All about UpViral Reports (13th Oct 2020)

This show is all about REPORTS! Watch and learn as our UpViral expert, Mitch Aunger, discussed how you can look at the reports and improve your campaign!

1. UpViral flowchart
2. Difference between direct and referred traffic
3. Reports dashboard overview
4. Visitors and leads
5. Analyzing numbers in the Reports dashboard
6. Conversion rate
7. Leads data charts
8. Traffic by sources charts
9. Social and custom actions charts
10. Email notifications charts
11. Creating a tracking link
12. Lead health charts
13. Filtering and sorting data
14. Q&A
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Role Of Facebook In Social Media Marketing

Facebook would be probably the very first thing that comes up in your mind when you want to make friends or just want to know what they are thinking about. Undeniably, Facebook has become the most viral social media site in the world. For over 8 years, this site has turned out to be an international phenomenon in the virtual world with millions of followers and members.

The Tweet Smell of Success: Promoting Your Business on Twitter

Everyone these days is all a twitter over Twitter, the burning hot social media site that lets you send out short messages (140 characters or less) called “tweets” to followers to let them know what you’re doing right that moment, but is Twitter useful for business? Well, lets find out…

Understanding the Facebook Timeline Elements for Creating a Successful Fan Page

This article pertains to Facebook timeline engagement opportunities and cover photo tips to help increase customer awareness with your Fan page. Companies can take full advantage of the new design layout Facebook has provided. There is interesting data from large companies provided by researchers in this article to confirm the timeline lift in engagement percentage is real. Also learn how to create a successful engaging Fan page.

Socialize and Grow Big

In this article am going to highlight on the following:- 1. Some of the ways of advertising through Internet 2. How to increase traffic to your website 3. How to link to your clients 4. How to create trust to your clients.

Why Use Facebook – The Business Use of Social Networking

Facebook is a forum for online, interactive communication. Over 90 million people in the world currently use Facebook to post information, share photos and provide key feedback via comments. When we research the answer to why use Facebook we need to explain the benefits of this huge communication community.

Social Networking Is All About Information Sharing

Social networking has been promoted as a way of making new contacts. But research shows it is mostly about sharing information.

Futuristic Marketing: Take the Test to Assess and Improve Your Internet Marketing Skills

Jonathan Budd is opening his futuristic Marketing coaching program on July 16th, 2012. The content will cover building an audience on Facebook and building a relationship with that audience through posts, photos, and even automated presentations. The goal is for businesses to feel comfortable with the technology and the marketing that is required to build a loyal customer base using social networking. The course will cover advertising methods such as Facebook pay per click, blogging, and even other forms of paid advertising. This article will highlight key ways you can apply this marketing training program for your business.

The 3 Keys to Growing Your Blog Following With Twitter

The tips I am about to share with are the exact methods and strategies I used to gain a thousand visitors a day to my blog and increase my followers by as much as 50 followers a day! Using Twitter can be one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies in your social media campaign and because it is fairly new, the possibilities with Twitter are endless. Read more for natural Twitter marketing and traffic building tips that can help any business/website online and increase traffic and online awareness.

Should You Smile Online?

Many people smile on their profile photos. But should they? Research shows your smile has an impact you might not want.

Could Instagram Be the Most-Used Photo App During the Olympics?

It is thought that the extremely popular app Instagram gains a new user every single second. The app has only been in existence for a couple of years, but it has definitely been making waves ever since. Recently acquired by Facebook for a staggering $1billion, and used by more than 40 million people (as of April 2012), could Instagram become the most popular photography app of this year’s Olympic Games?

How Do You Build Your Twitter Follower Base

Next to Facebook, Twitter is another one of the most popular social networking websites anywhere. You can use this to promote yourself, your band or your business with the help of this guide in building up a Twitter follower base.

Social Networking Sites 101 – Part 2 “Unexplored Avenue for Businesses”

Especially if you are in business, it is important that you have your own Company/Business “Fan page” in at the very least, Facebook. According to the top 10 social networking sites are the following…

Social Networking the LinkedIn Way

I know I know I can hear your disgruntled gulp in your throat, “Yikes, another social network to participate in? No way, no how!” I too feel the same way at times, but definitely not with LinkedIn!

Why Social Media Systems Cannot Stop Their Data Collection Processes Unless They Are Forced To Do So

The social media systems cannot stop collecting information about their users or they will be forced to close their doors. Therefore, it is smart for a social media user to manage their data with this in mind. However, this is not how most users use the systems and they will have problems because of it.

Network Marketing: Tips to Creating a Lead Facebook Profile

One of the best ways to successfully generate leads for a MLM or network marketing business through Facebook is by creating a Facebook profile in a manner that employs attraction marketing principles. This article provides tips and useful advice you may wish to consider if you want your network marketing business to succeed in lead generation through Facebook.

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