Special Interview with Umberto Canessa: How he got 71,495 leads in 25 days (CPS – May 11th 2021)

Watch Mitch and William on this special interview with Umberto Canessa and discover how he generated 71,495 leads in 25 days with UpViral! 🚀

1. Cryptomon (introduction)
2. NFT- Non-Fungible Token
3. The Launch and Why UpViral
4. Walkthrough of the Campaign
5. The Development Process of Kryptomon
6. The Sharing Widget
7. The “Purge”
8. How to Keep People Engaged (22:30)
9. How They Generated Traffic (27:00)
10.How They Monetize the Traffic (28:00)
11. The Timeframe of the Phase
12. Q&A (33:00)
– How they communicate with the community
– A browser game / or App?
– Can this model be applied to other businesses?
– Any features they want to improve

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My Personal Experience of Ello

As a social media enthusiast, I was thrilled to hear about a new social networking site that had opened up sometime this year. Especially since I heard a lot of great stuff about the site from a few of my socially active buddies, I couldn’t wait to start my own profile and maybe become one of their most popular users, given that the site itself was fairly new.

Building Your Network To Thousands!

Do you want thousands of highly qualified people in your network? Of course you do! Do you have something to offer people that they really, truly want? That’s the ticket right there. Keep in mind it’s about giving people what they want, not what you think they need. You can give them what they need at a later time.

Avoiding LinkedIn Certain “No Nos”

LinkedIn is an amazing social media tool that can be extremely effective for businesses. However, just like it is for all social media channels, there are certain rules and guidelines that you have a responsibility to follow. On the flip side, there are some things that you should not do when interacting on LinkedIn.

Get More Twitter Followers That Make Sense

In a nutshell, Twitter has rose to be a vital online marketing tool for small businesses and to be effective in the ever competitive marketplace, it is necessary to adopt the right strategies to build real Twitter followers. Just be certain your Twitter followers make sense for your business if you want to make this social media strategy successful.

LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Searches Soar

There are several different effective ways to search for information on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has several intuitive tools that can help you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. Two such examples are Premium Search and Lead Builder. If you use the search techniques mentioned here, you search capabilities will go through the roof.

Difference Between Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups Explained

A short but informative guide to different pages of Facebook. Facebook has variety of pages which suits people from all walks of life.

5 Dynamic Tips to Improve Fan Engagement on Facebook

Are you planning to increase your fan base in Facebook? Do you aspire to get zillions of likes and comments? Do you want your fans to get addicted to your page in such a way that they are compelled to sign in to their account every day? Well, it’s not a mammoth task to make your fan page popular and your fan base strong. You just need to know and apply some of the smart tricks to attract your admirers. Although there are no hard and fast rules to gain popularity in Facebook, yet there are some smart techniques to attract traffic to your page.

How to Play the Social Selling Game

It isn’t simple and it isn’t fast but using social media correctly will allow your business to reap rewards that will repeat themselves again and again. To do that, you need to integrate social selling into your sales process. Here’s how you do it.

5 Must Know Tips to Get Instant Results With Facebook Marketing

There is a good reason why some marketers outperform the majority when it comes down to Facebook marketing. In fact I have been watching closely the Facebook marketing experts in order to discover the patterns that lead them to see great results with Facebook marketing. This article aims to cover the 5 must know tips which I have seen all Facebook marketers implement in order to get them results in their online business. I’ll start with the most important tip which is treating Facebook like a sales funnel. You need to understand this concept if you want the other tips to fall into place and compliment each other. I will then move on to explaining how to get ”leads” through Facebook marketing and how you need to promote to your Facebook audience for the best results.

Why Register With a Social Media Website?

Given these very few benefits to a genre of people, signing up on any public platform on the internet seems a good enough proposition! Learn about the benefits here.

Debunking Common Myths About LinkedIn

Despite the fact that LinkedIn is widely used by business professionals all over the world and across hundreds of industries, many people are still not sure how it works. Here we discuss some of the most pervasive myths about LinkedIn.

First Tech Meetup Impressions

Recently I attended a Meetup in Asbury Park, NJ called Jersey Shore Tech. The gathering I attended had a guest speaker named Tim Boisvert who is the Technology Director of Ashe Avenue a web / mobile development company that builds and supports media sites for big names like AOL, VICE, and High Times.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn marketing tips are now of great interest to marketing successfully. This is because marketers are scrambling to make LinkedIn their new focus. Why? In the last year, LinkedIn has doubled in size. This is where serious business people go to connect with one another and do serious business, without all the frills or nonsense other social media platforms demand.

Why You Got Unfollowed on Twitter

Learn some of the reasons why you’re getting unfollowed on Twitter. With so much noise, are you focused on building relationships?

Alter Your Social Strategy by Utilizing the “Buy” Button From Twitter

Twitter recently proclaimed that they’re currently testing their latest e-commerce attribute with select partners. This new attribute can alter the way businesses use or plan the network for increasing the sales. The “Buy” button could enable the users to purchase the products from the Tweet. This aims to keep commerce simple. The test run involves nonprofit organizations, brands, and groups of artists. Initially, Twitter is collaborating with Stripe, Musictoday, Gumroad, and Fancy as platforms for conducting the test. More payment platforms will be added in the future. According to Twitter’s Group Product Manager, this feature is quite simple.

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