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Entrepreneurs: How To Almost “Fail Proof” Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you can lose everything you’ve worked for almost instantly. It can happen to anyone. It can happen to YOU. Here is a strategy to safe-guard your business.

Blood, Guts And Business Gore

As an entrepreneur, there will be times where you feel like giving up. You will encounter numerous setbacks. But it’s how you deal with these setbacks that will define your success or failure.

How To Make Money Doing Almost Zero Work

Most entrepreneurs set up businesses which don’t allow them the freedom to “live their lives”. They get the work-life balance completely run. This can have negative consequences on your personal relationships. Trust me, I’d know. However, I’m going to tell you what I now do (and what YOU should do, too) that allows me to take time off work, whilst being safe in the knowledge that I’ll still always be making money.

The Case Against Reading Business Books

Whilst business books can be a great source of information, many people spend too much time reading and not enough time taking action. They believe they won’t be ready to implement anything until they’ve read “x” amount of books on the subject. This article will give you a killer tip on how to instantly DO something that will grow your business and make you more money.

Entrepreneur First By Nature: 10 Reasons Why You’re Entrepreneurial

The journey of an entrepreneur can be tough, but the end goal can make the journey well worth it. All successful entrepreneurs have particular traits and you may have them too.

What You Need To Do To Make Your Startup A Success

If you plan on striking out on your own to start a new company, you’ll find that there are ample resources that are designed to guide entrepreneurs through this process. Starting a company is cheaper and easier than ever before given the ability to leverage the Internet in order to effectively connect with people while minimising your operational and outreach costs. There are, however, a few important things you have to do to ensure that your startup is a success.

How To Use Your Beauty Skills To Generate Additional Income

If you are one of those people who have a knack for putting together complete and perfectly polished ensembles or if you happen to be extremely good at styling hair or applying makeup products, you may be able to earn a significant amount of revenue in your spare time, without having to pay for an excessive amount of training or get any special licensing. This is a great way to supplement an existing job given that it will give you the freedom and control that you need for setting a feasible work schedule and accommodating your existing responsibilities.

The Entrepreneur’s No BS Guide To Bouncing Back From Setbacks

Take a look at some of the most successful people in the world. What do they all have in common? Often, it’s the fact they all suffered a great set-back at some stage. However, what separates these people from the rest, is their ability to never give up and their desire to overcome these set-backs.

Making Way for Community Entrepreneurs

A celebration of community entrepreneurs. What defines them, motivates them and who to recognise them and their achievements.

When Is It Time To Sell My Early Education Company?

The short answer is you should sell whenever you want to sell. However, your decision to sell (or not sell) is oftentimes shaped by a number of factors. If you recognize these factors and their effect on your decision making process, then you’ll be better equipped to make the best decision for you.

How to Make the Perfect Entrepreneurial Soup

Today is story day, where we reveal a wonderful story that all entrepreneurs love. It’s a story about coming together, about creation, about creating the perfect Entrepreneurial Soup. Some travelers came to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot.

3 Ways To Start Changing Your Mindset For Success Especially If You Are An Entrepreneur

Do you know that the amount or ease, harmony, success and prosperity that you can enjoy in your life and business is very much governed by your mindset? For those of us who are entrepreneurs, it’s vital that we learn how to cultivate the right mindset and shift into the state that can produce the freedom and prosperity we deserve. Here’s how to begin…

Kickstarter Projects Need Fulfillment Companies

Kickstarter businesses need infrastructure in order to fulfill the orders that are placed during their project. Without long-term contracts, Kickstarter fulfillment companies can help you achieve this goal.

Here Is the Biggest Industry Where Your Next Business Is

It is really a good time to have your own business. Emerging marketplaces with a rich growth potential, a steady economy and an improved consumer spending have set the groundwork for a prosperous future for small-sized businesses within America.

Entrepreneurship: Middle-Class Dream Versus Middle-Class Dilemma

I still have the nostalgia of a memorable character named Mungerilal from a weekly soap from the days of yore of Indian National television Doordarshan titled “Mungerilal ke hasin Sapne”. “The wishful fantasies of Mr. Mungerilal” portraying a contemporary lower middle class character working in a soggy private Company office; episode after episode, getting in to the shoes of another lucrative profession in his flights of fantasy. Perhaps that was his only way to escape from his otherwise mundane life and fulfill his unfulfilled suppressed desires to make it big in his life. Invariably at the end of each episode he is often found blabbering something, winking his eye in a state of trance, still haunted by the personage of his daydream; until someone really nudges him off his slumber and brings him back to reality. At the end of the day the Indian tele-spectators got their daily dose of entertainment by laughing at his follies and the character became a proverbial epithet for a day dreamer and the title of the serial an idiom for utopian thinking.

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