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Do the Jobs Way

Why having a role model becomes so important? According to me, a person’s chosen role model defines a person’s personality and his priorities in life, because his role model is his reflection in a way. Subconsciously, the admirer decides his epitome in life, career, choices etc. based on his role model. There can be many role models for one individual. One should select his role model with intellect as they serve as guiding lights illuminating the path to the person you aspire to become. One such person worthy of such emulation is Steve Jobs. Today, through this article, I wish to put together a few of life lessons which I learnt from biographies and interviews of Steve Jobs.

What Happened to FREE ENTERPRISE?

Why are so many people starting their own business? People are broke, busted, and disgusted. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and it’s easier than you think to make money on your own.

A Price For A Speedy Rise

Nothing good comes easy. I am sure you must have heard that quite a good number of times. As an entrepreneur, you must be ready to put your resources on the line to promote your course.

What You Knead to Know Before You Start at Home

Lots of aspiring bakers with visions of dollar signs and croissants, fueled by dreams of Food Network stardom, start baking businesses each year across America. Many of these startup bakeries begin in home based kitchens. For the most part, this is a viable way to start a business with little capital investment.

Options for Entrepreneurial Retirement – Gaining A Real Peace of Mind

Whether you are a solo-entrepreneurs or a small business owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are saving for retirement. There are several retirement program options available which will help you achieve your personal retirement goals.

Don’t Be a Defeatist! Eliminate Self-Limiting Behavior

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must first get past any thoughts or beliefs that are self-limiting. These thoughts and beliefs will hinder the success of your business. There is room for improvement in your business but you must realize the difference between finding areas to improve and having self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Do You Sabotage Your Success?

Like many of the other 10 laws of the Universe, this is a very important law. It supports the thought that whenever you put time and energy into something, especially if it matters to you, you are going to receive something positive back. Compensation is most often associated with money but it really can be a universal energy awarded for participation, effort and contribution.

Stop Letting Money Hold Your Business Back

Caught in the never enough money to market and grow your business? Let’s look at the relationship you hold with you money and see where you might discover a few extra dollars that once invested could bring a whole lot more!

5 Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs!

Have you ever felt the least little bit of resentment about your decision to be an entrepreneur? It’s a holiday Monday here in Canada as I sit and write this article. It’s a gorgeous day out there and I could sit on my front porch all day and enjoy reading a book. Before coming into my office to get just ‘a few little things’ done, I was wondering to myself.

How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Effortlessly

I remember years ago being part of a group trip and stopping for a picnic. The organizer shared some crisps and then took a bite of one. She looked at me and said “Mmmmm, aren’t crisps just heavenly?”

5 Factors To Consider When Starting A Business

It’s fun and exciting to start your own business especially if you have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When starting your business you need to consider a number of factors such as: Passion and Experience – Before you put your money in a business you need to be passionate about it. You also need to have some experience in it. For example, if you want to start a jewelry business it’s wise that you have some experience in it. If you haven’t worked in a similar business before, but you are very passionate about it, you should be prepared to learn everything about it.

Business Entities: Which One Is Right for You and Your Business?

Read all kinds of articles about Business Entities? Here is one that will keep your head from spinning. From sole proprietorship to corporations, you will learn the differences between the most common business entities.

Evaluating Entrepreneurship Options

6 “sure fire” guides for evaluating entrepreneurship options. Have you been evaluating entrepreneurship options for owning your own business? Evaluating entrepreneurship options for creating wealth or earning massive income? Do you have plans for being a top income earner? These 6 “sure fire” guides will help you evaluate your options to choose the best fit for your long term goals, personality, time and finances.

Is Meaning Important to You?

Are you a slob or a neat freak, or something in between? Do you spend money recklessly or are you a saver?

Guide to Start-Up Capital Funding

You have a great idea and you think it could be the next ‘GROUPON’, everyone around you heard about your idea and they are excited. But suddenly, you realised, you do not have enough money to start the business rolling and operational for the 12 months. Fret not, with all the hype about start-up nowadays, you are able to seek funding for your business easily if you just know where to look. Here are some tips and suggestions to rising funding for your start-up.

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