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Funny Ads In a Social Network Site Provide The Best Viral Marketing For Your Business

It’s said that laughter is the best medicine. But laughter doesn’t always have to be medicine. Sometimes it can be something that comes out of nowhere and completely brightens a person’s day.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! How Twitter Can Boost Your Business

“Tweeting”, once an unknown concept is now considered normal speech used in day to day language mainly amongst teenagers in school but this term has now invaded the business world and is taking it by storm. Don’t assume that Twitter is only for kids that find the need to discuss their every move with their peers, talk about their love life, teachers and parents. This is a mistake the majority make as there is more to this valuable tool than meets the eye. So what exactly is Twitter?

I Tweet Therefore I Am

Social Media continues to make a splash in Marketing. Twitter gives people (or marketers) access to meet people they may not have had access to otherwise. Twitter can help people do great things. Sometimes it’s that huge protest in Egypt, sometimes it’s as ephemeral as reading celebrity Tweets. Most of all it is a place to begin relationships with lots of people who just might someday become friends for no reason at all, except that they like you!

5 Simple Steps To Organizing Your Social Networking

Social media is online conversation. It’s the ‘new word of mouth’ – Conversations that were previously happening offline are now happening online in ‘viral ecosystem’ type communities. Viral is the keyword here as if a topic is provocative/ interesting enough it can spread online like gossip in a small town – this is what we call Digital Interaction. You’ve probably all heard of Twitter, Facebook, Linked IN, Flickr, YouTube etc right, and if not… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? On social terms these communities allow us to interact with friends, catch up on the latest news, see whose flying high, who really isn’t and generally have fun interacting online. In marketing terms, these are all potential goldmines

So You Have A Facebook Page, What Now? 6 Tips To Point You In The Right Direction

Setting up a Facebook Page is not difficult. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, especially if Facebook is new to you. But if you use the internet regularly it likely won’t take you long to figure it out. And for most small businesses an intentional Facebook strategy, well executed, offers significant opportunities over time.

Being Social Online and Off: There’s Facebook and There’s Face-To-Face Networking

While online social networking continues to grow in popularity, and worthwhile for many reasons, I say it’s still important to remember the good old tradition of offline social networking. Yes, that’s right – meeting people face-to-face, in person! Before the Internet age, many business people relied on getting out of the office to professional meetings to network, greet fellow colleagues and build relationships. This article discusses the benefits.

How To Use Facebook and Twitter To Promote Your Blog

If you’re someone that signs into your Facebook or Twitter account at least twice a day then it’s safe to say that you’re addicted to social networking. Now while I won’t go as far as saying that you’re a straight up social networking junkie like me (I’ve gotta have it & can’t live without it!)

Facebook Marketing – Professionals Don’t SPAM Your Facebook Page

If you’re trying to market your products on Facebook, you need to know what not to do. Read this.

Should You Follow Everyone That Follows You – The Myth of Reciprocity

  Most people and brands that use social network profiles feel that a lot of friends, fans and followers should followed each other, in an almost perfect reciprocity and interactivity. This ideal dynamic of reciprocity is not so with everyone, both in personal profiles as well as in professional and social life of brands. Sometimes it is difficult to determine at first glance which followers deserve to be followed.

Why Google Plus Is Not As Good As Facebook

As the forthright nature of this title suggests, Google has a long way to go if they’re going to catch up to Facebook. You’ve got to give them the handicap of getting into this game well after Facebook asserted itself as the number one game in town, but right off the bat here are 4 things which just don’t or won’t do it for most people…

Your Business and Google+

There are many features in Google+ that business can use to help communicate to their employees or even to allow coworkers to contact each other. One feature is called a Hangout. This shows that a user is “hanging out” and when others click on the link, they can talk to that person via webcam.

Facebook Tremendous Users

Facebook is a recent development that has the Internet still at the edge of its seat due to its popularity with people. This is mainly because it is really for people. Bringing every kind of social cluster mutually in one place and letting them interact is really a big thing indeed.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

There are lots social networks out there, some of which are worth your time and some of which probably aren’t. There are social networks mostly dedicated to friends/entertainment, and then there is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network which puts the emphasis on making and maintaining professional connections as opposed to social friends. Here is how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Social Networking Sites and Their Derived Advantage for Internet Marketing

This article discusses the advantages of social networking sites for internet marketing. It lists a few disadvantages too and leaves readers to decide the best strategy for their business.

The Pros and Cons of Letting Children Use Social Networking Sites

Can we balance the harm and the good that social networking sites present to our children? Or will they always produce more harm than good? Before parents got to examine the question, the kids were already deeply entrenched in social networking.

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