Q&A Session (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – August 18th 2020)

Mitch Aunger, our UpViral Expert, is here to answer members’ queries in this second QnA session of our Co-Pilot episode!

In this episode, Mitch Aunger discussed and answered queries related to:
1. How to run a great campaign
2. Running a silent auction for a charity organization
3. Other examples that are not giveaways (Other ways to use UpViral)
4. Can you run a campaign for a life coach?
5. Regarding email lists
6. Ideas for a prize challenge
7. Do customers trust giveaways?
8. Example of Giveaways
9. More advice and tips for campaigns and prizes
10. How do you make money from leads?

and more!
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How to Get Your Fans More Involved On Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has fast become one of the most popular social networking sites providing businesses with the chance to connect with and communicate with their customers. There is hardly a business in existence that doesn’t have a Facebook fan page, but simply having that page isn’t enough.

The Importance of Online Reputation for Beauty and Barber Professionals

Your online reputation is everything today. In fact, it can essentially make or break your business. Once upon a time, potential customers relied solely on word of mouth from friends and family. Now with a couple minutes spent on the Internet, your clients–new and existing–can make a quick judgment about you and your business based on a Google search.

Social Networking

The social network has actually been around since the beginning of man. Since we are all such deeply social creatures, we all seem to have a primal need to know what everyone else is up to. Busy bodies, we are, really.

Is An All Knowing God Going to Be Replaced By Facebook or the Next Generation of Social Networks?

What do you tell your very young kids as it nears the holidays; “be good or Santa will not bring you any toys,” and it works well enough for a while until which times they call you on it, and then the cat is out of the bad and that little child management technique is gone forever, oh well. In society, for as long as there has been a written record various leaders have used religion to contain bad behavior and promote stability in the village, region, country, nation or continent.

What Happens In Vegas Stays On Facebook!

What’s that famous line in Las Vegas, the one that has been used on all the advertising and marketing for the city? “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!” Yes, that was the one I was thinking of thanks for reminding me.

Facebook Targeting by Age and Gender

Online advertising is, generally speaking, pretty bad at gender-targeting. It’s rare in online advertising or search marketing to have the option to target by gender – Some keyword tools have, in the past, attempted to predict gender based on keyword choices, but this was always sketchy at best.

How to Create a Timeline Page on Facebook

With the age of technology many people have the technology they crave at the tip of their fingers. There are smartphones and tablets that allow people to connect with each other even on the go. With all of the technology at peoples figure tips they feel the need to share their lives with their loved ones and friends. The way many people complete this task is through Facebook. Recently Facebook has decided to implement a thing called a timeline. There are very simple steps to be taken to create a timeline.

How to Market on Social Networking Sites

Twitter, You Tube and certainly Facebook are just few of those social networking sites used by online marketers to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level to their customers. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social network marketing occurs.

Business Vs Personal? Hellooooooo?

In Facebook there are very big differences between business and personal pages. A client didn’t want to fuss with two pages – until she found out that having one over the other actually allowed her to really build her business brand.

How Do You Advertise on Facebook?

If you choose Facebook to advertise your product, you have made the right choice. Probably the best decision you ever made in doing online business is advertising in this particular social networking site.

Why Go on Facebook to Advertise?

In this fast paced economy, advertisements have changed vigorously in a higher level. It has become an ongoing emerging source that tends to expand more and more. Conventional ways of advertising have been left behind and only few businesses are engaging on it.

Social Networking Versus Driving Traffic

Regular posting on social networking sites may not endear you to your friends or drive traffic to your site if they are not looking to use your services right now. Know the difference between posting comments and advertising.

Facebook Timeline and Its Most Appreciated Feature – Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Timeline is the most recent item introduced on the social network. Its most talked-about feature is Facebook Cover Photos, a tool meant to make a profile more attractive and personalized.

Making Your Facebook Business Page Secure

Facebook is now requiring business pages to have an SSL certificate. Learn more about what SSL certificates are and how to set one up.

The Search for Leaders in the Era of Social Networks

It has become a common misconception that the advent of Social Networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook has eliminated or reduced the need for professional Executive Search services. We believe that, far from this, Social Networks and Cloud Computing are tools that a modern search firm needs to exploit fully to provide optimum service to their Clients. Staying on top of technology is the only way that the vast pools of information that the Internet and Social Networks provide can be rendered coherent and useful in the search for leadership candidates.

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