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How Easy Is It to Post a Video on a Facebook Wall?

Posting a video to your friend’s Facebook wall couldn’t be easier. Whether you want to post a link to the video from YouTube or you want to upload the video from your hard drive, Facebook makes it quick and simple. Follow these few steps and start sharing videos with ease.

Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media To Give Your Local Offline Business A Boost

Do you own a small offline business? Read on to learn how you can use social media marketing to make your phone ring off the hook!

How Social Media Can Help Your Job Search

In the last five or so years, social networking has become the main way we communicate these days. It helps to have a well established network not only for personal fun, but for professional purposes as well. Your connections can not only speak for you as references, but they can also be your “in” when it comes to getting the job you want.

Business Applications Of Social Networks

Businesses will always want to outdo each other through the different kinds of innovations that they can incorporate into themselves. The best businesses can recognize beneficial updates whether systemic or technological and adapt or absorb these quickly into their structures.

Twitter Tip: Knowing When to Unfollow

I recently met some people who were a bit too fixated on themselves for my taste. The more we tried to talk about a variety of things, the more they veered the conversation back to themselves.

Choosing Your Social Networks Carefully

With the available amount of social networks available nowadays, it is difficult at times to choose the best ones for your business. Obviously, they don’t all have the numerous followers that Facebook or Twitter has. Choosing should be intelligent.

The Roles of LinkedIn in Your Business

With its fast and exponential growth and credibility, LinkedIn has become one of the top trusted social media sites for professional networking and selling. For most business owners who already found their way through the professional network site, they are more or less maximizing their businesses with it.

Generating Interest in Your Pinterest

When a new social media platform catches fire, it has the potential to mesmerize Internet users and create a dependency that leaves people wondering, “However did I get by before this?” With Facebook people can connect with friends and stay updated on favorite brands; with Twitter people receive news updates as they happen, and with YouTube people find common ground through emotional videos that go viral with astonishing speed. the ability to save and share information found on the Internet allows users to plan events, set goals, and easily recommend worthy products. It should come as no surprise, then, that Pinterest is fast becoming a top social networking tool.

The 3 Main Principles of Social Media Marketing

More corporate advertising dollars are being spent on social media marketing now than ever before. There are oodles of books, articles, white papers, free reports, webinars, teleseminars, etc. explaining how to maximize your time and money invested in social media, but the whole thing is much simpler than people would have you believe.

Twitter Tips – How to Sync Your Facebook and Twitter Account

Twitter and Facebook are the top two social networking sites on the web. Many users want to post to both, but they have difficulty finding the time. By synching the two sites, users can have updates on one be posted on another.

How to Use Google+ Circles to Get More Business

If you run a small to medium sized business and you’re wondering how you can reach out to more customers, you might want to take a look at Google+. Whilst Facebook and Twitter have become very popular business marketing tools, Google looks set to be a worthy contender because they have approached social media marketing in a totally different way. The concept is the same, but Google gives you more control over how you market your business and how you manage your audience.

Twitter Tip: Schedule Your Tweets

Regular tweeting can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Automated tweets lack the human touch that manually created tweets do. To get around that, try scheduling your tweets with a third-party service. You can still create original tweets, but you can set them up to tweet at specific times. Keep your Twitter feed regular but without the hassle of being on it 24/7.

Tips for Managing Your Social Networking Posts

Social networking posts are the perfect way to build trust with your market and advertise your business. These types of posts are free to do which makes it even better yet, but the problem occurs when you find you’re spending too much time on these social networking sites and not enough time working your business.

Will Pinning Get You Pinned to a Court Docket?

You might have heard the rumblings around the Internet about the darling of social media, Pinterest, and the issue surrounding copy-write infringement of images pinned on the site. Is there a potential that pinning or re-pinning of images might land you in court? Before I attempt to answer this question I must state that I am not an attorney and I am not offering legal advice.

Twitter Tips – How Often Is It Ok to Re-Tweet?

Twitter is all about interacting with other users. In order to use Twitter to its full effect, it’s important to spend plenty of time promoting other people’s tweets or pages, rather than just tweeting your own. Retweets are a great way of promoting others and showing good Twitter etiquette.

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