Setting Up Reward Campaigns with UpViral (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – July 28th 2020)

Mark Davies and Mitch Aunger are here to rock another Co-Pilot show! Watch and learn as they discuss the Blueprint for Setting up Evergreen Reward Campaigns with UpViral!

1. The Purpose of a Rewards Campaign
2. The Loyalty Program Vs. Rewards Program
3. How to Build the Campaign
4, Creating Custom Actions
5. The Points System
6. Testing
7. Q&A related to building the campaign
Every Tuesday, we answer all your questions to help you get more traffic, leads and sales using UpViral.. for free!

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3 Tips To Successful Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fanpages can play a huge role in your business and exposure for yourself. Here are 3 of the best tips to maximize your success with your own fanpage.

Steps to Combat Image Fatigue On Facebook

Image fatigue is a grave issue that a large number of people face while using Facebook. Generally talking, users get tired of seeing same Facebook ad images over and over again.

Facebook Timeline Cover To Style Your Facebook Profile

Along with the many evolutionary changes occurring on Facebook, they have introduced a new app that will provide a pictorial and text history bi-line for the user called the Facebook timeline cover. The application uses the particular user’s activity log of your life’s adventures or experiences posted on Facebook in a mini book like format as if creating a small “history book” of the user for all to see.

Five Things You Should Be Doing On Facebook

As you know, Facebook is THE no 1 social media site around and not only this but it is also one of the best small business marketing resources there is. That’s right, Facebook is one of the best ways to get people interested in buying your products and services and once you have happy customers, they share this around their community of friends via recommendations.

Simple Strategies to Market Your Business Online

Are you looking to market your business online? Do you desire to increase the amount of revenue that you earn and know that this can be achieved through using an online approach? The Internet is a vast wealth of information and an incredible resource for you to increase your business.

Power of Twitter – Squeeze Page Traffic Redefined

We’ve all heard of Twitter, the powerful social networking tool. Here’s how to make it work for you.

People Are Honest Online – Honestly!

People are more honest online than they are in the real world. New research compares online profiles on LinkedIn with printed resumes.

The Benefits of Creating a Facebook Fan Page and a LinkedIn Group

Although Facebook was originally designed by college students to connect with one another and to socialize on the web, it didn’t take long for businesses to catch on to the idea that they could also socialize and connect with other people and potential customers via the web. In the beginning, there wasn’t such a thing as a Facebook Fan Page specifically for a business to promote their product or service, but now that there is, you probably should have one.

Using Squidoo and Hubpages – New Frontiers in Social Networking

The internet is a place with many different corners and gateways. Here are a few social networking sites you can’t market without.

Has Pinterest Got You Pinned?

In this every changing world of social media, we are always in search of the next big thing. A few months ago a friend told me to join an app called Pinterest on my phone. I immediately accepted the invitation and it sat on my phone for months, untouched. I have no idea what possessed me to revisit the app, probably someone else mentioning the site, but that was the end. I was hooked, along with millions of other users, the majority of them women.

Be Local, Be Social and Go Mobile! Your Business Will Grow – Find Out How

You’ve heard it said and it’s what you’ve read, “Mobile is the future”. What does this mean for your business? It means you’ve got to get onboard and take advantage of the opportunities offered by mobile technology.

Has Google Finally Got Social Networking Right?

After many false starts and broken dreams, it looks as if Google has got a foothold in the social networking sector at long last. The rise of Facebook and Twitter has demonstrated the power of networking systems and Google desperately needed to have not just a part of that but to be a major player too. With Google+ it seems that it has hit upon a winning formula although there are still issues which could put a brake on the whole project.

5 Facebook Tips For Business

Businesses of any scale are now strategizing their approach towards using the strengths of Facebook in driving site traffic towards their respective pages. However, because of the grand scale that has to be dealt with, there is reason for businesses to get intimidated, causing a momentary standstill while weighing options. Below is a helpful list that will guide you through the basics so you can maximize your Facebook experience.

How to Be Successful With Social Networking

As you probably already know, Social Networking has become a worldwide phenomenon but believe it or not, Social Networking isn’t exactly what you think. Social Networking isn’t just the mainstream websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Rather, it can be defined as any community gathering place including the mainstream sites, but also forums, blogs, and even the social networks of certain businesses.

Promote Your Spa Using Social Networking

Do you need some new customers for your spa? Maybe it is time for a new marketing and promotional campaign. As a spa owner one of the best marketing platforms you can use is social networking. For literally no cost, you can market and promote your spa and its services on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These types of places are effective in reaching millions of users, and giving you a chance to interact with new and existing clients. You can make an online presence while making relationships with new clients and other owners in your business. This allows you to share industry concerns, share ideas, and discuss different ways owners find new business.

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