The 12 Minute Affiliate Review 2021

Internet Marketing Ideas – Don’t Let Your Product Explode Before Its Very Launch

I like the conspiracy theories. So a lot of online marketers that I speak to think that all these server failure with product launches are all conspiracy so that they can email out the obligatory message saying, “Sorry, my server just crashed so I will be extending this offer for another hour.”

Zero Friction Marketing – Learn to Ease the Marketing Hassle

Zero Friction Marketing is going to be the catchiest thing to hit the Clickbank market in a while. It is way outside the scope of most the make money online products and because of that will probably have the biggest impact on what happens in the next 6 months in the industry.

3 Vital Questions Before Product Launch Blast Off

Like any other important mission, preparation is the key to success. Launching a product is no different. There are lots of consideration to keep in mind first before getting the finish work out there and achieving success from it.

Lots of Product Launches and Lots of Poor Marketers

Literally every day emails drop in to my inbox promoting the latest and greatest SEO products. With each of these over hyped launches (and yes I am jealous), hundreds of wannabe online marketing millionaires part with their precious hard earned cash in pursuit of the promised riches!

Devastating Product Launch Strategies

You have probably heard about the numerous successful products that have been launched online. Many of these success stories also talk about making money on the very first day. Since a successful launch is very important to your business, you have probably paid a lot of attention to these stories. However, you should also know that there have been a lot of failed product launches too.

Use Delicious? Got an iPhone? You Need This App

Read Later is an app that lets you save web pages on your iPhone/iPod for offline reading. Not the first app to do that? Well it’s integrated with so any bookmarks you tag with a to_read tag (or any tag of your choice) is detected by the app and downloaded for offline reading.

Ready to Launch a New Product? Read This First!

Internet marketing experts, gurus and coaches recommend to anyone venturing out into the world of Internet Marketing to start with affiliate marketing because most of the work has been done for you. The new marketer need not bother with product research, coding, hosting, fulfillment and web design. All this has already been done by the seller themselves.

How to Make Money Online – Big Numbers and the Real Asset

You hear big numbers thrown around a lot when it comes to product launches. It seems like $1 million is the magic number these days…like if you don’t hit that target your launch is a failure. Well, if you have never done a product launch…if you are just learning how to make money online…those kinds of numbers sound like a lottery ticket…kind of hard to take seriously. Let’s talk about what the numbers really mean and where the real money is…the real asset.

Ecourse Training – Keeping People’s Attention With Your Ecourse

Creating an ecourse is easy, keeping people interested and paying attention in that ecourse is a bit more involved. When someone subscribes to your ecourse, they’re looking for something from you.

How to Make Money Online – Take Advantage of All the Stages of a Product Launch

Product launches are a way for you to generate a huge spike of targeted traffic to your website…and generate a lot of cash. When you are learning how to make money online you want to make the most of your efforts. To do that, be sure to take advantage of the various stages of a product launch.

Point of Sale Paradigm – Reducing the Cost of Doing Business

Over the past forty years, the point of sale industry has basically undergone the same evolution that the information technology industry has. With constantly evolving programming languages, we are able to code complex ideas quicker and more elegantly than ever before. This trend will only continue as brighter individuals continue to contribute to the advancement of those languages.

Ecourse Training – What’s the Best Way to Set Up and Send Your Ecourse?

Which is better to do with your ecourse: deliver a brief autoresponder with a link to a pdf, link to webpage, or have the content in body of autoresponder? Keep in mind that all these ways are fine for delivering an ecourse, there is not one better way than the other. Each on has benefits and each one has drawbacks. Let’s take each one and discuss it in terms of ecourse pro’s and con’s.

How to Conduct a High Powered Product Launch

The very word “launch” brings with it mental images of a forceful and powerful, forward thrust that will catapult your new product far ahead of the ordinary, mundane and readily available items of today. But is it actually possible in this age of information overload to launch a product with such finesse and direction that it absolutely hits the intended target market? The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

How to Launch Products With Articles and Press Releases

When launching new products, the difficulty has always been to build momentum. Without momentum, it is very hard to launch a product successfully. The product may be an e-book, a physical product, a new website, or even a new service; it doesn’t really matter.

Launching a Campaign the PPC Bully Way

You have found a great niche and you want to launch a campaign. Normally you would spend your time doing keyword research because all the gurus tell you that is what you should be doing. Then you go to Google and put up your campaign-you keep checking it to make sure you are getting clicks and if you have had any sales.

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