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5 Practices to Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Have It All in Your Relationship

Being a successful entrepreneur and having a fulfilling relationship can be a balancing act. Learn 5 practices to have it all.

Hustler Vs Entrepreneur – Which One Are You?

A popular and noticeable shift in recent years has been the interchangeability of the words “entrepreneur” and “hustler”. Call it the academic in me, but this semantic change is frightening. Are these words actually interchangeable?

Legal Basics You Should Know As a Business Owner

I know legal stuff sounds pretty boring and dry, right? But consider the consequences… lawsuits, your products stolen from you without any laws being broken, fines and penalties, and higher taxes.

4 Steps to Outsourcing Software Development for Entrepreneurs

Small business owners seeking to develop good software at a reasonable price tell many sad tales about their experiences. Off shoring (i.e., hiring a development team outside the country), nightmares frequently emerge in these stories. Also cited as problematic is the local individual freelance software developer recommended by a family member or friend. Either way, the business owner often feels ripped off and unable to move forward.

Ever Feel Like An Imposter In Your Business?

Do you feel like no matter how much of a success your business ends up being your efforts will never be good enough? If so, you’re not alone. And you may have what is referred to as Imposter Syndrome.

Trigger the Entrepreneur in You

The scenario here triggers the need for an entrepreneurial upbringing of our young engineers. If we track the career path of engineers from premier institutes in India in the recent past we can see that a good share of them switch to own ventures…

Public Companies, Good or Bad?

Can we live in a world without public companies? The world is predicated on public companies because Wall Street is the main reason behind the success of the world. Can you make a #1 company without going public? It’s a possibility because one has nothing to do with the other when generating success. The main focus is the positive or negative impact of a public company.

5 Important Reasons Why a Mentor Is Vital to Women Entrepreneurs

Successful women entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a mentor. In fact, developing a portfolio of mentors to meet different aspects of your life, both personally and professionally, is paramount! Choosing a mentor is one of the most important decisions you can make as a professional.

5 Ways To Turn Rejection Into An Opportunity

Sometimes failure can feel like just that, failure. However, there are ways that you can find the silver lining!

Startup Idea Validation: A 2-Stage Litmus Test

It might seem great on paper but how do you know your new business idea is going to be a success in reality? Rather than trust to luck, having a handle on what your customer’s problem is and a clear sense of what the solution looks like is the smarter way to develop a product or service that delivers. The good news is there’s a proven litmus test to validate, or invalidate, your big startup idea.

3 Questions To Help You Decide If Your Passion Can Become A Profitable Business

Deciding how to create a profitable business based on your passions is not a silly, time-wasting, money-wasting, pie-in-the-sky project. But it is also more than dreaming about what you love to do, or simply chasing after any passion that you have, or turning your hobby into a business, or figuring out what job you would do for free. Turning your passion, or passions, into a profitable business takes planning, research, commitment, an honest assessment of your life and your abilities, and a realistic assessment of what the market needs and wants – and is willing to pay for.

Don’t Go Client-Hunting

Once you can clearly articulate the characteristics of your ideal client, you don’t need to be in prospecting or client-hunting mode. Instead, use your focused and well-defined ideal client descriptions in your marketing. That’s the key to helping your ideal clients find YOU.

Are You Cut Out to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Questions to Ask Yourself – The question if you are cut out to be a successful entrepreneur cannot be answered by taking some online tests for aspiring entrepreneurs. Instead, it makes more sense if you ask yourself these questions: Are you passionate enough?

Communicate Your Business Message Convincingly

If you want your business to be successful, you need to formulate a business message that will convince customers of your integrity as well as the quality of your service or product. What Is Most Meaningful Your message will have an impact when your aim is not to make more sales, but to explain to customers how your service or product is of benefit to them.

Social Enterprises 101

A social entrepreneur gives an inside perspective on social enterprises. What they are, what makes them successful and the current industry challenges.

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