One Step that Makes or Breaks Your UpViral Campaigns (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – August 11th 2020)

What do you think is the most important part of your campaign? Watch as Mark and Mitch give us another awesome knowledge-filled episode. Discover this One Step that makes or breaks your UpViral Campaign!

1. Social Sharing Message
2. The Golden Aspect of UpViral
3. Social Appearance
4. About Image Sizes & Templates
5. Creating Sample Designs on Canva
6. Reviewing Sample Campaign Image Designs (26:55)
7. Challenge! (47:40)
8. QnA (49:20)
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Are Christians in Denial that Social Online Networks Are Undermining Their Religion?

The other day, I brought up a philosophical argument with a Christian fellow at the local Starbucks. He had his Bible in tow, sipping on his Frappachino, and was reading a few verses to himself I guess. We got to talking and it turns out he is heavily involved in his church’s youth program, and he comes from a very devout family.

No Leads From Facebook? Some Quick Tips to Get You Started

Most network marketers are using Facebook the wrong way to build their business. Getting leads from Facebook isn’t that hard. You just need to know where to start.

What Are Facebook Covers and How Can You Use Them?

Let’s try and understand better what the concept of Facebook Covers means for us, the daily Facebook users. The announcement about the implementation of the new Facebook Wall feature came with a few explanations, but I will explain how you can make the most of it.

Social Media Marketing Plans: Some Of The Most Effective Strategies

The most reputable service providers develop the best social media marketing plans. Not just that, they also implement them in the best possible way that ensures successful outcome. Thus, a company is sure to benefit from these strategies.

Is the Concept of Heaven Really Just a Beautiful, Boring, and Pristine Version of Hell?

Now then, personally, the concept of heaven purported by religions around the world doesn’t appeal to me much at all, I’d much rather live forever here on Earth and just make it a little nicer. And to that point, I bet this next generation of hyper entertained, social networking, text messaging teens wouldn’t like heaven much either. Why you ask, well, it just sounds a little too boring for me, and mind you, I’m a baby-boomer, so I wonder what the X’ers would think if we locked them in a white-rubber room or parked their life in a cloud prison…

Social Partnerships for Business Growth

Partnerships have become a fairly common practice in the business sector. Evidence of such type of mergers ranges from individual entrepreneurs to large Fortune 500 companies. Social media has contributed immensely in promoting and increasing the practice of such alliances. For companies, partnerships mean growth opportunity, especially for business to consumer relationships.

Facebook Cover Photos – Three Essential Things Every User Should Know

The Facebook Cover Photos, just like blog headers, are meant to grab the attention of the users that visit a Facebook profile. If the cover is unique and personalized, anyone who views a person’s page will certainly learn more about him/her, or at least about that person’s tastes.

How to Find Your Old Best Friend

With most of us becoming increasingly busy, moving homes and other factors, losing touch with people you care about is easy but luckily it is easier than ever to find them again! It could be that you were completely engrossed with your new found love, or you were at University or got a new job in a different part of UK, which kept you away from your beloved ones, until you eventually lost touch completely.

Social Media Profile Pictures Are More Important Than Your Text

Profile pictures on social media profiles are the main determinant of whether or not someone will follow you. Research shows that people judge you instantly from your profile picture.

Understanding the Basics of Google+

You may have heard people speaking about Google+. It is in direct competition with Facebook and should not be taken lightly. There are many similarities between the two; however, Google+ has some features that you won’t find on Facebook.

Accepting the Right LinkedIn Connections

When it comes to social media, quality versus quantity must be considered. This certainly applies to LinkedIn as well. Considering that you use LinkedIn for business, you want to ensure that the quality of your connections is above reproach.

The New Facebook Timeline – What’s It All About?

If you are an avid user of Facebook, you will definitely encounter the new Facebook timeline on your profile. It would chronologically organize your profile content in a timeline wherein your activities shall be tracked from your first time to post in Facebook until the recent post you did.

Facebook Cover Photos – The New Way of Sharing More Content on Facebook

As the name implies, Facebook has a history of service based on sharing pictures and information, and it now comes with a new feature: timeline cover photos. Serving as a world-wide database for content/information sharing and online interaction, Facebook has risen to a top web corporation in what analysts call the steepest rise in decades. Although other web sites were serving to the same needs as Facebook, their user database and coverage was nowhere near sufficient.

Even If You Are Not a Member of Social Networks – They Are Collecting Information On You

There are many of us that are not interested in social networks, as we find them quite petty and are an adverse distraction to our daily lives. In other words, we think they are a waste of time. Further, there are those who have come to the realization that these social networks are dastardly challenging to our personal privacy online.

5 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

This should be a simple procedure; however, there seems to be glitch in Facebook where this may not automatically populate for some users. If you find this is the case, please follow the 4 steps in my previous post to work around this situation.

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