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Entrepreneurship: Innovation by Design

As humans and entrepreneurial beings, we search out and become inspired by beautiful designs that serve function as much as form, most often subconsciously. The constant array of environments we are connected to each day, directly affect our emotional and physical health. We all know this to be true even if subtly, which is why we gravitate towards the spaces we love in order for business, play, and comfort.

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Being an entrepreneur can be quite a journey. Here are a few key thoughts to ensure you experience the best version of it.

Bad Boys and Foolish Hopes

Recently, I have read articles bemoaning the seemingly out of skew relationship between the high cost of rough diamonds, and the low price of polished diamonds. The authors correctly state that the high price of rough does not reflect the realities of the polished market. Of course, everyone blames DeBeers, Rio Tinto, Alrosa, and all the other mining companies for their unrelenting greed in setting the price of rough far beyond its real value.

Entrepreneurship: Idea Vs Execution

There is a big difference in coming up with an idea for a business and actually making the idea for a business come to fruition. This article will discuss the difference between coming up with an idea and making this idea into a successful business.

On the Formation of a Business

Have you ever been interested in how a company starts? Look no further, this article will explain the basic principles of business foundation.

Entrepreneurs Win by Building Huge Fan Clubs

During the critical startup phase of a business, the entrepreneur needs capital, advisers, free help and support, product development, suppliers, customers and the list goes on endlessly. Successful entrepreneurs know that every person representing any of their specific needs is a valuable resource to moving the business forward in a meaningful way. The size of the dream to conquer the world in their chosen product domain does not trump the significance of the people who generously agree to provide expertise and time to the business at this crucial stage.

Are You Called To Adventure?

Having your own business is one big adventure. Make the most of it by intentionally inviting opportunities to go on a new adventure.

Ten Crucial Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned Skydiving

Guess what I found out? You learn as much about yourself on the journey to 10,000 feet as you do on the way down and it has the potential to impact every aspect of my business and my life.

Executive Decisions

Owning multiple businesses can be a difficult choice. When you make business decisions one can reach a crossroad of expansion through multiple ventures or expanding within the company structure. When you make a difficult decision it is important to make an informed decision.

Jealousy Can Help You Succeed

If you sometimes feel jealous when you see others succeeding, and think you could be doing just as well, or even better, you can make that jealousy work for you. Rejoice that you are feeling fired up and do something with that fire. Do something with that energy that will push you farther than you’ve gone before.

Social Disparities’ Impact on Business

Someone may ask a question. How can social disparities impact business growth and provide positive opportunities for both the entrepreneur and the consumer? Based on the industry your business is pursuing or your road-map plan the business has developed, statistics have shown that these data elements collected can convey either area growth, area decline, environmental need, and consumer presence.

Benefits of Getting a Product on Home Shopping Channels

Getting a product on QVC (or getting a product on HSN or other home shopping networks) is a goal for many companies and/or inventors. In fact, for many companies or products, it’s one of the biggest steps they can take.

Where Do I Start?

Most entrepreneurs are risk takers/innovators… and they believe that their idea/their next best thing is brilliant (and they have to think that!) I’ve worked with thousands of small businesses entrepreneurs and what I’ve seen over and over is: passion, excitement, drive, you know, the “fun part” of starting something new, the bright shiny penny.

First Step to Successful Entrepreneurship: 12 Ways to Cut Off High Business Startup Loans

Here are some creative ways by which you can start up your business without taking high business startup loans. You will find some very important facts which would lead you to successful entrepreneurship. So let’s search out for some awesome ideas.

What Weaknesses to Avoid in Order to Become a Successful Business Owner?

Here are some observed weakness that needs to be avoided on one’s journey to become a successful and effective business owner. Please note that these are observations and not facts. They may or may not apply to a business owner, or any business.

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