How To Create a Clickbank Landing Page In 10 Minutes

How To Start a $1000 Day Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are looking for a long term success with affiliate marketing that is proven to work and been working for years for all the top guru’s then follow the content below

Here’s the simple steps

1) chose a product from the marketplace, create a landing page around the product, you can use free tools for this, I use a paid tool called clickfunnels .

Clickfunnels trial is very affordable!

What we are doing here is building a list, the money is in the list, and that’s the truth, the bigger list you have, the more potential of sales and commissions.

2) Now get an autoresponder that stores all the subscriber info, and you could communicate via email, my recommended for affiliate marketing beginners would be getresponse.

3) Create a 7 day email sequence before driving traffic, most of your sales will come from email follow ups.

4) Start getting traffic, you could get my recommended sellers by joining traffic networks like Solo Ads

Remember persistent is the key to success and never give up, if you are a clickbank beginner then you want to start of with 300 clicks, weather you make money or not, in the beginning your focus should be driving traffic to build a list, keep on driving traffic to grow your list until you get to at least 10,000 subscribers.

When ever you buy traffic using solo ads, always track your clicks to make sure you are getting real human visitors and no BOT/FAKE clicks.

You could use any tool for this purpose, I use clickmagick which is very accurate.

Clickmagick trial can be accessed here

So that’s all, Watch the above how to make $500 a day online affiliate marketing video to learn how all this is done step by step.

Now let me answer one question, is it possible to promote clickbank offers using Facebook ads? YES

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