The Strategy Behind Our Own Viral Marketing Campaign

Facebook and Online Marketing

Do you want to speak with 400 Million people? Then better pitch your product now with Facebook’s members. If you’re fresh with all the social media selling then this is your lucky day. These sites create more traffic than the biggest search engines that we have. That means a bigger audience for your product, more possible buyers and more money.

Make Money on Facebook: The Easy Way

After months and months of visiting Facebook everyday, you suddenly feel that the whole thing is just a waste of time. You play FarmVille like there’s no tomorrow, you chat nonstop with friends, you stalk people all day, and you just busy yourself reading people’s status every hour.

Etiquette You Should Practice When Uploading Photos to Photo Sharing Networks

When it comes to uploading photos on the Internet, few people choose to think about what they are doing. To them, an image is an image, and it is fine to post it just about anywhere. However, just as etiquette exists for other social situations, so does it exist for sharing photos.

Hashtags Do Work On Facebook! Learn How To Create Your Own Hashtags On Facebook

Technically hashtags don’t work on Facebook, but there is a neat little trick to make them work just like on Twitter. Learn how hashtagging on Facebook works and start creating your own here.

Low Cost Networking The Old Fashioned Way (In Person)

One morning, fifteen years ago, I sat in my car feeling anxious about walking into a chamber of commerce breakfast for the first time. My only goal that day was to survive and at least talk to someone at my table.

3 Reasons You May Get Kicked Off of Facebook

Most people don’t need to worry about getting banned or having their accounts revoked by Facebook. But a few seemingly innocent actions can put your account in jeopardy because they violate the Facebook terms of use. The list is long, but here are some of the most important ones.

Facebook Marketing – A “How to Social Network Marketing” Guide

“How to social network marketing” is probably one of the newer and hotter topics in internet marketing recently. Social network marketing is indeed quite a new animal, different from the more traditional forms of internet marketing such as PPC, SEO, blogging, e-zines, and so on.

Facebook Subscribe Button

With the release of Google+, Facebook is really trying hard to make its members happy and improve what is already good. First they have this new grouping type feature which was strangely similar to Google’s circles feature and now they have come with this new Facebook ‘Subscribe’ button.

How to Get Leads on Facebook

Facebook is a must have for anyone serious about building a business in a modern age. It is an absolute gold mine if you know how to use proper methods of contacting to reach people. This article shows the various methods to get contacts and friends on the social networking site.

How to Make Money From MyLot

MyLot is a well-established website that pays active members for participating in discussions and for uploading images to the site. Payments are sent every 15th of the month provided that the member was able to reach the $10 threshold.

How To Maximize Sales Using A Facebook Fan Page

Online advertising has proven already that it helps a lot of small businesses to grow and expand their market. Using these fan pages could reach millions of Facebook users with minimum amount of investment.

Facebook FanPage Templates

The other day I was trying to add some text and images to my Facebook Page. I didn’t really understand the instructions that were given to me, so I decided to do a search. I implore you, any time you’re not sure how to do something, google it or search on YouTube for instructions. There’s always someone that can give you the information you need. So, anyway, I was searching on YouTube to see if I could find an easier way to add iFrames to my Fanpage than copying and pasting code. So as I was looking through the videos on YouTube, I found one that said Free Facebook Fan Page Templates by expert Jo Barnes.

Ways To Create a Buzz With Facebook Fanpages

Fan page in Facebook allows you to interact with your clients, visitors and customers online for free. You can also give updates, comments and information about your existing marketing products. Here is a list on how to create a buzz with Facebook…

Your Facebook Fan Page – The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Facebook has created a lot of advantages and compensation on selling products online. There are some advices on how to avoid mistakes when creating your Facebook fan page to minimize frustration and annoyance.

Some Of The Tips On Facebook Fan Page Marketing

One of the most admired and a well-accepted social marketing site by many people today is Facebook. Some sites may be good but not as famous as Facebook today. You can create a fan page for free. This particular form of social media has a lot of features that set it apart from other social media networks.

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