Live Interview with Gisele Rebel – Co Pilot Show_(June 22nd 2021)

0:00 Intro
7:00 Gisele’s Introduction
11:00 Why UpViral ?
15:00 Are there any strategies used before UpViral?
16:00 The length of the campaign
21:00 The Results and Gisele’s Tips
27:50 Another Gold Nugget
33:20 The Campaign
– The Opt-In Page
– The Share Page”
53:00 QnA

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How To Succeed With Social Media Marketing

Believe it or not you can use social media networking sites for marketing. Social media marketing can help you increase traffic to your website and change the way that your visitors use your site. Social media marketing can also help you increase and improve communications with your clients.

What Is Social Networking and Why Does My Business Need To Be Part of This?

It’s simple… because your competition is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It might have been only three years ago you asked the same questions, “Why do I need a web site?” and now you have a web site and are expanding your business.Social networking is a way that offers your vendors and customers to stay in consistent contact with you and your business. Even if you don’t update you business Facebook daily, it could make a major difference if you only update it on a weekly basis.

How to Increase Your Number of Friends on Facebook

Friends are what make Facebook social networking special. Follow these tips to increase the number of quality friends in your network.

Social Networking: The Best of Both Worlds

Social Networking through popular sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social Networking through live face interaction. Only by doing both can you get the best of both worlds and most success for your business.

Small Businesses Owners – Do You Make These Mistakes on Facebook?

Facebook can bring you a lot of attention to your business, but if you don’t handle it properly, it can mean disaster to your business’s image. To prevent this, you will want to make sure you avoid some common mistakes that business owners make with their Facebook page.

PeopleString Review 2011 – What Is PeopleString?

What is PeopleString? PeopleString is a social networking site founded in February 2009 marketing what was then a revolutionary and fun way of earning money by doing what you already do – email, socializing on Facebook, & playing games. While sign up is still 100% free; PeopleString has been unable to generate the anticipated enthusiasm among the internet community.

The Power of a Custom Facebook Fan Page

Social Media has taken the front seat in Internet Marketing. Social networking sites like Facebook are turning out to be extremely successful in promoting businesses online. Learn how you can create your own Facebook fan page and enhance your online presence.

LinkedIn’s Latest Update

The largest professional social network on the Internet just got a little more social. LinkedIn introduces a new company page feature: company status updates.

Job Search: Facebook Vs LinkedIn

Job searches are now mostly done online and rarely do people apply in person anymore. Major job search websites such as or have less impact as social media has transitioned into becoming the front runner for online recruiting. Recruiters are now heavily relying on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to locate qualified candidates based on their skills and connections. Since about half of the US population is active in social media, it makes sense that they would be used not only for personal uses, but also for professional ones as well.

5 Need to Know LinkedIn Tricks

Recently I’ve been writing more and more about LinkedIn. It is seriously a great website/social media channel to engage and expand your network.

How Social Network Brings More Harm Than Good

Social networking has been looked at by many professionals as a blessing. They see each new friend or follower as a potential customer. But too often they let their efforts stop with that initial connection.

Five Social Networking Rules

The initial anonymity (that is not a sea urchin) that comes with online websites can bring out some bad behaviors, and we want to use our powers for good! The use of social networking rules creates an environment that makes it easier for individuals to participate in lively debate, form fast friendships, business partnerships, gather useful ideas and add value to the lives of others. If you’re trying to create a brand through social networking, lively, respectful debate is crucial.

Facebook Applications – A Path to Financial Nirvana

With the popularity of Facebook, businesses are having a field day with new and innovative ways to promote their products and reach out to their customers. In this regard, Facebook applications have played a vital role in bringing customers and businesses closer with their interactive and engaging features that enable both the parties to gather on one platform without any problem. Along with this, Facebook applications have also surfaced as the most sustainable resources of generating profits online.

A Guide to Facebook Application Feasibility

Since its launch, Facebook has become the most used social platform. While people all over the world are using it to connect socially with their friends and family; businesses are using this social medium to get closer to their target market and customers and to bridge the gap in between by just being a click away. Facebook applications have presented businesses a feasible solution for better prospects.

TagVillage: A New Way to Make Money Online

A lot of people are asking what is TagVillage and how can they earn money from it. This website is becoming more and more popular in the online communities.

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