ClickMagick FAQ

ClickMagick Frequently Asked Questions can be found on this page below:

Doesn’t ClickMagick run into issues with Google?

This is true and the whole reason the team over at CM built ClickMagick Campaigns. These campaigns unique to the platform utilizes industry-standard UTM tracking parameters added to your own URLs for tracking. There are no tracking links or redirects involved and you send people directly to your own pages.

Does ClickMagick still work with Facebook and iOS 14 updates?

ClickMagick Campaigns, Tracking Links and Rotators — are all unaffected.

Does ClickMagick’s Click Shield really help me save money?

The way it works is that we allow you to set up specific rules to define the type of paid click behavior that’s acceptable to your business, and what’s not. Anyone who violates these rules is added to a custom blocklist, which is then used to prevent these users from even seeing your ads, so they can no longer repeatedly click on them and waste your ad budget.

What’s the difference between ClickMagick and Google Analytics?

According to the team, Google Analytics doesn’t provide much support when you run into problems or need help. To be honest, you’ll be lucky to get anything other than a generic template reply a day or two later. On the other hand, here at ClickMagick we’re known for our fanatical live chat and customer support.

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