in specific niche.

Facebook Graph Search – Is It A Threat To Users’ Privacy?

From humble beginnings to the social media giant of today, Facebook has undergone various drastic changes including modifications in its user interface to security measures. Whenever an update is made to the system, the changes instantly make an impact on all the users that are present on Facebook. There may be times when an update provided to resolve certain issues creates new ‘problems’ due to a possible loophole in the programming itself. One such update is Graph Search which has caused quite an uproar due to privacy issues that have been reported by users.

Everyone Is A Social Engineer

What is social engineering? Who are the social engineers? How surprised would we be to find out that we all are social engineers? Would we balk at the thought that social engineering is what we do when we manipulate others to do what we want them to do? Whether this is offline as a part of building a church membership or online alongside DDoS to bring down competition, social engineering is real and worthy of understanding.

GPS Powered Social Networking Apps – Discover New Places

Geolocation based social networking apps have become the handiest tool to discover new places or find new places around you. Try out the various features these apps provide and enjoy the power of Social networks at any location.

Choosing Effective Twitter Calls-To-Action

Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with effective tweets. It is difficult enough to limit your tweets to the 140 character maximum, which is one of Twitter’s most difficult rules for writers. Your tweets need to pack a punch and they have to do it clearly and concisely.

Social Networks Are Forever – Beware, Is the Appropriate Label Warning

We all know by now that one needs to be careful what they say or do online. You cannot say something that isn’t politically correct otherwise your reputation could get tarnished. Thus, people only put up what is politically correct, and this is driving our society into same’ness and that is a shame because it makes us assimilate into a mindless Borg of Beehive of humanity, meaning no single individual is valuable anymore – for it is now the whole that matters and with everyone thinking and acting alike. Let’s talk.

Using LinkedIn to Give You Expert Status

Your niche or industry is extremely competitive and you must do everything possible to make sure that you have an edge over your competitors. In fact, not only is there tremendous competition but the competition is getting worse day after day.

How to Create Professional Videos With Your Smartphone on a Shoestring Budget

Creating professional videos with your smartphone has never been easier to do. Instead of paying hundreds and/or even thousands of dollars for professional looking videos to create your marketing objective, you can use the modern technology of the smartphone to create just what you want. Whether you are a teacher, a social media professional or you write blogs and lecture at a university or college making videos with smartphones is the way to go. The range of use is endless.

How To Dramatically Get More Clients With LinkedIN Advertising!

I must admit that I love LinkedIN. LinkedIN has helped me in boosting my business turnover by reaching targeted clients for my products portfolio as well as improving on my brand awareness and positioning in the marketplace. It is definitely one of the best social media marketing network that you must get your teeth into if you haven’t done so already.

All About Facebook’s “Who Can Look Up Your Timeline by Name” Privacy Option Removal

Facebook is preparing for new changes in their privacy options. Shortly, all users will receive a special message from the Facebook administrators, a message stating the fact that they will not be able to hide their name in Graph Search searches anymore.

LinkedIn 5 Great Marketing Tips

LinkedIn has a very special place on the social media map. Unlike Facebook, where people come to connect with friends, or Twitter, where people just want to learn about one thing on another in bite sizes, LinkedIn has a very well targeted audience, formed by professionals, people who are interested in doing business, engage in partnerships and make profit together.

FB Gorilla Review of Facebook Page Posting Software

Facebook serves as a great sharing platform. In fact, the sharing policy is one of its driving principles. This social networking site allows you to post and communicate diverse content including YouTube videos, blog articles, tweets, news, updates and games. Here, you can share tidbits of your personal life or use the facility to market your business and attract potential customers. Additionally, if you do not have original content to share, you can repost content uploaded by others.

Facebook Is Taking Riddles

Riddles have endured thousands of years and countless changes and improvements to technology. They have many uses and social networking is just the newest one.

How to Do Twitter Marketing Correctly

Twitter can be a great resource in growing your audience. Learn a few tips here to help you tweet successfully for your business.

An Internet Identity Theft Protection Plan

According to Bill Gates, the internet is the town hall of the global community. Identity theft is a creation of the laws of both nature and man. To participate in the global community one must design an effective plan to cover and protect your good name and credit from identity thieves. My identity is important to me. My plan includes a big watch dog, that guards my good name and credit @ a cost of 1/2 dollar daily.

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