How Saastronautics went from 0 to 7000+ Leads with One UpViral Campaign (CPS – April 27th 2021)

Discover how Saastronautics went from 0 to 7000+ leads with one UpViral campaign!
Watch and enjoy with our special guest Parker Casio, our Digital Marketing Manager William Vanhout, and our UpViral Expert Mitch Aunger!

1. Parker’s Introduction
2. About Saastronautics
3. Why UpViral
4. The End Goal
5. The Process and Viral Marketing
6. The Campaign – the length and the results
7. The Prize(s) of the Campaign
8. The Success of the Campaign
9. The Share Page
10. The Objectives
11. How They Kept Their Participants Engaged
12. How They Announced the Winner and The Strategy
13. The Post Campaign
14. The Revenue
15. The Trick
16. Q&A


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How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

The latest reports reveal that Twitter has about a billion registered users worldwide. Twitter offers users with amazing opportunities to grow their following and expand their influence on the Internet. Businesses are now using Twitter to market and promote products and services because gaining followers on Twitter is one way of getting a higher volume of Web traffic in the shortest possible time.

Why I Am Proud to Support World Community Grid

In this article Matthew considers the benefits of donating your processing time to the World Community Grid. The WCG is an IBM-backed series of projects – by donating processing time to a larger group of computers’ significant advancements in medical research have been achieved. Now you can also be a part of this.

Step Up Your Promotion With Social Media Optimization

So much focus has been put on Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, that many overlook the importance of Social Media Optimization. For business owners and entrepreneurs using social media, optimization across social media platforms is imperative to generate results.

Digging Deep On Digg

An epigrammatic narration of Digg – New CEO, Matt Williams took charge in September 2010, tried to boost up the ongoing downward traffic, added some new and appealing features like news room, social reader, mobile apps but this was not much help. Then came the massive decision, Digg was sold in three parts to three different tech giants, Betaworks paid $500 million for the expertise, website and the Digg brand. 15 workers of Digg were appointed to SocialCode venture of The Washington Post for $12 million. Some of its unique and exclusive features patents (example: click button to vote a story) were traded to LinkedIn for $3.75 million- $4 million. The new Owner group, Betaworks did a total renovation of the site, rebooted to the previous V1 version with some latest addition like Digg Reader. Now it seems back to track and traffic is escalating remarkably. But the “bury” option to dump a particular content, is removed from that site.

What It Means To Be Social For Any Business

It will certainly be like building a social network when your business knows how to be social is important to it’s success. Social platforms provide an incredible connector to potential customers.

Social Selling Like Crazy on LinkedIn

You may or may not understand exactly what social selling is. In fact, it may sound like something that doesn’t warrant your attention. However, you would be wrong. It can help you to bring your business to the next level by selling like crazy. LinkedIn is the perfect forum through which to do it.

7 Tips for Networking at Local Events

It’s no secret that the online entrepreneur platform is growing by leaps and bounds, and represents a vast majority of the people that are using social media to grow their business. Entrepreneurs are working out of their homes, from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones promoting some type of product or service on a daily basis. However, there is much work to getting a business recognized, in such a crowded world of business owners. The demographics are enormous, and will only increase as the years unfold. The internet is becoming a mind-boggling assortment of diverse and unique entrepreneurs with a desire to succeed in their business, while capitalizing on marketing as a primary promotional strategy to get them noticed, and even create their brand awareness. Which lead me on a path to finding other ways to connect with my potential clients.

My New Social Network Definition

Looking at social media these days, I have changed my opinion on a social network definition that is accurate. In the beginning when social networking was just getting started, it was all about people connecting with each other. It was used as a platform to share experiences, and to chat to one another. Now we see more business on social media, and there’s a new player in town.

Six Rules of Facebook Etiquette

A few key rules to make sure you represent yourself in the best possible light on Facebook. These rules apply equally to your personal and business page.

Truly Effective LinkedIn Invitation Templates

As you may or may not know, LinkedIn is an extremely effective and valuable social media channel for your business. LinkedIn can help your business in so many ways and it can absolutely help you to bring your business to the next level.

Your Structure of Influence Through Social Media

Social media has been around for a while now and you are working it effectively for your business. You may be tweaking and adjusting as you go but your basic structure and your basic approach to social media is solid and unaffected.

1 Upgrade in Thinking Causes Major Abundance

How many of you are having trouble getting people with liked mindedness to view your website, social media channel, or blog? Think about what we’ve been doing for years to make it happen? We communicate. We reach out, right?

Exercising Proper LinkedIn Etiquette

LinkedIn is an amazing professional social media channel and is probably the most effective one of all for professionals. If you haven’t been leveraging LinkedIn up to this point, it is definitely time for you to change that situation. Remember, at the same time, to exercise proper etiquette whenever you are using LinkedIn.

Is Hanging Out on Facebook a Good Way to Spend Your Time?

With the rise of technology, we would consider that education would be easier for everyone. Sites like DuoLingo and other sites that can help us with our education are constantly popping up. Not only that, secondary education is getting easier all the time. The question we need to ask ourselves here though is, does Facebook demand us to procrastinate or can we still effectively learn and enhance our college education?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Social Networking?

Social media sites made their debut a few decades ago. Back then, they were only regarded as a cheap medium via which one could reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with family members living in distant countries. In recent times, it has emerged as one of the most popularly used marketing mediums by large and small businesses alike. You will be surprised to know that there a few businesses that thrive only because of social networking sites.

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