Getting Your Feet Wet With ClickMagick? ClickMagick Campaigns is a modern tracking solution that utilizes industry-standard UTM parameters added to your own URLs for tracking, and it’s meant for tracking and optimizing paid ads and your entire sales funnel. Campaigns does not use tracking links. This is sometimes called “true redirectless tracking.”

Clickmagick features:

  • Bulletproof Cross-Device Tracking
  • Help Ad Networks Find You More Great Customers
  • Facebook Conversions API Integration
  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend with ClickShield™
  • Track Your Phone Sales and other Offline Conversions
  • Automated & Intelligent Split Testing
  • Real-Time Stats & Reports
  • Multi-Platform Retargeting
  • GEO And Mobile Targeting
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • Best-In-Class Click Rotators
  • Automatic “Bot” Filtering
  • Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Knowledge Base with Video Tutorials

ClickMagick: Track & Improve Your Marketing with TrueTracking™

Click tracking and conversion attribution is the most technical, tedious and least fun part of running your business online — but you also have to get it right.

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ClickMagick is the bringer of ‘truth’

Don’t rely on the stats provided by your ad networks, affiliate networks, autoresponder, shopping cart, CRM or other marketing apps you use. Let’s be serious, individually, these tools just miss vital data points crucial to actionable KPI’s and their marketing insights!

ClickMagick is any entrepreneur‘s or businesses’s  objective “Single Source of Truth” — the one place where you can see all your key marketing metrics and your actual results, with pinpoint accuracy, all in one place!

Optimize AND Track Your Campaigns in One Swoop

ClickMagick is much more than just a “link tracker”, and you can use it to easily track and optimize even the most elaborate sales funnel.

For example, ClickMagick Campaigns is our modern tracking solution that uses industry-standard UTMs and “first party” cookies — which can’t be blocked — to effortlessly track your entire sales funnel with no tracking links or redirects.

It was built from the ground up for tracking and optimizing your Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other paid ads platforms.