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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Launch Your Product

We have previously discussed the questions you must ask yourself before you launch your product and go live with it. Out of the twelve questions, I have told you about the first six, and here are the rest of them. 1) Is my product or service priced competitively?

Product Launching 101 – More Questions to Consider Before Promoting a Launch

Who is the launch team? A launch is a team effort and so its success is heavily dependent on the team that is running it. Who is the project manager?

Product Launch Secrets – Maximizing Your Revenues During the Product Launch

Have contests: Nothing motivates your JVs more than cash but in some cases, the prizes can create an even bigger push. You can award prizes based on all kinds of rankings. Here are some examples…

Product Launch Strategy – The Five P’s of Your Launch

Even though times have changed, the traditional methods of being able to have effective product launches still remain the same. Even though we are faced with a difficult financial crisis at the current time, this does not mean that the foundations that have been followed for many years need any change. The basic marketing tools known as the 5 “Ps” are still the most effective way to product launching.

Product Launch Secrets – Making Your Offer Irresistible to the Consumer

Are you a speaker, promoter, or business owner struggling with any of the following issues? Rising business costs Declining event attendance Disappearing speaking opportunities High refunds Lack of qualified leads to sell your backend opportunities to If you said yes to any of these, then you’re at the right place. We need to send a wakeup call to speakers, promoters and business owners who are sitting on the sideline: if you don’t have a launch in your strategic plan, odds are you won’t be here in 12 to 18 months.

Making Your Launch Irresistible to Your JV Partners

A key factor in having a successful product launch is having support from your JV partners. Having your JVs partner support you boils down to some key factors: Your relationship with your JVs: Many clients assume that you can contact a bunch of JVs and these JVs will drop everything and immediately support their launch. Not so.

Launch Now Or Die – Why You Need a Product Launch

Having spoken to hundreds of speakers and promoters, a commonly phrased question, especially among the veteran speakers, is: “Is the product launch a fad?” Phrased another way: “Can I just ignore it and continue doing marketing to fill rooms and/or speak at live events?” While nobody can predict the future, it’s instructive to look at historical trends.

How to Add $1 Million to Your Business With a Successful Product Launch

The product launch is the rocket fuel that can be used to cost effectively and quickly grow your business, and we have seen many product owners leave millions of dollars on the table by not fully understanding this key concept. Implement these strategies to add at least $1 million to your next product launch and your business. Relaunch the same product: Amazingly enough, many product owners use an almost tissue-like mentality when it comes to launches: do one and then run to the next one and then repeat with a new one.

How the Launch Model Changes Everything

We strongly believe that the launch model is the most exciting and disruptive development in the last 20 years of the seminar industry. It is already changing how consumers buy and how speakers and promoters bring products to market. Those that “get it” are enjoying enormous rewards.

Helpful Resources For Planning and Executing a Successful Product Launch

Due to the fast moving world of launches, any resources we list can be stale by the time we go to print (hosting companies, merchant providers, graphics designers, etc). Thus, we have come across many resources that are helpful to your product launch.

Getting Ready For Your Launch

You need lots of planning before executing your launch. However, even before that, you should do one other key step: participate in as many launches as possible as an affiliate first. This means joining the launch as an affiliate and then promoting the product (make sure it’s a fit first).

Elements That Make Up a 7 Figure Launch

A 7 figure launch is a significant milestone and it’s always great to be part of one. Beyond all the other factors that have been mentioned, there are specific things that have to be present for a 7 figure launch to happen. Tons of qualified visitors to the offer in a short period: The only way to generate enough qualified visitors to the site in a very short time period, and the only way to do that is through massive JV support.

7 Important Components For Having a 7 Figure Launch

A common mistake we have seen why many new product launches fail is that they are not, in the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld, “launch worthy”. That is, the product owner simply isn’t ready and doesn’t realize this until it’s too late. An “A” team: The reality is that a successful launch requires detailed planning and great execution by an experienced team.

Product Launching 101 – Product Testing – More Than Just a Necessary Evil

So you have made your product and are ready to sell it in the market, but you may be forgetting something. Even though it may sound as obvious as things could get, fully testing your product is an often overlooked issue. Product testing is not always a straight forward process.

Digital Product Delivery – 12 Steps to Set Up a Digital Product

Learn how to set up your digital product delivery. Step by step instructions will show you how.

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