How to Nurture Your Email List Over the Long Haul (Co-Pilot Show – April 20th 2021)

Learn how to build and nurture your email list over the long haul with our special guest Christina Ethridge and our UpViral Expert Mitch Aunger!

1. Christina’s introduction
2. Writing a perfect Subject Line
3. Subject Line Formula
4. Writing the Body first
5. The ideal number of words
6. How many images to include
7. How many links to include
8. Using email templates
9. Uses of emojis
10. Sending emails after the campaign
11. What to include in emails
12. Tracking open rates
13. The Best way to warm up the cold leads
14. Q&A
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Using LinkedIn As a Prospecting Tool

By now, you probably realize how effective LinkedIn is for your professional pursuits. There are so many incredible features to LinkedIn that you can leverage for your business and that can work effectively for you. All you have to do is tap them.

Pinterest – Can B2B Marketing Benefit From It?

Pinterest, while initially visited by young middle-class Americans, is quickly expanding its membership. Although numbers haven’t been released by Pinterest, ComScore reported that 13.76 million people worldwide visited the site in January 2012. Not a number to be disregarded and irrelevant!

Work From Home Ideas: Managing Fan Pages for Brands on Facebook

Most brand managers opt to create social media communities for their brands, and the most common platform is Facebook. One reason is because this is generally cheaper-this is one of the most common work from home ideas-and it is not difficult to find someone who offers this service. Furthermore, having presence in social media does not just give brands an opportunity to reach their consumers on a personal level, but it also opens up doors for them to be able to get rich insights on the psychographics and digital behavior of the community, and that could later be fruitful in market research.

Pinterest Online Marketing

Pinterest puts pictures to your content marketing words. Pinterest is not just for personal use. It’s also great for promoting business content, as well.

To Do Networking Well, You Need to Be a PIRO

Networking is the “in” thing for small through large businesses. For small businesses, it is actually crucial for success. There have been many articles and books written on what “to do” and what “not to do” when networking, as if it is a science unto its self.

In Business, Social Media Doesn’t Mean Social Life

Just because social media lets people connect and create networks doesn’t mean you can use it casually. Here are tips to managing social media in a business setting.

Facebook Ad: Boost Posts for Pennies and Get More Likes/Shares!

With limited budgets, the minimum of $5 on each Facebook Ad Fan Page Post is probably too high. Getting posts in front of more people, though, is important. There is a way around the minimum with the tiniest ad budget. It’s rarely considered but completely ethical and easy.

How Facebook And Twitter Help Celebrities Build Better Public Images

Presently, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking sites in the world. Do you know these two social networking sites have added new dimensions to the way celebrities communicate with their fans? Let us note that the rise in the popularity of Facebook and Twitter have opened up new means of communication between celebrities and their audiences.

How to Choose the Best Social Network Website Design for Your Business

Finding the right look for your website design is not always easy but given the variety of choices that consumers have today getting what you want is not impossible. You need to find a company that gives you great customer support and has the experience to back up what they have to offer. It’s important that the company working on your appearance is knowledgeable in every aspect of the business.

Could Twitter Be Getting a Redesign?

It’s barely been a few weeks since Twitter redesigned its site, and now it would seem that the changes are far from over. Amid reports of modest user growth, Twitter has been looking to increase its attraction to users who have not yet joined. While its reliance on reverse chronological texts has made it the giant micro blogging site that we all love, this, it would seem, is insufficient to fuel its growth in a world that consumes a lot of digital media.

Social Media Syndication – Increase Your Social Footprint

The owner of a website and a professional on a company’s marketing team, both scramble to increase their business’ exposure so as to drive more traffic and thereby grow their revenue. In the earlier decades, the task of marketing relied heavily on traditional communication media such as newspapers and televisions. However, today, the explosion of the internet has brought about a drastic change in the manner in which small and large businesses promote themselves and their wares. In all this, social media has become an important web content marketing strategy.

Twitter Is NOT a Social Network After All

Research shows that most activity on Twitter is non-conversational. Even if it is two-way, it is so short-lived it is not truly social.

How to Sponsor Your First Three People Into Your Network Marketing Opportunity

This article explores a simple three-step strategy that will help you sponsor your first three people into your network marketing opportunity. Once you’ve sponsored your first three people, you’d be amazed to see just how quickly your down-line can grow from that point.

Are LinkedIn Groups Here to Stay?

LinkedIn groups serve many valuable purposes. They have the potential to bring professional people together with common goals and common passions.

Social Networks Could Be Bad for Your Future Business

Social networks allow us to learn from each other. But the more we rely on social learning, the less we produce new ideas.

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