Testing: Checking Your Campaign If It Works Before Launching

Are you checking if the campaign works before launching? Watch and learn more with our UpViral Expert, Mitch Aunger as he talks about Testing!

1. If you don’t do a test before you launch
2. The Testing Process
3. Simple UpViral Testing Checklist (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oHASutO5JVNfTD8hg1eydpNThJUEZIkadfMVu0HVQiE/edit#gid=565586716)
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Ten Things You Need to Remember on Facebook

This article is for people who use Facebook frequently. These are some things you need to remember next time you log in.

Improve Your Social SEO

Social Media and SEO used to be considered two separate things. SEO helped people find you on search. Social Media helped you better engage them. SEO purists believed that one had no real impact on the other. This is no longer the case. Social Media now influences search results to a fairly significant extent. It draws traffic to a website and the more traffic it brings, the bigger the impact on the website’s search rank. But the topic of this article looks at another aspect of this dynamic relationship between SEO and Social Media – the fact that people are now using the search function of their preferred Social Networks to find a business. The following article provides tips on how to optimize your online businesses presence for Social Media search:

Why It Is Important to Be Invisible On the Internet

Invisibility is a great thing to have on the internet. If nothing else, invisibility gives a user privacy. Therefore, they are very unlikely to have any problems with identity theft on the internet.

Marketing Your Slaging Business

Rapid growth in social networking is the new buzz in marketing online business today. However more hype drizzle down like mist from a light rain about monetizing your social network for free.

The History Of Twitter

Twitter hasn’t been around for long in the great scheme of things, but there are still loads of people using it every day. There is a large story behind it as you’d expect after seeing movies like The Social Network.

The Business Is Out There: Marketing Through Social Networks

Social networks have often been overlooked as list building tools compared to blogging or video marketing. Contrary to a popular misconception, its communities are not confined to college students but are demographically diverse and the median age group is 35. This diversity and the huge numbers of users means that many of your potential customers already belong to one or more of these sites. Also every site allows you to create niche groups, thus providing a natural way for you to attract people who might be interested in your product and engage with them.

Why Social Media Privacy Is Bad for Marketers

Social networking privacy is a good thing for consumers. It is not a great thing for business owners or marketers. Social platforms provide a lot of information about users and a business can use this information to develop a tightly crafted message that is appealing to the user base. Therefore, social privacy is good and bad depending on who is looking at the issue.

Why Social Media Privacy Gives a Person Confidence

Social network privacy is one of the best assets to have on the internet. Therefore, those people who have this asset are confident about their ability to manage their privacy while on social platforms.

Why Social Media Networks Are Not Useful For Business Owners

The problem with most social networks is that they reveal too much information about the users of the systems. Social networks are in the business of sharing information and if they can get more information about a user, then they will use that information to make money. Therefore, a business needs to be very careful about how they use their business secrets on a social network because everything on a network could be used against them in the future.

Why Social Media Is Like a Muscle

Social networking accounts only grow when they are worked on by the business owner or the employees. Therefore, social networking is just like working out. A business or individual only experience gains when the business or individually mindfully works on the asset.

Why Social Media Is Like a Boxing Match

The use of social networking on a day to day basis is like being involved in a boxing match. The social platform is trying to get more information about the user, and the user is constantly trying to defend their privacy. Therefore, it is a constant sparring match between the user and the platform.

Social Marketing Comments Can Be Wonderful Reviews for Your Business

Word of mouth marketing has now moved into the digital age thanks to the internet and, in particular, social media websites such as Facebook. The impact for small businesses is clear, because it is now a means by which individual consumer reviews can be seen by thousands of people rather than only close friends, thereby leading to even more exposure. This in turn, can lead to an increase in new customers or clients if the reviews are positive. But how can a business really take advantage of this type of marketing?

Why Social Networking For Business Is So Popular

Social networking is one of the hottest ways to market a business. The truth is that most of the world uses social media the wrong way, and that is why it is so popular. Many businesses are trying to figure out how to use it to develop their sales funnels and those companies that successfully use the systems will find that they can grow their business very quickly.

Why Social Media Etiquette Is Very Important

Following etiquette on the social media systems is very important. Following the right procedures and mirroring the conversation styles of the people on the systems is the only way to gain an audience.

Why Sharing Content on a Social Networking Site Is Always a Good Idea

Any content that a business makes should be shared across social media networks. Recycling content is always a smart move that every business should endeavor to do in any situation.

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