The Anatomy of Great Facebook Ads (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – Dec. 15th 2020)

Watch and learn as our media buyer, Danny Chan, and our UpViral expert, Mitch Aunger, discussed the Anatomy of Great Ads for Facebook!

1. The Ad Library
2. Video & Photo Ads
3. What Makes a Good Ad?
4. Examples of Great Ads
5. Tools You Can Use to Create Ads
6. Q&A
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Justifying the Launch of Your Own Social Bookmarking Product

How does one justify starting a social bookmarking site of their own? It’s done by either representing an ignored group of people or a larger site, or by rectifying the mistakes made on similar bookmarking sites–without borrowing ideas from the competitor.

How to Make Money With Pinterest Using Pin Profits Methods

It might seem a bit farfetched to think that you can try to make money on Pinterest, but given the right frame of mind, you can make it very lucrative opportunity. Pinterest is basically a virtual pin board where people can ‘pin up’ anything and everything they want online.

Making the Most of Facebook Timelines

Among the many exciting features that Facebook offers, the Timeline feature is one of the most useful. If you use the feature properly, you will grab the attention of your current and potential fans and keep them indefinitely.

Understanding The Different Ways Of Generating Leads With The Help Of Social Networking

Social media is one of the biggest revolutions in the world of technology and has completely transformed the way of living over the period of time. It is one of the most transparent, interactive and engaging platform for better public relations.

Making Use Of Social Media Privacy For Generating Extra Income

One of the most common facts about social media systems, that a good number of people are unaware of, is that they always try to gather maximum information about a person. However, a knowledgeable and smart marketer makes use of this fact to his/her own benefit.

Using Facebook Fans To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Facebook has become one of the most popular and widely used social platforms over the period of time. This platform went viral a long time back, with a good number of connected people sharing their thoughts, photos, videos and a lot many other things with each other.

New Age Networking

The days of handing out a business card to the right person in the moment he needs what you offer are quickly slipping to the wayside. We are rapidly evolving into a networked world that can provide real time targeted data on nearly anything and anyone you want to meet, whether across the world or two streets down.

Tweaks to Make to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you put a lot into LinkedIn, you get a lot out of it too. If you set up your profile with scant information, you are not allowing others to know anything about you. It is important to share information.

How Social Networking Has Changed Society

Remember back in the day when we worked from 9-5, nights and weekends were reserved for friends and family, and never the twain shall meet? Now that an estimated 23% of American workers telecommute, many use online social networks as a way to stay connected to co-workers and colleagues. Those who are chained to a company desk often use (or sneak onto) Twitter, Facebook or to stay in touch with friends outside of work.

Social Networking: Improving Daily or Slowly Dying

Is social networking a thing of the past or is it improving everyday? I’ll explain my opinion and share with you what I found.

Seven Golden Rules for Facebook and Co

By now, Social Networks are part of our daily routines like the cup of coffee in the morning. In the past, if you wanted to stay in touch with friends and family or wanted to track down old acquaintances, you had to grab the telephone handset or hire a private investigator – Thanks to Facebook, Google+, MySpace & Co. these days are definitely over!

Facebook and Procrastination: Your Friend or Enemy?

There are also a lot of benefits in having an account and using a particular social networking website. Some of its benefits include meeting other people to the point that you may have your online job because of a particular social networking website. But if there is an advantage in having your account and using a particular social networking website, it has also its disadvantages and one of them is procrastination or is it a benefit?

Uses of Business Page On Facebook for Business Owners

Facebook is availed by many firms in various ways to build their brand image, generate traffic to blogs and websites, receive comments on new goods, attract employees, manage online reputation and to intercept potential prospects. To benefit from Facebook in your business you must start by creating an account. From here, you should build a profile describing information about yourself.

Radio Think Tank Talk – Social Networks Warping Society, A Revaluation of Importance

Well here we are on this 24th day of October 2012, and we ought to ponder for a minute how much our society has changed in this last decade. In many regards it hasn’t necessarily been for the better, and I’d like to cite the example of online social networking, as it seems to have invaded our Internet lives to a large degree, often making a mockery out of the important issues and the challenges of our time. The social networks have caused the over throw of governments, de-stabilized civilization, and changed the outcomes of elections. Our elections in the United States included.

How Will the New LinkedIn Profile Page Changes Affect You and Your Business?

LinkedIn is in the process of updating the Profile Page. Says LinkedIn “We are focused on making it easier for LinkedIn members to get more value out of the services we offer by creating simpler, more relevant, more social experiences.” That said new changes, which will affect members most, are changes to the Profile Page. Will these changes affect you and your business, help or prevent you from getting hired?

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