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Manage Channel Partner Relationships to Assure Growth

Partners provide opportunities for your business to reach customers that you may not be able to reach without considerable time and expense. Partners can expand the breadth of the solution you provide by combining additional products and services needed by the customer. Partners can enhance your positioning by association with their brand reputation. Partners make a significant commitment when they agree to integrate your product or service into their offerings to their customers

Do You Have the “Wait to Be Inspired” Syndrome?

Over the years I’ve encountered countless wanna-be entrepreneurs who seriously believe all they have to do is think about what they want, meditate on it, affirm they are successful and the rest will take care of itself. Sadly for them, this is not how success happens.

5 Steps To Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about becoming an online entrepreneur? If you’re resourceful, willing to learn new skills and feel that there is something more than what you are doing in your current job then this could be the right path for you. Here are 5 steps you need to take to become an online entrepreneur.

We Need the Weird, Not the Best

The best” describes someone who conforms to rules and expectations more closely than others. “The best” does a masterful job of performing their task according to the rules of the day. They colour inside the lines perfectly. In business, however, conformance to a set of rules or a set of standard operating rules does not guarantee success. When organizations conform, they all look alike; they are all the same. They all are members of the herd who are indistinguishable from one another and struggle to gain competitive advantage. Successful organizations need weird people, not policy or rule followers…

Learn Six Sigma Strategy for Business – Achieve the Most Out of Your Business

Everyone’s personal initiative is dearer to themselves. On the same note, every entrepreneur’s enterprise is very much dear to him/her. They always keep thinking of ideas that would develop their business, widen their product market, increase their client base, and convert customers to loyal ones.

Build a High Performing Business by a Consistent Focus on Employee Performance

Performance reviews provide a mechanism to evaluate employee accomplishments and behaviors during the year. This includes areas for improvement, promotion opportunities and supporting decisions for salary adjustments. In addition, the performance review process establishes objectives for the next year and a continuous program for reviewing progress and adjusting priorities. A continual focus on performance is crucial to building a productive and profitable business for the long term.

Uncovering the Hidden Opportunities for Your Business

I had a beautiful conversation with a beautiful soul recently who happens to live in Kathmandu in Nepal which I think is very cool that technology allows us to do this! It was our 2nd attempt after the Skype connection failed the first time, and I am so very happy we persisted and made it happen.

Best Business Ideas for 2016

In today’s fast paced money motivated society it seems there is an influx of people wanting to either start a business or maybe just supplement their income. Unfortunately in a lot of cases it’s hard to know where to start from or what is good idea for a potential business. Well thanks to social media, crowdfunding and alternative lending options, and the constant evolution of technology. This may very well be the year to start a business or become an entrepreneur. Here’s a list of 7 business ideas to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit in 2016.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success Diseases

When we get sidetracked by the newest flashy tools, or fear we may be missing something if we take a day off, we may have a disease that makes our success ill. In this article, we talk about some of the common entrepreneur diseases and how to cure them.

Authentic Health Business Entrepreneur

Are you being true to what you ask of others everyday? Remember that you are the face of your brand, even if you do not think of your business as a brand as yet. Your clients do.

Why Budgeting Should Not Be Such a Taboo Subject

The term “budgeting” is just as attractive as the term “dieting” is to many small business owners. They translate it as having to sacrifice or go without, instead of using it to measure what they can achieve. Successful entrepreneurs translate it to mean something very different. They view it more like a road-map, rather than some fancy management tool or gimmick. They see it as a necessary process to help them work out where they want to take their business and what they need to do to reach their goals.

Self-Doubt’s a Game Changer for Entrepreneurs

Self-doubt can be a dream killer! Its power can be lethal!

Entrepreneurship Stress

Is Entrepreneurship Stress normal? Is anyone else an entrepreneur and feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in the beginning stages, or am I the only one? If you follow my story, you know I’m making the leap into self-employment.

6 Solid Opportunities for Startups in 2016

According to Thomas Oppong of AllTopStartups.com, there are a few emerging trends ahead for startups in 2016. He predicts that in the coming year a few waves will come crashing in.

Tips and Tricks for Women Entrepreneurs

These five tips for women entrepreneurs that will help you immensely on getting funds: 1. Think BIG – Oh dear, there is nothing inspiring about thinking small. Be (or become) a high-impact entrepreneur. That means: Find a problem that impacts a lot of people and solve that problem. Put the destination before the journey so you can get there, align interests, and recruit talent. Stay away from local or small goals to create your business model. If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: DO NOT THINK SMALL.

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