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Tools for a High Position on Google

Google’s recent mathematical updates (called algorithms) penalised links that had too many automatically created low quality scores associated with them. Websites that used bulk-submitters that created forum profile back links, blog comment links, etc. saw a dramatic drop in their rankings.

Why Should I Care About Directory Guidelines?

First let me start by saying stop wasting your time submitting your website to quality directories if you don’t care or understand the value a directory can have over any website. Take a look at the I don’t care list below and see if you fit in this list.

How To Use Link Building To Increase Web Traffic

Link building is an exceptionally important task when it comes to generating traffic to a website. Through the exercise of link building, one can create links pointing to a particular site from another site. The number of links determines the online reputation of a website that a search engine always gives a due significance.

Link Building and Popularity

Your link popularity is dependent on the quantity of quality links that are pointing to your web site. Having a large number of quality links will increase your links value and help the search engines see you as an authority site.

What Is The Best Way For Web Owners Continuing With Link Building?

With Google taking aim on local quality websites, exact match domain sites (EMD), and any sites paying for links, web owners may be confused as to what is the best way to generate links to their site. A hotly discussed topic on SEO forums and internet marketing blogs is which back link is better – Non relevant high page ranks, or relevant low page rank sites.

Google and Links – How Google Looks at Backlinks Today to Rank Your Site

I talked about link value last year but I thought I’d go a few steps further and add to that, covering how Google values links nowadays when link building isn’t the center of attention or the entire game that it once was. Total Amount – First and foremost, Google considers the total number of links which you have. This isn’t a particularly influential factor considering one good one from a high ranking, established, trustworthy site (more on this later) will be more valuable than thousands of spammy, low quality site ones.

4 Bad Link Building Techniques

In the past there have been link building techniques which have worked insanely well for a time. Generally the only reason which they are no longer working is because someone abused them over and over and on a massive scale through automating tools. Google doesn’t like the idea of people gaming their system so they fight back by either nullifying the effects of that once effective link building technique or they’ll go one step further and derank or deindex your site. Let’s take a look at 4 bad link building techniques to avoid and why they no longer work well.

Online Business Directory – The Fastest Way of Surpassing Competition

In this highly competitive market an Online Business Directory is a boon for the business owners. They can browse through the database and find relevant companies in their desired industry, to get in touch and crack a successful deal out of it.

Three Link Building Tactics That You Should Avoid After Panda And Penguin

Recovering from the negative impact of Google’s Panda and Penguin is not an easy task. You will have to revamp the content of your website and will have to satisfy Google that you are focusing on not just search engines but on the end user of your website. You will also have to avoid certain mistakes that can prove costly for your website.

What Are Backlinks? Off-Page SEO

What are backlinks? Backlinks are links to a given website placed in various locations throughout the internet. Strategically placed backlinks help consumer locate the information or products they need.

Google Penguin: Article Marketing and Article Submission

The Google Penguin update has increased the effectiveness of good article marketing and article submission practices, and downgraded the web pages of those that use these techniques badly. There are specifically three aspects of writing and submitting articles that you give special attention if you are to benefit from the Penguin update or recover from a ranking drop.

Link Building for High Performance

Link building is the most vital factor in an era where high importance is given by Search Engines and makes their search algorithms popular. Anyone involved in online marketing is bound to come across the concept of link building.

How To Increase Page Rank: What You Need to Know

To increase page rank of your MLM blog is of the utmost importance. This is because Google dominates the search engine world. It happens to be the world’s leading search engine and it is unbeatable. That’s why you need to know that at least eighty percent of the traffic you achieve online is going to be sent your way through Google.

Increasing Website Traffic Through Whatever Means You Can Think Of

There are many ways to increase website traffic to your own business site. One of which is to submit to the search engines. You should not wait for Google and Yahoo to find your site. You have to show them what you got in the first place.

7 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Each video you create gives your blog a back link, you should create 5 videos for every blog you want to promote. Submit your videos to different video sharing sight’s, but You Tube is the biggest and also own by Google so put your best videos on YouTube. Insert your videos into your blog and you will be creating a two – way link.

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