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How Do I Get Customer Testimonials?

Testimonials are great for getting social proof. It is not always too easy to collate them however. Here are a few ideas for you to put into practice.

Want Your Own Business? Work for Me!

Owning your own business is a dream many have but how do you go about it? In this article, I show that working for someone can actually be like owning your own business.

The Driver Is Dead, Long Live the Driver!

The driver is dead, long live the driver! If you enjoy the open road, the roar of the engine as you shift through the gears, blipping the throttle on the downshifts, your days may be numbered. Already with the PDK transmission, it is clear that manual shifting for speed is an art of the past.

How to Access Hidden Money Right Under Your Nose

How can you discover the money hiding just under your nose? What would it take to see it? Here are some suggestions that will help you.

Has Your Business Outgrown You?

As businesses grow and change, they can go in directions the owner is not necessarily interested in or capable of going. Is this happening to you?

The Illusion of Loyalty in Business

Is the illusion of loyalty getting in the way of your sound business practices? Has loyalty cost you or is there a benefit?

Email Marketing Campaign Tips: How To Get Your Welcome Email Correct

Your email marketing campaign can be the pathway to creating wealth in your business. Getting that first welcome email right will really help you make it so. Here are a few tips to get off to a great start with your new subscribers

The Correct View When Building Wealth With A Business

High inflation – Even high inflation, is not necessarily detrimental to a business. High inflation simply means there’s an increase in the price of goods and services, and that’s precisely what a business sells. Although business expenses rise due to inflation, the income should also increase in line with inflation.

Common Reasons for Entrepreneurs Transitioning Out of Business

A businessman has to shift his business to some one else either by his choice or due to life changes. A wise business man, therefore, plans carefully before transitioning out of his business.

How to Effectively Compete

I have seen many wanna be entrepreneurs come and go. They tinker around with new ideas, claim it does not work and then go back to getting a job.

How to Set Up a New Project or Business

Setting up a project with a website and social media platforms is a lot of work, I mean more work than anyone could have possibly anticipated. First it is the planning.

Two Ways To Get Loyalty From Your Customers

Customer loyalty is essential in order to grow a big business that enables you freedom in life. Here are two ways to ensure that customers think of you first when desiring your product or service.

How Can You Establish Yourself As An Expert? Two Simple Ways

Being an expert puts you head and shoulders above most of the other business owners in your field. Here are two things to consider to raise your profile and get you more of the prospects.

Entrepreneur “Must Have” Mindset

Startup success begins with YOU. How you think informs the decisions you make and the actions you take. Successful startup entrepreneurs and founders have a growth mindset that empowers them to learn, grow and expand. Others have a fixed mindset that limits their ability to see new and better perspectives, opportunities and innovative ideas.

How to Properly Price Your Startup Products

A flawed pricing strategy is “cost + markup”. Why? Because the market doesn’t care about your costs. They only care about how they value your product. Learn how to properly price your product from a market perspective and be profitable.

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