Q&A Session (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – Nov. 24th 2020)

Marketing, in general, is a marathon, not a sprint. Watch and learn from Mitch Aunger, our UpViral expert, as he answers burning questions from our inquisitive members! 🔥

In this episode, Mitch Aunger discussed and answered queries about…
1. The best source to find traffic
2. The best prize you can offer
3. Other Ideas for prizes and offers
4. What you can do with UpViral
5. Running a contest in a 3-month period- possible?
6. Lead magnet with a tripwire offer on the share page
7. A campaign Mitch worked on
and more!
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Why Executing Choice On the Social Media Systems Is the Smartest Thing Anyone Can Do

Choice is the key to privacy on the internet. Choice is what guides the social network’s ability to advertise to the user. Therefore, exercising choice is the best choice for a person to develop their ability to have privacy on the social networks.

Why Everyone Should Begin to Learn How to Manage Their Own Social Media Privacy

Social privacy is a major issue everyone has to content with now and in the future A person’s social profile is a key area where a person must be careful about what and who they share information with on the platforms. A user must rely on their own ability to manage their privacy because the social platforms will not do it for them and neither will their respective work places.

Why Every Business Needs To Have A Social Networking Campaign

Every business needs to pay attention to social media or risk losing their clients and customers to businesses that do have profiles. Social networking is no longer a buzz word, it is a necessary duty inside of marketing that must be carried out on a day to day basis.

Why Every Business Needs To Be Active In Social Networking

Social media is no longer an area of marketing that any business can ignore. Every business must now compete in the social spaces or find themselves at a severe disadvantage against their competitors.

Why Every Business Should Attach Quantifiable Goals to Their Social Networking Efforts

Quantifying social media work is not an easy thing to do, however, it is imperative to the mission of the business. Quantification of any job makes the job much easier to track and objectively assess. Therefore, quantification of social media is a necessary action.

Why Every Post and Update on the Social Media Systems Should Be Custom Made for the Users

The best way to engage a social networking audience is to speak to them in the same way they speak to themselves. Therefore, a business or individual must custom tailor their messages to each specific market differently every single time.

What Are You Missing in Your Online Business?

Get advice and support in running your online business. All the tools you need and all the networking skills you would like can be found in one location and FREE.

Using Facebook’s Targeting Features for Your Business

Facebook recently rolled out the new targeting features for posts, which will make a huge difference in the way businesses reach out to their audience. Instead of broad postings to all of your followers, you can now sharpen the focus of each post in order to fit with only a select portion of your fans.

Youths And Social Networking

The world is undergoing a rapid growth in technological advancement and information dissemination is now easier and faster through the use of the internet. Social networking involves linking specific individuals or organizations together to share common interests which could involve politics, career, academics, religion, hobbies etc; it is now one of the most popular tools used to communicate all around the world with the creation of so many of these social networking websites accessible universally such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netlog, My Space, Badoo, Bebo and so on.

Why Entertainment Companies Gravitate to Social Networking

Entertainment companies gravitate to social media as a marketing outlet. The truth is that they might also be the most effective at using the medium because they have a built in audience to which they can communicate. Therefore, entertainment companies can get a lot of mileage out of marketing with social media.

Why Controlling the Points of Contact in Social Media Campaigns Is So Important

Many people think that social media is a way to have access to a business 24 7. The feeling is not unwarranted, however, it is not a license for people to attack the business on all fronts. A business must control the access points in their social media campaigns so that they can be effective at helping clients and customers while keeping attacks on integrity at a minimum.

Why An Investment in Social Media Privacy Always Pays Off

Social media privacy is the number one asset when using the internet to promote a business. The truth of the situation is that every social media outlet is trying to use your information to make money. Therefore, your ability to avoid giving them your information will be your number one skill on the internet.

Why A Social Networking Campaign For Business Can Be Worth Every Penny

A good social media campaign is worth its weight in gold and more. A good program is the secret to generating clients and customers in a predictable way that allows the business owner to have an income stream that is cheap and effective.

Why a Social Network Is Only Worth the Privacy a Person Can Have On Their Network

Social media is only useful to the point that the user has privacy. If the user does not have any privacy, then they will not able to make money in a way that is safe. Therefore, it is smart for a person to use social media with an eye for privacy.

5 Ways to Manage Your Google+ Community

Google+ can play an essential role in your social media strategy, but if you are not managing it properly then you will not see the results you hope for. The time and energy you put into sites like Facebook and Twitter should also be divided into your Google+ community if you expect to have any success with it.

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