ClickMagick Review – Do You Need This Tracking Tool For Your Business?

Can Social Sharing in SEO Be Viewed in the Same Light As Quality Link Building

Because Social media has become a huge part of our everyday life and has attributed to our spending habits, the use of social media has become a vital strategy in marketing any business online. Social shares do affect ranking, but good quality links are still superior in promoting the content of your website.

Here Are 8 Ways That You Can Get Your Website Back Linked

In this article I am going to show you 8 easy steps that will help your website get the much-needed popularity it deserves. There are two things that you must look at first in order for you to do this and they are: 1. You have designed and built a website from scratch.

Build Links the Right Way in 2014

With the recent updates of Google Penguin and Panda and the introduction of Hummingbird, SEO is more complex than ever before. With the penalties on some of the most popular websites in the world, and the steady decline in the prominence of PageRank, traditional methods of SEO have constantly come under the scanner.

How to Build Backlinks by Surfing

I never pass up a good opportunity to leave a comment backlink. One easy way of getting backlinks is by commenting on other blogs and websites and this is a very simple way to do it.

What Is The Relevance Of Link Building Services In Improving Online Profits?

Search engine results pages of Google is not the only one that benefits from link building system but also the host as well. One remarkable benefits of the link building system is it helps improve online business profits. This article provides the reader with adequate knowledge on how services can influence the return of investments and how the quality links affect the website owner. We must read more in order for us to fully understand.

Link Building: Promote Your Content As Link Bait

Among the hardest facets of online promo is developing convincing content. The task does not actually end with the production of convincing content, it really starts from there. The next and the most important phase is improving and offering the content to develop online exposure with link building.

How to Do Manual Link Building

Manual link building is exactly what it sounds: you or your outsourcer find places to put a link back to your site then you go ahead and do it. Without using software to do the job for you – with the possible exception of letting software track down possible places for you to put a link back to your site.

Google PageRank Defined

PageRank is a mathematical voting system based on the links pointing to a web page. PageRank is one of many different signals that Google uses to rank pages in the search results. Historically this was of great importance, while there is of far less importance today. The system is based on that the links are like votes, but the votes are not of equal strength. The strength of a vote (link) is based on the number and strength of the votes that goes to the page where the link is and how many other links there are on that page.

Top 9 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the lifeblood of the internet. The quality and variety of the backlinks you have pointing to your site – along with the content on the site – helps it to show up in the search results more often. In no particular order, here are the best places to get backlinks to your site.

What Are the Best Kind of Backlinks?

Ever since Google first started, backlinks have been important. Their whole algorithm centres around which sites are convinced enough about the value of your website to include a link to it. It’s more complicated than that simple sentence because there are lots of factors involved in the calculation but in a nutshell your “score” for backlinks is made up from how many links there are pointing to your site and how valuable (important) each of those links are.

What Is Back Linking and Why Should You Understand This?

Back linking is a buzz phrase. The question is, though – what is this SEO-essential and how can you use it to your advantage? For starters, you need to understand that you will need good quality back links in order to help improve your standing with regard to Google.

Understanding What Click-Fraud Is

As any website publisher who uses Google AdSense would know, receiving a bigger amount of income with this program takes time. There are no shortcuts. But since there are those who are not patient enough to do the hard work, cheats and automated software were invented.

What Are the Best Backlink Types You Can Use?

There are lots of different backlink types that you can use to get links and popularity for your website. Some of them have been around for a long time whereas others are more recent. And yet others have been abused to the extent that you should probably avoid them if at all possible.

Are Anchor Text Links Still Important for SEO?

A few years ago, the anchor text on links was very important for SEO purposes. The precise text in links affected the search results and still does to an extent – searching for “click here” still brings up the Adobe Reader site. But Google bombing – a practice that involved a disparate group of people creating a large number of precise anchor text links to affect the search results – has been largely prevented from affecting the search results.

3 Simple Ways to Convert More Sales, With the Help of a Celebrity

1) Drive more traffic to your website. By adding a picture of yourself with a celebrity to your website, search engines will see this as new content, just make sure to in-bed a link in the photo, and remember to tag their name in the photo, meaning anyone searching for them is going to come up with your link to your website. This will increase traffic to your website and result in more sales, as you will now be seen as a friend to the

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