Anthony Van Dort Generated 5,800 New Leads & 12,000 Shares (UpViral Co-Pilot Session -July 7th 2020)

5,800 new leads and generated over 12,000 shares? It’s Possible!
Anthony Van Dort of Flexifoil, our special guest in this episode, shared with Mitch and Mark how he did it!

1. Anthony Van Dort’s Background
2. The Struggles He Encountered
3. Why UpViral?
4. The Campaign
5. No Single Dollar Used for Advertising This Campaign
6. The Prize
7. The Setup
– The incentives
– the custom actions
– the share page
8. The Post Campaign
9. What’s Next?
10. Q&A
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Facebook Fan Pages: Do I or Don’t I?

Love it or leave it, Facebook marketing is now an integral part of all businesses marketing campaigns. Even if you don’t personally spend a lot of time on Facebook your customers do (and not just the 18-34 year olds either!) It’s an easy and not too expensive way to grab customers and even get them buying your product right from Facebook. However, it does take some time and planning in order to understand what will engage your customer the most, and in turn, convert them into customers, or encourage them to continue buying.

Is Online Life Taking Over Real Life?

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, it would seem that online life is taking over real life, especially in the cases of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. From my own experience, it would seem that this is more likely to happen with younger people, as social events are often arranged through these websites these days, meaning that in order to keep in with the crowd at that age, you need to have a social networking account in some cases.

Do You Know How People Find You Online?

You probably have a Google Analytics account, but if you’re not a search marketing wizard you’ve probably only used it to see at a high level how much traffic you’re getting, and where in general your visitors are coming from. Google Analytics can do much, much more though. While this isn’t intended to be a guide to using advanced features of Analytics, I’m going to show you a few tricks that can really make the info you get out of it work for you.

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great way to market yourself as a professional. It’s not much use for a business as a whole, but if you’re a freelancer, contractor or independent consultant it’s one of the most important digital business cards you can have, and you neglect it at your peril. Despite being around for a while, I’m amazed at how some people just fail at using their LinkedIn profiles to sell themselves.

Facebook and Twitter Are NOT Work Distractions

Facebook and Twitter along with other social networks are often blamed fro reducing work productivity. However, research shows that these distractions actually improve attention and concentration, providing a means of raising workplace productivity, not reducing it.

Facebook Reveals Your Brain’s Structure

The brain structure of regular Facebook users is somewhat different to people who do not use the social network. But does social networking change your brain?

10 Facebook Tips On How To Grow Your Business

10 Facebook Tips On How To Grow Your Business. Learn how Facebook can help increase your presence online, today.

Will Facebook Really Generate Leads?

Is Facebook becoming the best lead generation tool. Many will agree that getting leads with Facebook is quite easy. But is this true?

How to Generate Leads With Facebook

If you need to generate leads to your business, Facebook is your ticket to success. You see, this website is rising to the top of the search engines. People are even using video marketing techniques with this website to get more leads.

Social Networking – Are You Really Doing It Effectively?

You need to know how to reach the number of people you really need to reach out to online however in order to make the numbers work and you to actually get a good amount of people to have a conversation with. I recommend interacting with 250 NEW potential prospects every week – YES, every week!

How to Install Facebook Like and Reveal Tab

Want a like and reveal tab on your Facebook Fanpage. Learn exactly how to build a great like and reveal tab on your Facebook Fanpage.

Facebook Addiction Disorder: What It Is and How to Recognize It

Facebook addiction is more widespread than you’d guess. Let’s define it and point out some of the symptoms!

Facebook Etiquette – How To Promote Yourself and Your Business

Today’s post is all about Facebook etiquette. One thing I absolutely detest on Facebook is the way that people who you allow to become friends with you are then able to go on your wall and ‘SPAM’ it with business opportunities, request to join pointless games and so forth.

How to Attract Prospects With Facebook

Facebook is becoming one of the best places to market your business online. You see, this website attracts millions of users on a daily basis, and that means more money for you.

Tips for Boosting Your Fan Base With Facebook Insights

You know that it is important to measure your results with social media marketing in order to get the most out of your efforts. Luckily, Facebook has made it even easier to do just that! Some new metrics, called Facebook Insights, have recently been introduced on the social network in order to give you a better understanding of what your fans want from your page. Having that knowledge will make it possible to increase the number and quality of interactions and boost your fan base.

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