Finding & Crafting Your Perfect Audience Pt. 2 (3rd Nov 2020)

Check out the second part of the Co-Pilot show Episode “Finding and Crafting Your Perfect Audience” with our media buyer, Danny Chan, and our UpViral expert, Mitch Aunger.

1. Recap!
2. Brief Overview of the Facebook Pixel
3. Different Types of Audiences for Facebook Ads
– Demographic Based
– Interest-Based
– Custom Audiences
– Lookalike Audiences
4. Q&A
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Finding Your Place in an Online World: 3 Tips to Finding Your Community

It’s easy to look around and see how technology has affected everything. With all the help technology has given us, it seems we have less and less time to connect one on one. It’s important to have real friends and it’s also become important to have friends who can support you virtually.

LinkedIn on Steroids: Six Powerful LinkedIn Tips to Hulk Out Your Profile

LinkedIn is a professional business networking site. In fact, it is the largest and most powerful site of it kind, with over 168 million members and at least one executive from the Fortune 500. Nevertheless, most business people do not use LinkedIn to its full potential. Follow these six tip to get your profile noticed on LinkedIn.

Social Networking – A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

In finding a job networking has long been the best way and a site like is really helpful for job seekers. It offers three essential features for its users: It allows users (without leaving the site) to post a resume and profile, to establish a professional/ social network, and to seek for job listings.

3 Drawbacks of Online Social Networking For Business

Many people have included online social networking in their business development strategy however this approach does have flaws! Read further to discover 3 challenges you will encounter when promoting your business at any online social communities!

Affiliate Marketing And Social Networks For The Bum Marketer

Social networks are the craze of the cyber world. Millions of people exchange ideas and disseminate information through these networks. It is also a perfect way of making money online by spreading the word out there about the digital products, services or hard goods you are offering. Many successful affiliate marketers use social networks to promote their websites and the products they sell.

Building Your LinkedIn Network to Get New Connections

LinkedIn can be used for building your network and marketing yourself. With a profile that is 100% completed LinkedIn helps you fill in the gaps with first degree connections. With their powerful resources, contacts are highlighted and help is on hand to build a network that’s useful in marketing yourself or your brand.

Social Networking Online – What Works For You?

When you engage in social networking online for the sake of your own business expansion there are certain criteria you must consider! Read further to see 3 criteria to keep in mind when selecting social communities you can use to build your business!

3 Ways Social Communities Help Expand Business

Social communities have become very popular with internet marketers for the purpose of developing business prospects online! The fact is online social networks offer more than simply traffic in terms of helping businesses grow! Read further to discover 3 sources of ‘information’ social networks offer that can be used to help build your business!

Social Networking Online For Business Growth

Social networking online has revealed itself to be a very effective strategy for quickly communicating messages of all sorts! Celebrities, political figures and even people developing a business are using this ‘platform’ as a way to advance their own cause! Read more to see 3 quick tips anybody can use for developing a business online using social network platforms!

Social Networking and Your Business

Social networking is undoubtedly one of the most talked about subjects in the world of Internet marketing. The modern Internet is very much about sharing content with others and this is precisely how good content ends up going viral and becoming extremely popular. Social networking allows Internet users to share content that they like, comment on it, join discussions and groups and much more.

How Online Social Networks Help Build Businesses

Many have turned to using online social networks as a part of their business development strategy and for good reason! Marketers recognize that social networking online is a very effective strategy in terms of growing a solid foundation for their businesses! Read more to discover 3 important components every internet business needs for growth that social sites can supply!

Why Is Fitness Marketing In Social Networking Sites Advantageous

A lot of people today are suffering and dying from chronic illnesses brought about by stress and unhealthy way of living. That is why there are a lot of men and women nowadays who are also trying their best to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle in order to stay away from these unwanted ailments.

Start a Facebook Fan Page and Watch Your Business Grow

This article serves to give information about the benefits of starting a Facebook Fan Page for your business. Its main focus is how a business can use one of these pages to grow relationships with existing and potential customers.

Grow Your Facebook Fan Page Population

Want to know how to increase the number of fans you have on your Facebook business page? Here are a few free strategies you need to know.

Create Social Networking Accounts for More Traffic to Your Website!

Creating social networking accounts is one of the best strategies to boost your website traffic. Social networking websites are able to serve you all day long so that it will be easy for you to promote your website any time you want. Besides, sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have millions of users. It means that they allow you to attract many people from around the world to come to your site.

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