Live Campaign Reviews (Co-Pilot Show – April 13th 2021)

Watch and enjoy as Mitch Aunger, our UpViral Expert reviewed several campaigns!

1. UpViral campaign for contests
2. Q&A
3. 1st Campaign Review 0:36:18
4. 2nd Campaign Review 1:02:17
5. 3rd Campaign Review 1:27:06
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A Quick Primer: 3 Baby Steps You Can Take to Place Your Business Online

3 simplest baby steps you can take into the digital arena. Using a website, Twitter and Google+.

How to Deal With Negative Comments on Facebook

Facebook is arguably the most popular social network site in the world. It is a unique communication platform which transcends age differences, geographical boundaries, religious doctrines and gender biases. Research indicates that every single minute, at least 500 000 comments are posted on Facebook.

Shareable Content With Active Participation Needed to Achieve Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Majority of marketers today consider social media as the one of the most powerful tools to improve brand reputation. Successful social media marketing depends on having shareable content as well as being socially active.

Is Instagram a Fad?

Instagram is the latest social networking site to be up on the internet. The question is: is it a fad? And the answer: Heck no. Instagram, like Facebook, is the product of a lot of work, a lot of thought, and a lot of investment. In an article Behind Instagram Success, Networking the Old Way, in the New York Times by Somini Sengupta, Nicole Perlroth, and Jenna Wortham, who write. The extraordinary success of Instagram is a tale about the culture of the Bay Area tech scene, driven by a tightly woven web of entrepreneurs and investors who nurture one another projects with money, advice and introductions to the right people.

The Importance of Your Twitter Profile Photo

Twitter can be an extremely lucrative and effective social media tool for your business, if you leverage it correctly. It goes without saying that your profile details, including your photo, are critical to your interactions online.

Tips for People Who Want to Be Popular on Social Networks

Social Networks are one of hottest commodities on the internet today. Everyone is always checking their social networks on their phones, even when they are walking down the street.

Build Your Facebook Friend List

Let me start this by telling you that having a large friend list on FB is NOT going to mean that all, or even most, or even several of your friends will actually read your posts. In fact, out of almost 2000 friends on my list, probably only 30 – 40 of them ever respond to my posts. Why build a big list?

The Many Ways to Increase LinkedIn Followers

It is well known that LinkedIn is a fabulous professional social media channel. Many professionals swear by it. LinkedIn has made updates to the many features of LinkedIn and increasing the followers of your LinkedIn page is a wonderful result of that.

Building Your Pinterest Business Page – From The Ground Up

As of January 2014, Pinterest has become a potent force on the internet. It’s changed the digital landscape as consumers are now ‘pinning’ articles, photos and recipes more often than email links. In fact, Pinterest has become the third-most popular way to share online (with Facebook and Twitter topping it.) If you’re thinking right now that maybe you should try this Pinterest platform out – but you don’t know where to start, well this is where our expertise come into play.

LinkedIn Groups Moderation and Management

Many people own, manage, and moderate a number of groups on LinkedIn. The membership of many of the groups runs into the thousands. In addition to owning, managing, and moderating LinkedIn groups, many people contribute to other groups and h0ld the distinguished position of influencer.

Social Hacking in the News and in Your Office

Social engineering/hacking can be both the means for compromising individual or corporate private data, and the means of generating after-the-fact attempts at compromise. One of the most common means of attack is getting someone to use an infected USB flash drive in their networked computer…

Take The Time To Fill Out Your Facebook Profile

Take the time to fill out your Facebook profile with useful information plus more details about your brand. Put in a link to your website and publish a brief description of your brand name or products. Use a site visitor counter to get an idea of the amount of visitors follow this link to access your homepage.

A Simple Way to Measure Your Online Connectivity

How well connected are you online? A simple test will reveal the depth of your connections and how close are the relationships you have.

How To Create An Effective Google+ Local Page For Business?

The importance of social networking is at it’s peak at the moment, regarding internet marketing. It has become almost necessary to be present in social networking sites to promote your business. This post is about how to use Google+ effectively for showcasing your company or products to the potential customers.

How To Become Popular On Facebook And Get More Followers

Are you striving to become more popular on Facebook? Here are a few simple tips and guidelines you can follow to help you shine like a star and get the following you have always dreamed of.

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