Facebook Ads for Referral Contests [Co-Pilot Show – March 9, 2021]

Learn about Facebook Ads for Referral Contests with our Media Buyer, Danny Chan, and our UpViral Expert Mitch Aunger!

1. About Viral Launch Formula
2. Why Facebook Ads
3. Order of Testing
4. Facebook Related Stuff
– CBO vs ABO
– Dynamic Creatives
– Audiences
– Budget
5. Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad Naming Conventions
6. Our Facebook Ads for Viral Launch Formula
7. Q&A

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Are You Contemplating The Upgrade To The LinkedIn Paid Program?

Millions of LinkedIn users are grappling with the decision of whether they ought to upgrade to the paid LinkedIn subscription. They are not sure what the advantages are, or how the premium program will add value to their LinkedIn experience. For these folks, LinkedIn is offering a FREE 30-day trial period to test-drive the features and benefits that the upgrade affords them. For those who opt in, and want to maximize their outcomes during this time, here are some important aspects to consider.

Social Networking Apps – Experience The Power of Being Social

Location based social networking apps are gaining global acceptance. They have redefined the way people interact, share, and keep themselves updated with access to real-time information. These applications improve social interaction and have features that assist to easily explore new places.

Using Social Networking To Promote Your Business

The growth of social media is still going, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. This can only be good news for those people who are looking to take advantage of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to promote their business, product or service. It can take time to build up a suitable relationship with social network users; however, if you have the knowledge, the time and the resources, then you can speed up this process. Successful social networking is something that is going to gain you loyal customers by building up a high-profile social media presence.

Getting Advice and Making a Decision

Today, technology has improved so much that using your Smartphone, you can get answers for simple questions like, “Which is the best coffee shop in my location?” You can get good feedback from your contacts in a matter of a few minutes and take an informed decision consequently.

Social Marketing Is a Very Useful Powerful Promotional Tool

If you may not be fully aware of just what social marketing involves and you would not be alone in that thinking. Social marketing is the subtle use of such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter to help promote a company, and idea or a brand. Since the first social networking sites sprung up, they have become more and more popular, especially with the younger demographic, and this is something that has not gone unnoticed by those people in the advertising industry. It is not just the big corporations, who have millions to spend on advertising, who can make the most out of social networking sites, if you have a product or service to sell then you too can use these sites to promote yourself or your business.

Do You Want to Start an Internet Business? Here Is Some Advice

In these somewhat harsh economic times, there are many people who are starting or have started a home-based business. One of the “easiest” ways to do this is through the Internet. Here are four common sense tips for people interested in starting an Internet business.

Don’t Count Followers, Create Connections

Social media is not just about creating accounts, getting followers and fans and posting stuff every now and then. Well, a good number of businesses think that this is what social media marketing is. They are misled with the fact that if you have followers then it is already working.

How to Maximize LinkedIn to Grow Your Network

When LinkedIn was still in its early days, everybody just saw it as a place where you can post your resume, connect with other professionals and occasionally find a job. Nobody knows that these three qualities are the main reasons why Linkedln is one of the fastest growing platforms on the Internet. Its growth has more than attracted the likes of Internet marketers looking for the next best platform to use.

Latest Google Maps Update

Google maps is an app that is used by millions of users across the world and are a preferred map app used by smart phone users. Google has recently unveiled updates for the map apps used in smart phones and Android tablets.

Social Media Involvement For Families

Social media has a big room for advertising and marketing, however it can likewise be utilized as a means of keeping tabs within your family circle. In this new generation, households are connecting with each other through social media sites for the reason of communicating with a cyber centerpiece. The results are an unusual beat of family members link in an internet atmosphere.

How To Be A Social Butterfly Using Social Media Syndication

People see social media as a way to interact with a real person. When you establish a presence, avoid a lot of corporate speak. Present yourself as a real person, like someone talking to a friend. Use natural language in the first and second person. Your customers will be more drawn to the less corporate style.

How To Use Hashtags to Increase Likes on Facebook

Facebook has recently implanted the use of hashtags into its social networking service. Similar to Twitter and other social networks, the hashtags can be used on individual posts.

Facebook Adopts the Hashtag – Finally

What you need to know about Facebook’s newest, albeit not the most original, addition. As well as a look into the advertising thought process here.

LinkedIn Strategy, Grow Connections, Get Leads and Increase Your Credibility

LinkedIn might be all about the professional world, but it doesn’t mean you have to be dry. LinkedIn requires careful consideration of both the professional and corporate image. LinkedIn is not like the others. It doesn’t play nicely, nor does it care about your feelings. LinkedIn is about professionals, for professionals, you better have your game face on. Having a LinkedIn Strategy and understanding the fundamentals is pivotal to getting the most out of LinkedIn. Read on for the details behind the key components to a LinkedIn Strategy.

5 Social Media Tips You’ll Be Happy to Forget

Everywhere you search these days, you are going to find plenty of advice about everything you need to know to be successful with social media. Most of that advice is tried and true and just as valuable today as it was before. Other tips, however, are in need of retirement. Not every rule that applied at the start of social networking is still going to be relevant today as you work to market your business online.

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