Finding & Crafting Your Perfect Audience (20th Oct 2020)

Had a hard time finding and crafting your perfect audience? No worries! Our media buyer, Danny Chan, with our UpViral expert, Mitch Aunger, talked about it in this Co-Pilot show!

1. The Perfect Audience
2. Common Issue Businesses Make
3. What’s a Buyer Persona?
4. Crafting Your Buyer Persona:
– Phase 1: Research
– Phase 2: Narrow Down Common Details
– Phase 3: Customer Avatar
5. Summary of Phases
6. Questions
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The Online Mindset – How People Are Different When Logged Online

What makes a person act and think differently when they’re online compared to normal face-to-face interactions? Is there even a distinct difference in the first place?

Is Social Media Doomed – Why Profit, Not Culture, Is King

Social media is a wonderful thing and has given us many benefits. But all those boons can disappear at the drop of a hat if they’re ever deemed unprofitable enough.

Can We Blame Facebook? – Has Social Media Made Us All Online Jerks?

Has the advent of social networking brought out the worst behaviors in us? Or were they always there to begin with… but now with a whole new outlet to come out like never before?

Top Reasons to Engage on Twitter

Twitter seems to be coming out of everyone’s mouth nowadays. More and more people are tweeting on a very regular basis. Although the 140-character maximum per tweet seems limiting, it can be a blessing at times also.

An Effective Online Media Agency Campaign

Employing an online media agency to promote your corporate business is seldom effective if an organised and focused strategy has not been drawn up. Haphazard, short term ventures only tend to succeed in using up valuable time, energy and resources.

All A Twitter

All about Twitter. A little history, what for’s and how to’s about this social medium that continues to gain in popularity within our human culture around the globe.

How to Utilize Google+ For Your Church

Churches today have more options for connecting with congregation members than simple services on Sundays. Google+ can allow you to get information to any groups of members without bothering those to whom it does not pertain. It can allow those that have mobility or transportation issues that normally prevent them from enjoying fellowship to stay up to date, even with face-to-face, live interaction with church groups. See how to start your church’s profile and use it efficiently to maximize the effect.

Going Social and the Importance of Reciprocity

When introducing new customers to the concept of social media for business, many customers want to approach social with a tremendous caveat of full control and minimal reciprocation. This opens a can of worms, because the entire point of social media and Web 2.0 culture is to create a web of reciprocity – a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship that allows businesses, customers, peers and others to connect, communicate and listen in a welcoming space.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Business Success

Small business-to-business (B2B) businesses that focus on LinkedIn as one of their main social media channels have been and are continuing to be successful at getting more leads that eventually lead to increased business. It is a worthwhile tool.

Why Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is now one of the highest used social networking platforms for professionals. LinkedIn is a powerful online business tool to use for social networking and allows people to connect and communicate with like-minded driven and ambitious business individuals. It seems unbelievable for those of us who remember walking around with our CVs under our arms, just how much easier making these connections are by building a complete professional profile on LinkedIn.

Getting Ready With Facebook PPC

An increasingly popular pay-per-click option these days is Facebook. With Facebook’s advanced metrics and ability to serve ads to a wide variety of very specific targets like age, gender, and interests, more and more businesses, large and small, are turning to Facebook to serve ads to their potential customers. With numerous PPC options (including search giant Google) available to advertisers, why are so many people flocking to Facebook?

Facebook for Business – Powerful Milestones and Photo Cover Tips

Are you serious about your Facebook marketing campaign? If so, these powerful milestones and photo cover tips will help you create a road map to success, for your unique content and brand recognition. Know where your going before you start your Facebook campaign. Use these killer milestone ideas and discover what not to do when creating your photo cover.

Social Network Marketing – Where Is It Going?

There are a lot of people discovering different ways on how to become successful today. One of the best ways to become successful in today’s world is through social network marketing. If you are unfamiliar with the term then look no further, this article contains information that can help you on your way towards success through social network marketing.

Why Your Business Should Be Sweet On HootSuite

Every week it seems like I’m turning clients on to yet another content sharing social network that their business should use to augment its brand presence and get new customers. I can almost hear the collective sighs from outside of the office door – “Another one???” True, it can feel like a daunting task to maintain multiple social media accounts for your business and with recent data evidencing that every network is accompanied by dramatically differing demographics and times of the day that each social network is most active, you could easily fill entire days of the week attempting to optimize your marketing efforts towards them all. But who has the time for that? Enter HootSuite – a Vancouver BC based tech company that takes the burden of your social media and content scheduling and streamlines it into one convenient platform.

Traits Of Skilled Psychic Readers

There are many valuable traits of skilled psychics. Skilled readers are generally highly reputable individuals who have proven their skills time and time again. Many readers have even demonstrated their skills for large media organizations to further increase their reputability.

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