The State of Email Marketing 2020 – 2021 (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – Nov. 17th 2020)

Email Marketing is definitely not “dead”! Watch and discover more about Email Marketing with our media buyer, Danny Chan, and our UpViral expert, Mitch Aunger! Learn some tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday too!

1. Email Marketing Overview
2. Email Marketing Facts
3. Morning Brew’s Success ( Newsletter for Millenials)
4. The State of Email Marketing 2020-2021
5. Email Sequences & Flows You Must Have Within Your Business
6. 7 Campaigns You Should be Sending for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday
7. Q&A
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Where Should Someone Sign Up To Learn Social Networking For Business?

People feel more comfortable with social media if they have training on how to use the systems. However, the best training usually does not happen in a classroom. Therefore, this article seeks to help people get the right training so they can be successful in the future.

Who Is A Famous Person Who Used Social Networking For Business?

The most famous of social media working as a marketing method is the case of President Obama’s run to the office. If a person or business can model their social media campaign with things that he used in this campaign, then they are likely to succeed.

What the Social Networks Are Tracking

The social networks are tracking a lot of information. It helps to know what types of information they look for in order to avoid problems. Therefore, this article seeks to help the reader to understand what types of information are valuable to the social networks so that the reader can avoid sharing that information.

Get With the Social Network

Humboldt County draws a lot of traffic, physically and digitally. We have a new crop of students moving in every year to attend HSU and CR, with a lot of them settling in locally after graduation. You better call ahead to get a table at Lost Coast Brewery during the touristy travel months of June through August, and in 2011 persons under the age of 18 represented over 20 percent of the Humboldt County population.

What You Need to Know About File Sharing

File sharing is an important part of any business. However, a business owner or marketer needs to be careful about which service they use for their online storage. There are things to look out for when looking for a service provider and this article seeks to educate the readers on what they should look for in the future.

How Valuable Are Your Online Friends? Does the Time Spent In Social Networking Really Pay Off?

What is the value of a friend on Facebook? Did you know there are some companies that will provide you with fake virtual online friends for price? I’m not sure what they are charging these days, maybe it’s 10 for $10, and you get the 11th one free? That seems pretty silly doesn’t it? Okay so let’s talk about all these topics for second shall we?

Should Your Company Set Social Networking Posting Policies: 5 Tips for Sharing and What Should Not

When it comes to using social networking as a marketing tool, companies decide many logical things when attempting to include it as part of their marketing strategies. Such as who – in house – will perform the task; or should someone be hired? How will they fit it into an already busy day? When and how often should postings be made? Which social networking sites can their company effectively use? While these are all very important questions to be answered, companies often fail to consider just what should be shared. Or not. And wind up with endless PR problems.

What Is Social Media and How Can Publishers Get Started?

The number of hours Americans have spent on the internet has increased by 121% from 2005, as revealed in a study by North American Technographics Benchmark Surveys from 2005 to 2010. Most of this time is spent connecting with people, sharing one’s life and experiences, finding out the most updated information on any topic of interest – all using social media. As a publisher, this is an important tool in understanding your readers better, garner more fans and followers.

Social Profile Pictures Must Match What Other People Say About You

Your social profile pictures need to match what people say about you. Otherwise you are not attractive to visitors.

Getting the Attention of Prospective Twitter Followers

As more and more people spend a greater fraction of their daily time on social networking sites, the role of social media in online marketing is becoming of prime importance. Twitter, in particular, is now popular in building a network of readers, engaging them, and getting feedback from them.

10 Tips to Optimize Your Local Business Using Facebook

Facebook, as we all know, is the king of social networks. It is a good place to reach out to clients and build your brand online. The said social network provides much different functionality in which SEO analyst; web developers and marketers can use to get their business noticed online.

How Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

Everyone is familiar with the name Google, but not many businesses are familiar with Google+ and how it can positively affect their businesses. By joining and regularly participating on Google+ your business has the potential to reach thousands of potential new customers.

Social Networking Is Proving to Be a Valuable Tool for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is easily one of the most dynamic and consistently changing industries in the world today. With new treatments being developed, new drugs being tested, and new policies being implemented at what feels like an ever-increasing pace, healthcare professionals are responsible with keeping up to date with this constant flow of information. Social networking that is geared specifically towards these professionals is becoming more and more relevant each day, not only for the sake of keeping them informed, but also for the sake of helping them when they need aide, and connecting them with fellow professionals from around the world…

What You Should Remember When It Comes To Your Business Social Networking Profiles

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on and on. We are now in the era of staying socially connected and socially abreast of the world around us via social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. We can literally reveal to the world any and everything that we want others to know or not know about us with the push of a button. What we look like, where we live, how many children we have, who we are married to, what we drive, where we shop, where we vacation – this is all on public display for the world to see at the push of a button.

What Makes Social Networking For Business So Effective?

The strategy of the business to generate traffic and conversions from a social media source is what makes social media effective or ineffective for businesses. Therefore, if a business wants an effective strategy then they must develop one and make sure they follow it everyday.

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