Expert Advice About “Viral Marketing” and UpViral (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – July 21st 2020)

Watch this episode of our Co-Pilot Show and learn the expert advice on all things about “Viral Marketing” and UpViral!

1. Quick Overview About the New User Interface Updates
The Main Dashboard
Email Statistics
Fraud Statistics
2. Custom Actions
3. Q&A related to:
Viral coefficient
Active Campaign
Google Analytics
Email rejection
Points, Rewards
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Top 8 Benefits of Using Enterprise Social Networking Software

Every business is always on the lookout for alternative ways to maximize revenue generation by streamlining their level of communication and collaboration with the employees and customers. The enterprise social networking software helps you set up online communities to stay in touch with your customers and event attendees, before, during, and after a meeting or conference. This software also helps you utilize the benefits of social media websites, blogs, and real-time text messaging to the business world.

How to Maximize Facebook Timeline for Your Business Page

Facebook is releasing Timeline for Business Pages. Find out why this is so important for your Business!!

Understanding Twitter for Seniors

Learning the Internet may seem like a daunting task, especially with so many buzzwords like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter out there. One website that causes a lot of confusion is Twitter. What is it, how does it work, and can it be used to talk to friends and relatives?

Facebook Marketing and The Philippines

This article talks about why Philippine brands do not tap Facebook’s advertising potential even if 80% of the Filipinos visit and use this website. It also includes updates on the social media activity of the Filipinos.

Promoting Your Brand With New Web Technologies

Staying abreast of new technologies is important when you do your own marketing. In this article, we discuss methods no available on new social media platforms that allow entrepreneurs to better market their wares!

Google Plus Is Google Friendly – Huh, Who Woulda Thought?

Oy vey, the whining and the kvetching over the way Google is using Google+ is almost unbelievable. “How can posts to G+ show up in the search results ahead of posts to more established sites?” many people ask.

Are Social Networks Our Alter Egos?

There are so many examples of people all over the world that use different types of social networks to post a myriad of things to the rest of the world. Some people post to the whole world that they are incredibly happy or in crisis for all to see while others even find ways to have affairs through Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. But mostly it seems that these social networks are a place for each person to express revolving emotions, daily gripes of personal happenings, a commentary of life choices and perhaps even a place to create a facade.

Market Your Small Business With Pinterest!

Pinterest is the hottest phenomenon to land on the social media-marketing scene. It’s a fairly new networking website but has grown substantially in just a matter of months.

Modified Humans with High Tech Components Will Soon Thought Swap in Social Networks

Judging by the title of this article, I am sure I’ve got your full attention. Recently, I was speaking to an acquaintance out in California, an up and coming intellectual of sorts and we got onto the topic of how the human body talks to itself. For instance, when you are hungry, your stomach sends signals to your brain, and since there are neurons in the stomach for instance and yes, everything is connected in the complex human bio-system (as Josh Balaban recently reminded me), or…

Facebook Timeline Covers

On 29th December Facebook launched a new feature called Facebook timeline. With the help of this newly launched feature, you can able to create your own on-line scrapbook. You and your friends are capable to look at any activity, photo, video, status update that is added to your profile in the reverse order the day you join the Facebook.

Get More Customers With Social Media Marketing

This is a how to guide on getting more people to purchase your service via social media. Social media can be key in a business’ objectives to achieve more sales. Social media is key in the marketing of a business through the internet.

Facebook Covers To Spice Up Your Facebook Timeline Profile

I’ve been using Facebook since it first started, but until recently never took the time to fancy it up. First thing I tried, after some of my friends recommended it, was to add a ‘Facebook cover’. What is a Facebook cover you may well ask, and more importantly, is adding it complicated? A cover is simply itself, it’s a photo, and no it isn’t difficult to add one to your timeline at all. It’s just a photo which is positioned at the top of your Facebook timeline, up above your profile picture.

What Does Social Networking Really Mean?

Social networking is nothing but making of a group of individuals of a specific social group. The grouping may be formed in countryside communities or zonal subdivisions. Social networking creation is possible in different aspects of human life like in colleges, in workplaces, in universities, in high schools, but it is most popular in case of online.

Twitter Users Prefer Information to Being Social

Twitter is a great social network – after all, you can have quick conversations with people, sharing your thoughts about a TV programme “live”, or commenting on a soccer player’s mishaps on the field with other Tweeters in the stadium. You can even tell people you are eating a cheese sandwich, if you wish.

The Pitfalls of Social Media

This article looks at some of the issues surrounding the use of social media by businesses as well as individuals. There has been quite a bit in the news in the last year about some of the negative effects of online networking. Twitter and Facebook have had their fair share over the last month.

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