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Patience Is a Virtue Required When Growing A Business

Starting a business is exciting and comes with visions of freedom, money, and all the perks of owning a successful business. The excitement propels us into goal setting sessions, online research for blogs and websites platforms, and reading stories of other successful entrepreneurs that started out with the bare bones as we will.

Getting on Home Shopping Channels Is Easier With Help

Many entrepreneurs wonder “how can I get my product on home shopping channels?” And with good reason – home shopping networks like QVC and HSN (amongst others) are wildly popular, even in this day and age of internet shopping.

Rolling a Start-Up Bolder Up Hill

It’s no secret that firms like ours rely heavily on the smaller individual investors, especially in the very early stages. From that perspective we are extremely fortunate to have our share of these individuals many of whom have remarkable faith in our vision. At some point however you have to step out of that space and attract real capital – the kind that builds substantive enterprises. The kind that lights the fuse once you have the rocket ship on the launch pad and the boosters filled with nitro. That’s our firm right now. We’re at the crossroads between what we are and what we can be.

Getting Your Product on QVC

Getting a new invention or existing product on the nation’s largest television shopping channel can be difficult. There are some keys steps you must take to ensure your submission has an optimal chance.

Businesses to Get You to the Entrepreneur Rank Right Away!

2015 has been a big year for getting everything you want from just your smart gadget. Everything, from a simple snack to towing your vehicle; any service can be received right at your doorstep or any location you demand instantly. And with no such capital to start a delivery business, starting an on demand business is now the craze among entrepreneurs. And with technology lending a helping hand to make delivery services easier, it is now easier than just simple to start a business. And with the facility to request for a service anytime, it’s no wonder people prefer them more.

Veterans Turned Entrepreneur

Veterans are at least 45 percent more likely to take the plunge into entrepreneurship than people with no active-duty military experience, according to a May 2011 study by the SBA Office of Advocacy. A veteran starts one out of every ten small businesses in America. These companies employ nearly 6 million workers and generate more than $1.2 trillion in revenues. Additionally, statistics shows that the success rate of these veteran-owned businesses is higher than other startups.

Crowdfunding & Its Benefits, Effects

Article is about Mobile Application Funding for Crowdfunding for all types of entrepreneur. This information tells a great idea for an app, a talented development team, and an empty bank account.

Travelling the Road to Financial Independence – Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Ready to start your new adventure in business? Here’s a starting point to get you on your way.

Business Challenges You Should Take Note Of

A business can be a challenge to any entrepreneur. When you run a business, you don’t expect to get profit immediately. You have to work hard for it. The problem with beginners is that they fail to visualize some of the most challenging areas of having a business, what they usually see is all dollars and profit. This is not bad but an entrepreneur must also learn to see all the angles. They must be able to go beyond what they only want to see. This article will change how you handle your business.

Business – Why 8 Out Of 10 People Hunger To Be An Entrepreneur

There must be a reason why there are over 600,000 businesses built yearly. Experts have found out that there are many concrete reasons why you should create and run your own business. These could be why so many want to have their own business.The reasons that this is so is based on interviews with some successful entrepreneurs.

Some Business Challenges You May Have to Conquer

Business Challenges – Many people strive to be entrepreneurs and venture into the world of business, but some always seem to find reasons that will hinder them from starting. I have a friend from work and almost every day he would tell me that he always wanted to start his own business. However, every day he would also find hundreds of reasons why he was unable to start one.

The Single Best Tool for Better Monetizing Your Reputation As an Expert

Are you a Coach, Consultant, Speaker or Service Professional looking to get more clients and better monetize your reputation as an expert? Then stay tuned for a simple technique on how you can get more prospects to want to learn more about your services.

It’s A Long Road To Cleaning Up As An Entrepreneur

It’s a pretty safe bet that no one deserving of the label ‘entrepreneur’ actually set out to be one. That’s because it’s not a job, like doctor, lawyer, lorry driver, or soldier. Rather it’s an adjective; descriptive of a particular kind of person working in any field that makes a product or provides a service for which customers are prepared to pay.

The American Dream Is Calling – Who Will Answer?

The American Dream is not dead! With the technology available today, it doesn’t have to be the American Dream any longer, but the internet dream.

Tips for Working As an Employee and Starting a Business At the Same Time

If you’re an employee and tired of taking a back seat to other less-performing co-workers, it may be time to begin thinking about starting a business. Take your hobby or passion and set in place a foundation while still employed full-time. With the best of both worlds, nothing can stop you from achieving your dream of business ownership.

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