The Strategy Behind Our Own Viral Marketing Campaign (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – December 1st)

Curious about the strategy behind our own viral marketing campaign? If you are, then you should watch this now! Discover and learn with our Digital Marketing Manager, William Vanhout, and UpViral Expert, Mitch Aunger!

1. Why Are We Going to Launch a Viral Marketing in the First Place?
2. What’s Our Goal with the Rewards Campaigns
3. Who Do We Want to Attract?
4. The Lead Magnet
5. Rewards
6. Custom Actions
7. Points
8. Promotion
9. Follow-Up Emails
10. Social Share Image
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Why Private Messages on Social Media Systems Are Not Private

Private messages on the social media systems can be pierced by the right software or by the ethics of the social networking systems. Any person using private messages should consider the consequences of those actions because private messages can and will be seen by those trying to access the services.

Why Privacy Is the Key Against Social Bullies and Identity Thieves

Privacy is a good thing for everyone. This is especially true of a person who could be a victim of bullying. Therefore, those people susceptible to bullying should strive to keep their information private on the social networks.

Why Sales People Need Social Networking Platforms Built For Business

Sales people are need social networks. These networks help them sell their wares and give them a valuable lifeline back at the office. Therefore, sales people should integrate social networking as soon as possible into their work.

Why People Do Not Pay Attention to Social Media Privacy

Social privacy is an area of life that no one can ignore. However, there are still a few people who do not pay attention at all. These are the people who lose a little bit of their identity to the internet every day. Therefore, everyone should be concerned with their privacy at all times.

Why Location Based Social Media Is Dangerous

Location social networking sounds like a great idea. However, in practice, it is not a good idea. There are a number of reasons that location based social networking is harmful for a consumer, and to be honest, there are very few people who should use this feature.

Why Local Businesses Need To Get Into Social Networking Today

Local businesses can no longer ignore social media. If a business exists then it is assumed that the business has a social media profile. Therefore, a business without a profile is missing out on advertising opportunities and sales they would have by getting a presence on the social systems.

Effectively Using Online Social Networking For Business

Tapping into online social networking sites has become a very effective strategy used by many for business expansion! Read more here on how to make the most of your efforts using these communities to help you boost sales for your business!

Learning To Market Your Products On Social Sites

When deciding to market your products within any of the many social communities found online your sales tactics will likely need to be altered! Read further to discover the 3 key ‘adjustments’ you’ll want to consider concerning the sales tactics you use when looking to promote anything on social sites!

The Top 10 Mistakes People Make Using Social Networking for Business

Social networking sites offer a great way to brand and build your business. Using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can bring your biz eager and interested followers, paying clients. On the other hand, you can do serious harm when you fail to utilize these venues properly. Yes. Believe, it or not, there are actual guidelines for social networking and social media marketing. In fact, there are some deadly mistakes which can ruin a campaign. Create a negative impression of your business.

Which Social Networks Are Good for What Industries?

Online businesses in general can benefit from social networking sites, and if these are used correctly it can mean a lot of extra revenue from customers you would not normally have reached. There are many advantages to using these marketing platforms and this includes free advertising, building a solid customer base, establishing your own branding and gaining valuable industry contacts.

Why It Is Smart to Have Two Social Networking Platforms Compete Against Each Other

It is smart for a business to have two social networking platforms before a business chooses a social platform. Not every platform is equal, and not every platform will fit what the business needs it to do. Therefore, using two social media systems is a smart thing to do.

Why Followers Do Not Equal Social Media Success

Followers are usually equated to success on the social media success. However, this is not a good metric of success on social platforms. What is a measure of success is how many conversions the social platforms provide to the user.

Why Indexing Matters As It Relates to Social Media

Indexing is the enemy of any social media privacy program. Indexing is when a search engine finds content and stores it with the expressed purpose of returning those results for particular keywords or phrases. Therefore, a person must be careful what they share because the search engines will index what the user posts on the social media platforms.

Beware of False Followers Bearing Tweets

Received an email from Twitter the other day telling me I had a new follower of my Twitter account. My first thought was how wonderful my marketing efforts were starting to gain traction and possibly in the future some of my followers would engage in business with me.

Why Having Two Social Media Profiles in Business Can Be A Good Thing

Most businesses and business people need two social media profiles. The truth of the matter is that a person or business needs to separate their niches and personal lives out of the business workings of their niche. Therefore, two profiles are a good idea for any business and business person.

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