7 Different Ways In Which You Can Use UpViral (UpViral Co-Pilot Session – June 16th 2020)

Just exactly how many ways can you use UpViral in your campaigns? Learn about the 7 different ways with our UpViral Expert, Mitch Aunger as he rocks another episode of the Co-Pilot Show!

1. The UpViral Process
2. Direct Traffic & Referred Leads
3. Some Ways to Use UpViral
– Referral Program
– Contest/ Giveaway
– Content Lead Magnet
– Product Launch
– Webinar Signup
– Questionnaire Lead to Contest
– Online Shop + Contest

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Tips for Getting More Followers on Twitter

When potential clients contact me for assistance with their social media platforms, one of the first questions I hear is “How do I get more followers on Twitter?” It would be nice to command the following of a celebrity like Demi Moore or Conan O’Brien, people who instantly attract hundreds of thousands of people the day they set up shop. However, I am always quick to point out that while having Twitter followers into the six figures is nice and can boost your ego, the numbers are worthless if your content isn’t converting those thousands of people to a specific event. You can post hilarious tweets that are shared throughout the Internet, but does it make a difference if nobody clicks through to your online cart?

Why Do You Need a Facebook Fanpage

With the emergence of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, social marketing has become one of the most important tools of promoting a business online. Why? Because if you really want to get a great exposure for your business, you need to promote it in a platform which is being visited by hundreds and thousands of people.

What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Timeline

Last week, Facebook gave its social network a noticeable facelift with the new Timeline profile pages. The old, familiar “Wall” is gone and has been replaced with a look that is more creative and interesting to look at. Friends are able to look at any activity, photo, video, status update that is added to your profile reaching all the way back to the day you were born, depending on what you have included on your Timeline.

Facebook – An Online Money Making Machine

Money is no doubt a basic requirement in today’s life and the activities that the younger generation of today indulge in, only makes money very dear. Money speaks, and can be regarded as the only language of all generation – young and old.

Is Facebook Time Making You Money?

Part and parcel of Life Everyone we know is on Facebook. My 60 year old dad opened a Facebook account 3 months ago because that was the only place he could see the latest pictures of his grandkids.

Facebook TimeLine Is Now Available Everywhere

Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover your status, photos, videos you shared, and collect your most important times. It also lets you share new experiences, like the music you listen to or the miles you run.

Finding the Right Social Network(s) for Your Business

Luring people to your new page, site or community is hard. Taking your page to the platforms where they already hang out is much easier. The Internet is not about reaching everyone simultaneously. It’s about reaching small pockets of the appropriate people where they already are.

The Twitter Basics for New Users

As a social media strategist, I do occasionally meet with new clients who are finally setting up accounts to use for connecting with their target audience. Twitter has been around for almost six years now, and one might think everybody knows how to use it and how to incorporate it into marketing plans, but as with any new media there is an orientation period. If you are new to the world of Twitter, there’s no reason to feel old or left behind. Twitter is a very intuitive and effective tool for marketing and customer support if you know how to use it, and it won’t take you long.

Social Media Resolutions for 2012

With 2011 behind us, now is the time to think about marketing strategies for the new year. By now, you likely have your Twitter account and Facebook page for your business set up, connected to each other, and updating followers regularly with news of your business and products/services. Perhaps you don’t have as many followers as you would like, but a new year brings the promise for increased interest. It’s also a good time to take into consideration a number of social media resolutions.

6 Ways Small Businesses Can Win With Facebook

If you are a small business using Facebook, sometimes it can look like a massive challenge to try and keep up with the large companies that are using Facebook – don’t despair. There are a number of ways that are very easy and very affordable for the small business owner to utilize social media, particularly Facebook.

Make Money With LinkedIn, A Popular Social Network

LinkedIn, a popular social network for professionals, is used by millions of individuals. Very few of them however are making money from the platform. Read on to learn about the potential of this wonderful networking website.

Tips for Social Networking: Shorten a URL and Install Browser Apps

If you’re into microblogging on sites like Twitter, you already recognize the value of short, sweet URL links that allow you enough room to post the link and a comment. But as we all know, links today are rarely short and sweet and can take up lines and lines of text when attempting to copy and paste them. That’s where URL shorteners come in. Get the reviews here. Also, if you spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook throughout your day, you can make it even easier to stay connected. Add-ons, apps, and toolbars are available for the die-hard Facebook fan to make your experiences less time consuming, more productive, and a lot more fun!

How to Make Your Comments Look Good on Facebook

On an average day, 22% users comment on another’s post or status on Facebook. 20% comment on another user’s photos. Whether you are using Facebook for socializing, for business, for knowledge, discovery or for sharing, commenting is one of the most important interaction with your social network. It impacts how you bond with your friends, how you get people to like you, how you voice your opinions and how you promote your brand or products. A nicely formatted comment is always easier to read and has greater chances to keep the attention of the readers. Unfortunately, in an effort to harmonize the look and feel of the platform, Facebook provides very few capabilities to format or customize the comments. There’s still some good tips and tricks you can use.

Tips for Successfully Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a like an online resume’ so to speak. It’s also a great way to be high on the Google search engines for your name. Depending on the popularity of your name, you might be the first site listed.

New Facebook Subscribe Button for Your Website

Facebook has brought website owners another great way to reach out to their readers that makes it easy to share and discover new content. The new Subscribe button from Facebook makes it possible for any website to have a strong following and readership.

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