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Tips to Ensure a Successful Product Launch Over the Internet

Online product launches are a strategy that allow smaller businesses to get sincere business leverage. Many of us include the internet in our marketing mix because we want the cost savings it provides. Still, having a website and a social media account is not effective marketing. Look inside to see what I mean.

Can I Start an Internet Business Today?

The question “can I start an internet business today” is one that is asked by a lot of people, and it is a good question. Starting your own business on the internet to a lot of people seems like it could be complicated and so they steer away from it altogether.

Baby Boomers: A Way To Make Big Money

Baby boomers need to make more money and supplement their income. After what we’ve been through with foreclosures, 401k’s, etc., if you’re like millions, you’re wringing your hands wondering what to do. With all the anti aging products out there (it’s an $80 billion business) there’s got to be a niche for baby boomers. After all we’re all trying to look younger and get healthier.

PayBox An Online Payment Processing Service “Early Bird” Pre-Launch Review

PayBox (PayBox.me) is a new online payment processing company which launched its “Early Bird” campaign on Sept. 1, 2010. This is a new company currently in the process of creating an online currency/payment processing service. PayBox is still in its pre-launch or “early bird users” stage with development set to launch in 2011. Using the feedback and ideas of its members, PayBox is expecting to offer the following services, once it is up and fully operational…

Tips to Increase Sales of an Online Store

As with any business, success in e-commerce has a considerable factor of luck, but following some tips our chances of success in online sales increase dramatically. The words that we put in the page title will be the first impression people have of our website. It is important to try to put both the cost of shipping as offerings.

The Benefits of Using a Free Trial to Evaluate a New Product Before Launching

Adding a free trial to your product launch campaign has a lot of benefits. First, the word “free” is one that always gets people’s attention. Second, the trial is an opportunity for prospective customers to sample your services and give you feedback. Third, it allows you to see if your offer is attracting the kinds of customers you intend. Here are five different examples on how to appropriately implement a free offer in your product launch.

Factors Considered When Launching a New Product on the Market

As you create your campaign, consider these two factors. Factor #1: Customers do not buy your product just because. Read the article to find out more.

How Social Media Destroys Your Product Launch

We have all felt the pressure to create an account and start posting, but how are you applying social media to your launch campaigns? Did you try an integration strategy and experience limited results? Have you avoided it entirely because it sounds too confusing? This article will help you think about the balance of social media and product launch strategy.

Marketing For a Product Launch

The term product launch carries a lot of buzz in the online space. In some circles it is considered a get rich quick scheme and in others it is considered a legitimate business building strategy. There are many misconceptions about what a product launch is and what a product launch isn’t. This article is going to address some of the common questions to bring clarity to the strategy.

Product Launch Managers: The Good Vs The Bad

Product launch managers should be most concerned with conducting launches that grow your business. If your launch manager is not having this kind of conversation with you, you might be working with the wrong person. Take a look at the questions inside to be sure that you have hired the right kind of professional for your business.

Internet Marketing Products Not Worth Their Salt

Those seeking to build an income online are besieged constantly with offers of products that will ‘transform’ their efforts multifold. However are they worth their salt and our money?

Launch Fear

So you’ve spent over a year building your website, done a whole lot of testing, re-designs and obstacles to overcome…and you’re ready to launch your new website when the fear takes over. If you have or are currently suffering from “launch fear” I’m guessing you are or have found yourself at a stand still, with doubts creeping in and taking over your thoughts, preventing you from taking the leap to launch your website or business.

300 Internet Marketers

This article takes a closer look at 300 Internet Marketers and its creator, Brian G Johnson. Find out it this coaching program is right for you here today.

Product Launch Strategy: How to Approach Affiliates – Part 2

My first responsibility in the biggest launch campaign of my career (so far) was to setup a nationwide network of promotional partners. Gaining the respect of promotional partners is not an easy task, but there is strategy to it. Here is the second article of the series to help you understand the best way to attract promotional partners.

Product Launch Strategy: How to Approach Affiliates – Part 1

Earning the respect of promotional partners can be a difficult task, but there is a strategy to it. In this two part article series, I borrowed from my own experience to create a simple example of how to approach and excite promotional partners about your upcoming product launch.

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