Q&A Session and Campaign Reviews (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – Feb. 16th 2021)

Watch this great Q&A session and Campaign Reviews with our UpViral expert, Mitch Aunger!

1. What does the fraudulent algorithm track?
2. How to automatically deactivate fraudulent leads inside UpViral
3. How do you do an email blast to give an update to everyone who has entered a contest?
4. How UpViral email notifications work
5. Websites to submit and promote online contests
6. Campaign Reviews
– Landing Page
– Share page
– Social Sharing Image
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Problems With Social Media Networking For Business: Part Two

The following two-part article is on social media for business owners. It explains essential preparations needed before expecting to manage successful social media-based marketing for your business. It goes beyond basic understanding on why business owners need social media to share HOW to begin implementing it.

5 Incredible Tips on Creating Powerful and Engaging YouTube Videos

It’s not too hard to get a person’s attention online. But keeping their attention is different. When you post YouTube videos for your business, you can get people to click and start watching without much effort. However, if your videos are not engaging then you won’t hold the viewer’s attention for long. The longer a person watches your videos, the higher the video ranking will be. This is why it is important for you to create more engaging videos.

5 Tips to Get Huge Traffic To Squidoo

So you have at last written that article… But no article is complete without visitors. Get unbelievably large amount of traffic and visitors to Squidoo with these sure shot tips.

Google Grader

The Google Grader app is easy to use and provides excellent analytical data for growing your personal brand. Not only does it help people keep track of where they stand on Google, they can also invite friends, and by doing so they’re helping them become aware that what shows up in Google is important. Being someone that has their finger on the pulse of the newest tools for monitoring and improving your online brand is in and of itself a benefit to your own brand. Beyond that, if people aren’t happy with their scores, the app makes them aware that they can improve their Google results by using BrandYourself’s core product.

Securing Tweet Apps With OAuth

Twitter is beefing up its security. Recently, it has introduced the OAuth. This program makes the whole process significantly safer by providing users with a new security protocol.

Sure There Are Lots of Local Social Media Consultants for Small Business – So What?

Every time I turn around, I find that I end up on business lists. These are lists of business people and they are used by marketers to sell products and services. One of the most common e-mails I get, of all my unsolicited junk mail are those from social media consultants. These are folks that promise to help you get more friends on your Facebook company page, or help you market to all of the members of all of the social networks. Well, since everyone is into this new way of doing business, I’d like to talk about it weren’t moment if I might.

8 Questions to Ask Before You Set Up Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest has rapidly grown into a social media must-have for most businesses. People are spending more and more time “pinning” images from around the web of products that they love or want. This is leading to a lot of potential sales for businesses.

Why Your LinkedIn Endorsements Are Not Fruitful?

LinkedIn is the top professional social network which helps us to develop professional relations in our industries. In this regard, the social networking site offers various tools to build your professional profiles and also help gain recommendations for your expertise. However these endorsements are mostly fake or lack credibility. This article talks about how these recommendations and endorsements are not worthy in promoting your skills.

Are Our Kids Safe Using Social Media?

Let’s think about this for a moment… I was invited to talk on Radio Cumbria this week to discuss where things had gone wrong for Paris Brown and what we could do, if anything, to keep our children safe when using social platforms.

Everything Has a Shelf Life!

“I have come to the realization that whatever it is you’re working on now, plan for the future, everything has a shelf life!” That’s a statement alright… I had this thought as I was looking through an old diary from 2007 and some of the things I had written down as great ideas clearly weren’t I hope you keep your diaries or notebooks they’re a great source of inspiration.

Are Niche Social Media Sites Chipping Away at Facebook?

Is Facebook too big to fail? Or will niche social media sites prove to be the way of the future?

What Is Google+?

Google+ is Google’s latest attempt to create a Social Networking Platform (SNP). It was created to rival Facebook and topple it from its throne by making every existing Google product socially compatible.

How to Create a Phenomenal Website

Have you ever wanted to create a website that people just couldn’t stay away from? We all want that one phenomenal website that is exciting, informative, and everybody is talking about. Do you want it to be yours?

Facebook In Your Face With Their New Home App

Is Facebook new Android Application “Home” going to far? I think users will start to feel the intrusion that Facebook is creating with this new application and might just drive users away from using Facebook.

Do You Know the Right Way to Hold a Successful Twitter Contest?

For most businesses, the goal of a Twitter contest is to boost the number of targeted followers. Having targeted follower’s means that you have a group of people who are spreading the word about your services and products for free. If you have people who do not work for your brand out there who are saying positive things about you, then you are given more credibility. That means more people will be coming to you to have their needs met.

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