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Stop Calling Yourself an Entrepreneur, It Doesn’t Impress Anyone Anymore

If I meet one more person who tells me that they are an “entrepreneur”, I’m going to throw up. It might be the most overused, and unimpressive word in the English language.

5 Tips To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one; you are surrounded by people with the thoughts of failure being something to constantly avoid, and by people who don’t take risks. Staying motivated through tough times can be difficult, and you, like many other aspiring entrepreneurs will feel at times like quitting, and rethinking your goals and journey and whether it will all be worth it.

Systems Help Startups to Grow

Startup businesses advance by developing, enhancing and maintaining operational systems to support the execution of the activities of the business. This frees creative human minds to focus on far more valuable innovations and problem solving activities. Investing time and capital to develop automated systems and process and perhaps even outsourced functions to third parties creates a growth engine for the company.

The Three Mistakes of Steve Jobs’ Life

There’s a good chance you’re reading this on something he helped create. There’s a good chance that he’s the only former CEO of any electronic brand whose name you know. There’s no chance that you don’t know his name.

Do You Believe You Can Be Wealthy Doing What You Love?

Many women hesitate to build their own business because they think that such a venture would be too risky. So they remain in a profession that may not be too rewarding, but at least it allows them to sustain themselves and their family.

Build Wealth Using The Most Powerful Millionaire Secret To Success

If you’re someone who wants to become successful and build wealth, doesn’t it make a LOT of sense to focus on doing the most important things that have helped others achieve success in whatever type of work/career YOU want to become successful with? In other words, find out who has become successful in your chosen type of endeavor and figure out as many action steps as you can, that helped them become successful! As you probably already know, the more you focus on taking the action steps to success to build wealth and achieve…

Be Limitless

In 2011, the Nobel prize for Physics was given for proof that the universe is indeed expanding. Everything is always growing and evolving; and at constantly increasing speeds. So if it’s happening everywhere except in your business and your life it stands to reason that it’s YOU who’s putting on the brakes. Why would you do that? Why would you put up barriers to your own success? And what can you do to be limitless? –

How To Quit Your Current Job And Teach Guitar Instead

Do you hate your day job? As a guitar player, you can already see how working a job like this steals time away from not only becoming a better guitarist, but trying to build a successful career in music. Good news is, there is another option that is right in front of you. Teaching guitar for a living is that option – and it is easily the most effective way to do something you love while also making a great income.

Overwhelm Is Just a Symptom

For more than a few years, I’ve been a slave to email. I was very aware of it and sought help. I got some relief, but email still felt like it was cracking its whip on me.

Breaking Through the Solo Entrepreneur Barrier

Many startups begin with a “solopreneur”, an entrepreneur performing all of the essential functions of the business. Businesses that provide services to other businesses such as business consulting and information technology support can establish themselves and even thrive, to a point. The time comes when the volume of work overwhelms the entrepreneur, forcing him or her to seek outside help.

Are You A Darren?

Do you believe that you can have anything you want in your business? Do you go for it? Or are you worrying what others will think and holding back?

Who’s Your Yoda? Because You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

We’ve all said at one time or other “If I had only known… ” and looking back on my own entrepreneurial journey it is something I have, over the years repeated all too often. Many of us have spent our entire careers in the same industry. It’s what we know, it’s what we are good at and it’s where we feel safe. We spend a lot of our time talking to people who do the same things as us. The articles we read, the trade shows and the conferences we attend and the away days we suffer through are mostly related to the industry in which we work in. We seek to become experts in a bubble listening to other experts in a bubble.

Suffering From Digital Burnout? How to Relieve It

Do you have to run and get your phone if you leave it in another room? Do you check Facebook so often there are hardly any new posts since the last time you checked (half an hour ago)? Does your email inbox run your life, with notifications popping up and grabbing your attention every time you settle in to get work done?

Starting a Service Business From Home – 3 First Steps To Get More Clients

Starting a business from home can be tough – The starting and hanging up your shingle is the easy bit. Here are three ideas to consider to give yourself the best chance of success.

5 Ways To Use Your Job To Prepare For Your Own Business

How you can use your time and experiences on your current job to greatly improve your chances of success when you finally start your own business. In an ideal world, you would have at least a year’s salary saved up and you are in a safe position to quit your day job in order to completely focus on your new business. Unfortunately, this is not feasible or practical for many first-time business owners. But on the flip-side, keeping your day-job will give you access to several key ingredients that are essential to a new business: money, customers, contacts, suppliers, sub-contractors, market research, health insurance, and personnel. And because of these ingredients, you must look at your job as a blessing, not a time-wasting hassle.

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