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iiintent Secret Weapon to Marketing with iiintent.io

iiintent – what is it and why should you as a business owner or online entrepreneur care? Well, that’s what this post is all about. The industry disrupting team work with BIG data that leads to conversions like never seen before. Let’s get started.

>>To get access to iiintent click this link here<<

iiintent Common Questions & Answers:

  1. What is iiintent.io?

    iiintent.io is the new marketing is behavioral targeting. In the basic sense, it works by predicting your future purchases like your current activities. Due to its’ artificial intelligence we now can track behavior at a level and scale previously only dreamed about.

  2. What industries is iiintent.io best for?

    According to the iiintent.io case studies on their website: Agencies, Video Marketing Services, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate, Medical Malpractice, Roofing, SaaS, Chiropractors, Gym Owners, Hospitals, E-commerce, and Health Supplement Companies. This is not an exhaustive list as new case studies and industries are finding success everyday with the platform and strategy.

  3. Does iiintent.io really work?

    The case studies and partners utilizing iiintent.io present strong evidence that yes indeed – it does work..

  4. How expensive is this strategy to use?

    Right now there are 3 pricing structures: Growth which is $500/month, Pro which is $2,000/month, Custom which is For the elite level performance agency that accepts nothing less than the best for their operation and high-level clients.

  5. What is the difference between iiintent.io’s three pricing options?

    Growth Package:

    -For solo entrepreneurs and marketers looking to rapidly accelerate lead acquisition, conversions and growth.
    -1000 Custom Restructt Leads/mo
    -Unlimited add-ons of 5000
    -SiteVisitor Pixel (B2B & B2C)
    -Free Hash Code Enrichment via partner solution
    -A profit center, not an expense or time suck
    -Access to ‘Headquarters’ member community
    -Frictionless ability to produce qualified leads.

    Pro Package:

    -For growing start-ups, agencies, and ad specialists ready to leverage intent data to scale 1-20 campaigns.
    -Everything in Growth
    -1 B2C or B2B In-Market Campaign
    -Add more campaigns at will
    -In-Market Keyword Research Service
    -Behavioral Lead Score Updates & Segmentation
    -Reseller Licensing
    -Miiithlab Content Production Tool
    -Resell campaigns & SiteVisitor to clients
    -A profit center, not an expense or time suck
    -Access to Advanced Playbook Vault
    -Campaign Content Template Vault (412 swipes)

    Custom Package:

    -For the elite level performance agency that accepts nothing less than the best for their operation and high-level clients.
    -Everything in Pro
    -Campaign Hyper-personalization
    -Custom Built Growth Campaign Systems
    -Ad Spend Optimization
    -Dedicated Linkedin Growth Consultant
    -Growth Club: Inner Circle access
    -Dedicated Client Success Team
    -New Tech & Data Beta-Test Group Access
    -Resell campaigns & SiteVisitor to clients
    -A profit center, not an expense or time suck
    -VIP Deployment Specialist
    -Keyword & Backlink Analysis Service Included

  6. Can I request a free demo of iiintent.io?

    Yes! Click on this link here to get setup with a demo (and get $200 when you sign up!)

iiintent Robust Features:


Legit own the market of your choice

Imagine removing yourself completely from the confines of platforms like Google or even Facebook. With iiintent.io, marketers and business owners are DOMINATING the marketing game without limitations on where or when a selected audience can be found and contacted. Basically (really that simple) you can pick and target your marketing efforts on any channel. Yes, any channel. Completely take back ownership of your targeting to communicate anytime, anywhere, about any topic, to anyone.

Gain access to the buyer’s journey from ANYWHERE in the funnel

With iintent.io you easily gain entry to the command center to unlimited, on-demand access to the entire buyer’s journey. “Gain frame-control” finds prospects in the first stages of their buyer journey. This means that as a business owner or marketer, you can model the experience through strategies like contextual content. Then, when it comes time to convert these prospects, your direct competitors are left in the dust.

Forget Scaling – this is true Growth Acceleration

The technology leverages the most powerful data engine on the market where IP tools lack, you’re able to easily get on the offense. This means: immediate deployment of behavioral lookalike audiences that are validated, checked, and ranked across 5 million individual pieces of behavior tracked per second!

Ready to Start Pulling the Trigger? You Should

iiintent is NOT like adding another SaaS product to your marketing stack that requires time and resources to implement. With iiintent.io the inherent design is made to integrate directly into any flow. After a a few minutes post initial set-up, the iiintent machine learning algorithm and API do the work uncovering any in-the-market, behaviorally validated audience. Once complete, just plug it directly into your targeting engine. It’s really that simple.

>>To get access to iiintent click this link here<<


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