Michael Winter’s Special Interview (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – Jan. 19, 2021)

We have an awesome guest in this episode of our Co-Pilot Show! Watch Mitch and Mark as they interview Michael Winter about how he used the $1 UpViraltrial to go from 0 to 3,149 leads in less than a week!

Why UpViral? (2:55)
Michael’s Presentation (7:00)
The Elements of the Giveaway (10:50)
The incentives for the sharer / Referral Prize (16:20)
Celebrate and Occasion (17:50)
About the landing page (18:30)
Sharing Page (21:50)
Promotion (26:30)
Facebook Tips (29:20)
Cleaning Your Email List (32:20)
The Campaign Set-Up (37:00)
The Overall spend (40:12)
Looking at the Results (40:54)
Breakdown of the Leads (42:25)
Email Tips (44:20)
Why Michael thinks it works (45:36)
What Michael wants to do differently next time (48:52)

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How To Be A Success At Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a popular choice for getting word out about your business. There are millions of potential customers lurking on social media websites and it is the perfect chance for gaining a wider customer base.

Writing Effective LinkedIn Headlines

Many people now understand that LinkedIn is an important social media tool for business. There are many different elements that make up your profile. One of those elements that is critical and often disregarded is the headline.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Business With These Essential Tools

Facebook offers a multitude of tools that will help your business excel such as Social Ads, Pages, Beacon, Insights, Platform, and Polls. These tools are there to assist you in building your brand on your Facbook Page while attracting visitors and future clients. It’s wise to start by learning all about these tools. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. In this article you’ll learn how this all ties together which will show you how essential these tools are to run a successful Facebook business. You can learn additional information about these tools by going to the business section at Facebook.com.

Unfriending Is Not a Good Idea

Unfriending has real world consequences. Far better to consider whether people should be friends in the first place it seems.

Personal Branding – The Power Of You! A Personal Visibility Resource

Just because you have a LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean your personal branding efforts are complete, however, you’re off to a great start! A great start because of LinkedIn’s membership base (approximately 200 million), visibility, ease-of-use and maybe the most important reason: the embedded search features which allow for a myriad of ways for YOU to be found (or discovered). Having a completed profile and professional headshot on LinkedIn is a giant step toward communicating your brand.

Socializing Becomes Easier With the Advent of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have become a trend in today’s life. A person who is not active on any social networking site is said to be old fashioned and not in sync with today’s world. People share their lives, achievements and even failures on these sites. In fact, these have become a window to one’s access to the outside world.

Innovative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

As you are probably aware, Twitter is a very powerful social media tool for business. If you feel that Twitter was working but isn’t anymore, you can refresh how you use it with new and innovative ideas and tips.

How To Sell Yourself on Facebook

This article will point out the right way to market yourself on Facebook. I have noticed far too simple mistakes most online marketers make and I made this article to hopefully help right the wrongs.

How to Get LinkedIn Working for You

The most basic principle of LinkedIn.com is to allow professionals to connect – so that they can do business. You don’t have to be ‘social media expert’ to benefit from this mainly free tool. I’ve prepared some easy tips to help you get benefit from LinkedIn’s many features.

5 Ways to Utilize Pinterest to Network and Promote Your Business

Pinterest was essentially a site for women to share images of products and projects. This site has overtime become one of the most active social networks online and that makes it a perfect spot for you to promote your business. You can be creative and visually share your ideas here and earn a profit.

The 10 Rules of Social Networking

Along with the benefits of social networking come responsibilities. There are accepted rules and actions necessary for effective social networking. These rules and actions will define your conduct. Your conduct will be the deciding factor as to whether or not your social networking skills will be successful.

9 Steps To A Writing A Book

Getting yourself into the write position. Using Your Book to Elevate Your Brand, Position and Platform.

The CIA Should Have Potential Individual Agents Create Fake Identities in Junior High School

In the age of social media, becoming an international spy just got a lot tougher. Believe it or not it is very difficult to give someone an alteration or facial cosmetic surgery to fool a facial recognition scanning machine. You see, it measures the distance between the eyes, nose, teeth, ears, etc. and it is rather difficult to fool a machine in those distances. Each individual is somewhat unique in that regard, even in cultures where everyone is pretty much homogeneous and looks the same.

Make Your Business a Social Business for 2013

2013 is the year that your media and marketing changes forever. You need to get social. You need to create awesome experiences and creative things that get people finding, visiting, clicking, liking, following, sharing, tweeting and most importantly… talking.

Facebook Graph Search: Hitting The Right Note

Facebook search differs from other searches in the domain as being a social search it containsΒ heapsΒ of information. This social information is available in the form of Likes, Shares and Comments. This search tool has been launched to ensure that data available with Facebook is enough and users have no reason to move outside to collect the relevant information.

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