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Product Launching Secrets – What the Experts Don’t Want You to Know III

What the marketer has done here is rather than advertise a product at $47, a price that might deter customers from buying, it has been offered in two lots of $20 and $27. Since the $20 has just been paid, the customer is psychologically more prepared to pay ‘only’ another $27 to get the real McCoy. Especially since it is to go up to $97 ‘shortly’. To further persuade you to accept the up-sell, there are usually some free offers thrown in. You virtually have the option of paying up or asking for your $20 back. Most people do not like asking for their money back so the experts know they will pay up the other $27. …

The Easiest Way To Set Your Ebusiness With You Own Payment Processor

Everybody wants to have their own business. You heard it before; be your own boss, set your own working hours, be free. But the truth is that most of this offers to become the owner of your online business, to sell a product online, from you Website, are no more than a sales pitch driven to sell you their own product, and then for you to become an affiliate to advertise and sell their product again and again.

Where To Sell Your Information Products Online

So you’ve got your information product all set? Where can you take it to produce more sales?

Four Easy Ways to Get Free Marketing for Your Information Products

Four easy, zero cost, but powerful ways to drive traffic to your site and boost your information product launch. In fact you can boost traffic to any site-

The Easiest Way to Start an Internet Business

knowing the aspects of launching a business on the internet is important but there is a way to avoid the high startup costs that help you to get a web business started. No you cannot make it without search engines and high rankings but you can get your foot in the door and possibly even succeed.

Affiliate Marketing, or Your Own Product

There are so many great opportunities associated with affiliate marketing. There are two common ways people use often to get started on the road to internet marketing. One is affiliate marketing. The other is creating your own product, usually an informational eBook.

The Importance of a Backend Strategy When Selling Information Products for Profit

Great you’ve got your information product and you’re ready to launch it to the world. Have you set up a system? Have you got a back end? A lifetime customer is better than a one hit sale.

Product Launching Secrets – What the Experts Don’t Want You to Know

The profits in a product launch are in the advertising and marketing strategies. What experts don’t want you to know is that the more you see a product the most likely you are to buy that product. There are so many marketing techniques that are quite deceiving when you really think about them. Like the children television networks, have you ever paid attention to the commercials? They are nothing but toys, candy, cereal and stuff of a parent’s nightmare. They do this so the kids can persuade the parents to purchase that for them. And boy does it work! The experts in product launching don’t want you to pay attention to the little things; they are taking care of them for you! Slowly brainwashing you to remember

The Beta Buzz

Take a quick tour of the new and trendy websites on the Internet and you will find the frequent and liberal use of the word “Beta.” In most cases, the word Beta is used almost like a tagline under the company or product name to signify that this offering is new, cool, or different. The purpose is to create a “buzz” or the perception of leadership for an offering.

Product Launch Secrets – How to Do It Right

A product launch can be one of the most exciting things you do online. One of the big questions is, do you want a lot of partners or just a few? In either case, once you have determined what …..

7 Day Product Launch – What Can Go Wrong?

There are a number of things that can go wrong when you are doing a 7 day product launch. In fact, it is my opinion that you should not try to do a 7 day product launch on your first product, do at least a 30 day launch, so that you have plenty of time to test things out first. And by product launch, I am including the creation of the product in my 7 days – so now you can see why I advise against it for the first time.

Wholesale Candle Drop Shipping A Perfect Internet Business

This article explains why wholesale candle drop shipping is the ideal business.

Why You Must Start With the Backend First

This article discusses the #1 mistake that Internet marketers make that is killing their sales: the lack of a backend. The most common mistake that many marketers do is to create a front-end product (ebook, free report, etc.) without any thought for what the backend is going to be (backend products include coaching, mentoring, workshops, home study courses, etc.).

Do-It-Yourself Car Wash and Detail Kits Online

There are so many businesses you can start online and there are endless buyers around the world to buy your products. Of course first you have to tell them, then you must compete for price, service, trustworthiness and quality online. Easier said than done. So, what would charge as an example for an online Carwash or Auto detailing kit?

Online Auto Detailing Kits for the Professional Detailer or Serious Do-It-Yourselfer Discussed

Does it make sense to set up an online business to sell automotive detailing products to the automotive aftermarket appearance and accessories industry sub-subsector? What about setting up an online business to specifically cater to the needs and desires of car clubs, antique automobile owners or serious luxury car do-it-yourselfers?

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