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How to Send a Pinterest Invite – 3 Methods That Work Fast!

Pinterest is a fast-growing social service for Web image lovers. Sending a Pinterest Invite can be easy using these three easy methods.

How to Get a Pinterest Invite – 3 Tricks to Get You Started

Getting a Pinterest Invite can be easily done through three “tricks”. Using these simple methods, you can can make signing up and creating a Pinterest account more fun and exciting.

New Facebook Features to Help You Manage Business Pages

Facebook has been hard at work recently in making changes that will improve the way small businesses manage their Facebook Pages. They have gradually been rolled out, so there may be one or two new features that you aren’t aware of yet.

Networking With An Open Mind

Networking. We all do it, but many of us want to do it on our own terms. But at what point does networking on one person’s terms begin to limit the potential to grow that network?

How Pinterest Can Help With Your Online Marketing

Pinterest is a new and innovative website that allows members to showcase their likes and hobbies. It can also be beneficial for businesses looking for new ways to market their online business. Pinterest is a visually oriented social network that allows businesses to be creative in with their marketing plan. It allows you to capture the interest of potential customers using images.

Social Networking Security Tips

Social networking security has become a significant necessity and concern for users and businesses alike. Cyber criminals have recognized and infiltrated multiple social media networks in attempts to expose, steal, and manipulate sensitive information as well as invaluable data belonging to users of the social networking sites. Here are some social networking security tips for ensuring protection from such criminals.

Why You Should Not Connect Your Twitter Account to Your Facebook Account

Twitter has made it very easy to connect Twitter to your Facebook profile or fan page. This allows you to make a post on Twitter and then have it automatically come up on your Facebook page. While this seems ideal, this is not a very good idea for many people.

Is the Face of India Facebook’s Foregone Future Foray?

Many teenagers that I’ve talked to have given up on Facebook, they say the comments are shallow, the dialogue uneventful, and they consider it a waste of time. That’s interesting isn’t it? Because just a few years ago it was all the rage and the teenagers were spending four or five hours per day on their Facebook page while communicating with friends.

How to Use Google+ Hangouts And Videoconferencing to Attract New Customers

If you’re already using Google+ for business you may be wondering what the benefits of using Google Hangout are and how to get started. The beauty of Google Hangouts is that the service offers you complete flexibility on who you arrange video calls with especially if you have already segmented your target audience by using Google Circles. Chat with clients, hold meetings with colleagues or speak to another team in another location.

Nine Simple Methods for Integrating Email Marketing With Social Media

According to Robin Neifield at ClickZ, the integration of an integrated email and social network campaign begins with customer acquisition. Give your customers a compelling reason to join your list, states Neifield, through use of coupons, discounts, and or unique content. Attract new customers with sound bytes or snippets which can easily be shared, posted and liked. Keep social media users in mind with your newsletters and blogs. Many of the auto responders have applications which are easily integrated into your messages. Keep in mind the small screen of the mobile user by designing messages to fit easily on the screen by using single not double column messages.

Why Integrate Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Social Networking?

Why should you integrate social media into your marketing campaigns? The answer is quite simple: it’s the sheer numbers of those now actively using social media. Curious, I went online to see just how many social networks were available to this digitally absorbed 21st century and was astounded to find that Wikipedia lists 326 social networking sites. Over half of the sites have an unknown number of registered users and Facebook leading the pack with 900,000,000+ registered users. Right, Facebook is closing into a billion registered users, a mind- boggling number.

Choose Your Social Networking Friends With Care

Social networks produce “norms” or averages. If you want to improve an aspect of your life or business you might need to change groups.

Why Is the CEO of Facebook in Rome on His Honeymoon Eating at McDonalds After His IPO?

Well, it hasn’t even been a week and Facebook stock is already down 24%. What was considered the second-largest IPO in corporate business history, also turned out to be a complete dud. Of course, the day after trading on its first day, the CEO of Facebook got married, and went on a honeymoon to Europe.

5 Tips to Facebook Success

This week I’m thankful for having a flexible schedule. With a little advance planning, I was able to attend my son Jude’s kindergarten class trip to the Long Beach Aquarium! It was fun to see how excited he and his classmates were, and I’m so thankful I have the opportunities to share these experiences with him. I was definitely ready for a glass of wine that evening though!! What to do with social media has been popping up a lot lately. I was at a seminar the other day where we were told that now that Facebook has gone public, there is about a 2-year window to make use of it business wise. These tips will help you make the most of it too.

Pinterest: The Conundrum of Follow-Ship

The tradition to increasing your connections with all social networking is you follow me, and I’ll follow you back. With Pinterest, there is a choice between following a person’s profile – and therefore all of their boards – versus just following an individual board. Here is a tactic to get the best of both options.

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