The Power of Custom Actions

The power of custom actions with UpViral

The Benefits of Patient-Centered Social Networking

In this day and age of social networks and high speed internet, it’s hard to believe there was an era when this didn’t exist. Popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. have been embraced by businesses worldwide to connect with their employees, potential customers as well as partners.

Famous Online Better Than Famous Offline

Most people in the Western world and large sections in the rest of the world have a real life persona and an online persona. This is especially true of young people, also known as the Internet generation. Almost everybody these days communicates by email, rather than rely on the good old postal services.

How To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Instagram is another of the many social networking sites operating out on the web today. It is a platform where you can share your photos privately or publicly. Now, if you want to reach out to a wider audience, you have to start collecting your Instagram followers. Here are a few legit and tried and tested techniques to get Instagram followers fast.

Why Social Media Marketing Is The Secret Ingredient

Social media marketing is a term that refers to the promotion of anything on social media networks. This includes marketing affiliate links, CPA links, blog articles, website links and more on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.

3 Social Networking Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Social networking has a few pitfalls that most newbies tend to fall victim to in an attempt to generate a sale. Social networking is a great way to generate visitors, but you must stick to the rules and guidelines.

Does Your LinkedIn Ad Grab The Attention Of Others?

What makes one ad bring in sales better than another? We’ve all seen ads that grab our attention and we can’t wait to learn more. We’ve also seen ads that leave us speechless, wondering what the heck the advertiser was trying to accomplish.

Great LinkedIn Strategies That Really Work

Most likely, you understand the value of LinkedIn (at least, to some extent) and you are trying to use it as much as possible for your business. That may or may not be working very well for you. It really all depends on what you are doing and how those features apply to your particular business.

Why Social Networking Needs to Become More Personal

In the modern world, it has become very easy for people to drift away from the real world and start feeling lonely. This often happens due to the increasing popularity of social networking websites, as people who use these websites too much and too often tend to start feeling lonely and secluded.

How to Build Your Business Relations With LinkedIn Groups

Everyone has a lot of social media questions in mind that cover major social media sites and social media platform as a whole. And when it comes LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups and group discussion topics, the one question that often crawls forward- “Is participating in LinkedIn Groups a good idea as a part of social media strategy?”

Dos and Don’ts for LinkedIn Headlines

Your content must always have a headline and one of the most effective social media channels in which you publish content is LinkedIn. In general, headlines are extremely calculated (or, at least, they should be) and there is a set of rules that will be worth your while following.

How to Build Your Brand on Twitter

Twitter, the micro-blogging and social networking site, is a goldmine for businesses who want to build their brand on social media platforms. As a brand building medium, Twitter is powerful as it offers businesses an avenue to share bite-sized, interesting pieces of content with their follower base. It is a great tool for direct interaction with your audience and online communities, networking with industry experts, generating relevant leads and directing traffic to your website.

Sharpening Your Networking Skills Through LinkedIn

It is an established fact that networking, both in person and online, frequently contribute positively to your business’s success. Many people find it difficult to network effectively but LinkedIn can help.

Content Strategy for Social Network Marketing

Practical tips for creating an effective social network marketing campaign. If you are lost and don’t know where to begin marketing your company on the social networks then this information is for you. If you have already started but are not getting the results you are after then read this. If you are trying to develop a more organized strategy, then this article is for you.

How To Create A Successful Twitter Contest

Twitter contests are a great way to find targeted followers who are interested in your content, products, and service. Twitter contests are easy to set up and run, but you should carefully plan them, to make sure you attract the right people to your contest.

Why You Should Have LinkedIn Recommendations

People rarely provide written recommendations when they apply for jobs these days, so why bother getting recommendations on LinkedIn? First of all, your LinkedIn profile will not be complete until you have at least three recommendations. Getting to the All Star level on your profile is a huge accomplishment and adds a lot of credibility to your LinkedIn profile.

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