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Is Skype a Social Network?

In one of the newest permutations of the social network scene, we are graciously introduced to Skype. Skype is a communication platform that allows its users to converse across the world’s distances without the benefit of a telephone handset.

The Skinny on Google+

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new kid on the social media block. And our friendly online giant, Google, brings it to us.

Google+ Social Network

Google+ has finally come up to my expectations and it has millions of users already. I really like the design of Google+ its user friendly and the way to group my friends which I sometimes find fun thing to do. Privacy setting in Google+ is very easy to manage which is a very positive characteristic as compared to Facebook, I find them a little complicated to use.

What You Need to Know About Google Plus

Google obviously are no strangers to the effect which social search is having on ranking and Facebook’s effect on the world and everything in it, and they wanted to carve themselves a piece of the pie, better late than never that is. This post will answer some of the most common questions likely to be associated with Google Plus.

Google+ Social Networking

Google+ is a new social network launched by Google on June 28, 2011. Before its full launch, to the general public, users get a chance to beta test the social networking platform which requires a Google+ Invite. Having beta tested it, I’m impressed by some of the unique features of Google+. In this article, I will review the key features and provide guidance on how to go about setting it up.

Use MeetUp Groups to Find Local Influencers

In a sense, MeetUp online is a portal for bringing together people who are interested in certain things. I want encourage you to use MeetUp Groups to find local influencers and groups. You can use existing meetup groups or use the Meetup website for that.

What Are The Top Social Networking Sites?

Many people wonder “What are the top social networking sites?” Although there are many popular social networking sites, it depends on your demographic, target audience, strategy and the outcome you desire. This articles outlines the questions you need to ask before choosing the top social networking sites for your social media campaign.

Why Some Great Social Network Websites Fail And Close Down

Social networking is more popular than today than it ever has been. While the advent of MySpace and Facebook lit a collective fire in the social networking community a few years ago, that fire has only raged brighter to an insurmountable blaze today. While many social networking sites are out there, some have come and gone with little fanfare in spite of the fact that they were really great sites.

How Social Networking Can Improve Your Business’ Online Presence

The growing popularity of Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Multiply, are making many businesses realize the immense possibilities of marketing through these websites. Because these websites are able to attract millions of users each day, there is no question that your business’ website have the opportunity to increase its traffic if you use social networking sites to your advantage. How can you benefit from these websites?

Are You a Good Samaritan On LinkedIn?

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, before the existence of social media (actually, it was less than ten years ago), there was a businessperson who spent a good amount of his leisure time reading lots of newspapers and magazines. He would read his local general newspaper, his local business newspaper, and would then branch out and devour his latest industry related magazines as well.

Helpful Ways To Show Expertise Within Social Media

Unquestionably, social graces are an important skill both personally and professionally. When it comes to social marketing and branding yourself on line, here are some worthwhile tips to help you with numerous aspects of this process.

6 Social Networking Tips For A Successful Business!

Today, business success is being directly related to the online communication and formation of social networks to assist in many aspects of branding and attracting new customers as well as generating revenue from return customers. The Importance of Establishing Your Business Online Begin Branding your company name or products.

Promote Yourself Easily: Social Network Marketing

When you are a business owner, you need to come up with all kinds of creative promotion methods, not only for your business, but for yourself as well. These days, people need to know that they are going to be spending their money on products they can trust, from businesses they trust. If they do not know a little bit about who you are, how can they ever know enough about your business to want to work with you?

What Do Brands Want From Google+?

Google+ continues its rapid expansion and has recently added games and check medals but what about the accounts for brands? A week after Google+ saw the light, the company asked the companies not to open business accounts on the platform. Meanwhile, the product manager for Google+ Christian Oestlien, said his team was working on these functions.

Understanding the Many Advantages of Social Network Marketing

There are many ways that one can go about marketing their business, but if they are not taking advantage of everything that the Internet has to offer for marketing methods, they are really missing the boat. The Internet is how many business owners are able to stay afloat these days, as it allows them to operate with a much smaller overhead.

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