New Updates Inside UpViral (Upviral Co-Pilot Session – September 22nd 2020)

Watch and learn as Mitch, our UpViral expert, and Ben, our product manager, discuss the new updates inside UpViral!

1. The Main Dashboard
– More actionable information
– Top 3 traffic sources
– Total e-mail count
2. Overview of the Changes
3. Traffic by Source
4. Actions
5. Leads
6. Notifications
7. Lead Health (quality of leads)
8. QnA (27:40)
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Facebook to Give Your Business a Boost

Using Facebook to promote your business is one of the greatest ways to let people know about your services and products. However, there are quite a few things that you need to know in order to be successful at it.

Facebook Boosts Businesses in an Unusual Way

Facebook could actually improve business productivity. But it depends on your choice of staff in the first place.

Achieving Influencer Status Online

There is much talk about finding online influencers who can help you to advance your business through your online interactions. On the other side, there are ways that you can become an online influencer also so that others can benefit.

The Three Social Networks You MUST Be a Part of If You Own a Website or Online Business

Social networking has several benefits when it comes to advertising and branding your business. Discover some of these benefits, and learn which of the social networking sites are the top three that your business must participate in.

Tips for Social Network Marketing

Many small to medium businesses attempt to market their brand via social media, but without proper guidance they miss the mark and wind up frustrated. Here are some valuable tips for pursuing a social media marketing strategy that works.

Effective Post Ideas For A Business Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you have a new client, this can be big news. It is an indication that your business is growing and remaining successful. What’s more, it shows that there are people who want to work with you. If you were to post information on getting a new client it can make others feel that your business is a safe and solid proposition.

How Far Do You Reach With Facebook?

As a social media strategist, I manage a fair number of Facebook pages for clients. Much of my day involves growing each presence and researching methods for increasing followers and subscriptions, and crafting quality content that encourages fans to share that information. As social networks evolve, not just Facebook, they tend to change the rules and in turn makes jobs like mine more interesting and challenging. Recently, Facebook has allows page administrators to see real-time results of their actions in the form of “reach” statistics per status update.

What Is So Astonishing About WD-40?

Discover how the amazing WD-40 Company has become 21st century with a social media community presence. Get tips how you can do the same.

Are Social Networks Beneath Your Dignity? You Are Not Alone

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance at Starbucks and I made a statement that I do not participate on social networks like Facebook. He said he did not either, kind of shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes. Indeed, if this is how you feel about it as well, I assure you, you are not alone in assuming that the social networks are beneath your dignity – they probably are.

Facebook – How To Delete Photos – 2012 Edition

Facebook changes their layout and structure continuously. They call it ‘updates’. This keeps us fit and flexible but also means that we always spend time looking for the things we just started to get used to. It also means that as soon as you have finally understood how it works, it has just changed. After my previous article answering this question I had feedback that it did not work anymore, so here is an updated version.

Comment Marketing: What You’ve Been Doing All Along Now Has A Name!

One of the best traffic sources is to comment on someone else’s blog, when that blog is on a relevant, related topic. It may sound counter-intuitive to raise up our competition but oddly enough it makes us look more authoritative when we do. There are several advantages to being strategic about how you comment and this article will delve deeper into each one.

Pinterest Invitations Within 24 Hours Using 3 Simple Steps

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks of 2012. With these 3 easy steps, you can get Pinterest invitations in less than 24 hours.

Personal Branding Basics

Social networking has given a growth to personal branding ten years after it was first mentioned by Tom Peter. Although, the concept of personal branding was first introduced in 1937, it was not taken seriously. However, the phenomenal growth of the internet and more recently that of social networks has made everyone think about personal branding.

Should Internet Marketers Use Facebook and YouTube?

Facebook has just showed off some very large stats as part of its recent initial public offering (IPO) filing. YouTube has recently grown by 25% in the last eight months alone. Can you really afford to ignore them?

Social Networking Makes Everyone A Better Marketer

To make the most of any social network, you need to learn how it works. That shift in perspective can make us all better at presenting our story in an alternative and compelling way. Here are the top down ways each network has improved our ability to sharpen, amplify, illustrate the solutions our products and service provide.

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